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    actually I have an idea... !

    New players should have free evasion for the first month. (and no cata attacks allowed for the first months as well)

    And by new players I don't mean that you could just reg with a new email, but new players who dosn't have any medals.
    that would maybe keep some of the new players to spend more time in the game, before they go inactive, becomes natarian villages and then are chief-ed by the top players.

    There is nothing that help new players, and the build in guides are useless.
    Build a cranny, no build 10 cranny's if it's your first server, in every city.
    and pray that you are not spawning next to a top raider... it's an unbalanced game.

    Pre registration for veteran players, so they don't know where they spawn could be another, so if your email is known by TG, your spawn city will be far away from beginners...
    but then again, it would no longer be Travian Legends, it would be a game like so many others, and we all do know that TG is all about the gold ;o)

    hehe I can see that I might was a bit more sleepy then I thought, when I wrote the post.

    Let me try again:

    Tech acc: if you nerf these acc's so that one player can only raid it for eg. 16 hours a day, then the advantage wont be that much, sure if they are kept inside an alliance, then it's harder to control, but again IF you use tech, you ain't winning IMO, then you are cheating... . in your post #77 you are commenting things like this ;o)
    I know that morale is not what it used to be, but hey look outside your window if you are in doubt :/

    Yes when I think of Morale bonus, it was used to gain an edge over your opponents in the WW race, as a small teuton could be WW holder. I don't see how this is any different then what we see today.
    If I'm not mistaken, you once wrote a guide on how to build wwk in a town with low pop, so that it would not look like a off town ? ( I might be wrong, and it wasn't you ) newer the less, it's a part of the game to try and mislead your opponent.

    iwwk: what do you want me to say about this.. It was a question... Is it really a problem on regular servers ?? ( I don't think so )

    And my magical ideas... I don't have any, thats why I ask of you, to come op with something that works, instead of spending the time arguing over iwwk's and tech acc's.. they have ALWAYS been here, why do you think the 1.1 rule was implemented, I've personally hated then from my first server, but nothing to do about it. (you can't have a Q&A before reg and ask ppl to answer 100% truly about how they would react in certain situations.
    Morale is the key word.. it's a few players on every server that makes these. Like raiding using VPN/TOR. they get banned, take the 5-10% punishment, but it makes no difference, as most punishments dosn't effect crop fields.
    so loosing 1k pop, while keeping your troops, and crop production is't something that makes those who do it, stop doing it. ( how many rule changes has been over the years ? And just a few day's later someone figures out how to work around them )

    The mobile app, is a great addition to the game, for most players, but it dosn't bring more ppl to the game.
    Maybe a very long beginners protection would help, I know some think they are too long as it is now, but if you are a NEW player 7 days ain't enough to read all the guides, and get a feel of the game before some 4k club 1kTK Teuton who want's 1 place in raiding comes for you. You don't stand a chance. And most ppl are still not using gold in the way you LOT2020 candidates are.
    there a so many players who only spend 250 gold on a server, all these issues you are discussing have no effect for them, for the small regular player, who just enjoy travian.
    Further more, the reason I newer write anything here on forum longer is how " we n00bs " are replied. Why would anybody willingly initiate a new thread on forum ??

    I don't have any answers for you, only a bunch of questions... but the way you LOT2020 candidates are talking, we won't see any changes, only more dissing of TG and of players to "stupid" to understand the mechanics of the game.

    I'm kinda puzzled about what it is you guy's are trying to figure out.
    Are You all still speaking about Travian Legends ?

    As long as I can remember (11+ years) there has been players, who have offered to feed troops of alliance members.

    In the beginning you could only build your cap to lvl 12 fields and no oasis, and there was still hammers back then.
    Another thing some of you seam to be forgetting is that you are talking about a very few players, who wants to break records, not the normal player who is not at all affected by these issues.

    What they are affected of is the way the game has changed over the years.

    10 years ago there were the same discussions, back then it was more about how dual accounts ruined the game, due to the ability to raid 24/7, that is one of the things many small and non top 100 players are facing.

    not being able to farm anything any more, as big raider are covering/cross sitting and there by can keep multiple farmlists running from day 1. small players don't stand a chance.

    If you really want to get around all these multi acc/tech accs and bring the game play back to strategy, then there need to be implemented some sort of "protection" for inactive players, so they can still be farmed by players who only start farmlist once or twice a day, but not by players how sends every 4-6 mins.

    Morale bonus.. Once upon a time WW holder could benefit from Morale bonus, witch bring back one of the topics with late registration. Are you guy's aware that the reason this game is getting more and more boring or Sim city as you call it, is in fact that these things were a part of the game, that was commonly known, is now looked down upon.
    Early WW, hammer push, Cap build push, deff push, player push... It's been here all along.

    Random spawns of artifacts.. Who would that benefit, besides solo players and they would then only be able to play 1 day with arte, before being destroyed.

    Players these days don't have any "off" bottom, and no one is thinking about the small players

    If there should be any difference to the way artifacts was working, it should be a total make over.
    More then the 68 artifacts for starters. In fact 68 artifacts in each quad. only staying there for 36 hours, everybodys game.
    The Large should only be possible to hold if you have more then 30 players in your alliance, the small for alliances under 30 players, and Unique should only be possible to use, if you at a later point is involved in WW, either as BP holder or WW sitter.
    slippery slope, then there should be morale bonus implemented in cross alliances attacks, strengh/players calculations.
    That would take away the possibility to create accounts in beginner protection helping with that part of the game.
    Then there would have to be restrictions on artifacts and how they worked like UT, no catas was to be build with that to take away the benefit of that massive OP.
    But then it would no longer be travian, but kingdoms or AE, Codex..
    If I no longer had any use of my experience in this game, then why should I even play it ?

    iwwk's why is this an issue on normal servers.. ?
    And with all the tech/multis acc on every server, there should be enough deff to compensate for this anyhow..

    How about you come up with some topics that help BRING players back to Legends..
    Out of registered players on servers less then 10% are active, natars assimilate the towns, and are then chiefed.. WW/arte deff calculated on top 100 hammers etc, is a part of the things that makes ppl throw hammers to lower deff.. that is strategy as well.
    bring back the big servers when there was 10-30k players, and the few tech account wont be of any use ;o)

    I had a talk with some team mates a while back about scripting, and the use of travmobi.

    According to the updated rules Clarification about rule § 3 - Supported browsers

    There is a risk of being banned for using other browsers then the ones listed in the above.

    In 2017 TG came with a statement about travmobi, starting it was a tollerated App, so is travmobi going to be effected by this new clarifications?

    I know I'm an old fart, but imo travmobi isn't that different to eg. Kmelon..

    I just want to be sure team mates don't get banned for using an App


    The problem is that the owner has not been responding to his emails. Though, I guess Ameno or maybe TG might have an alternative contact. As you might recall, travian-reports were banned on the forum because they were advertizing other browser games on the site. So I guess we can hope that TG were communicating through another channel with him when making him comply with the fan-site policy.

    Though I doubt TG gives a damn, considering they knowingly screwed over all of our report-sharing sites with their update, and never bothered making their own way of sharing.

    But yes, even if the converter itself does not come back, it would be nice if the data could be moved elsewhere, just so it works as an archive... A lot of travian history is lost with this.

    It reminds me a lot of back when cry.traviantool ( if I remember the name right ) went missing overnight...
    Back then I remember that TG made a version of the tool.. It must be possible to "restore" some of the information from the info TG are obligated to keep due to EU laws... maybe..?

    I still don't know what I've done towards you..

    I just want to have fun with my sandcastles..
    And you guy's keep trying to destroy them... ;(;(;(;(;(

    I know that If I don't do it, your side will after scout report...
    So here you have them..
    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    And just once again... The team you have mocked earlier... well they did all they could once again..

    There is few people I'd genuarly bow for.. theese people are all amongst em.. Deep respect from the buttom of my heart..

    I know much can still change.. nothing is over...

    But respect has to be shown, espeacially after the last many many days/nights where they have worked 24/7 to figurer out what/when/why..


    N.B. Before it takes off in any direction..
    Only 43% of the players I have contacted during the past 36 hours has even read the IGM/MM's... so no... just no :!:

    You know what..
    I will say this.. No matter what happens, I can asure you, the team you guys are refering to, has done all they could all along.
    So I think they might know that they have to hold on to the artes, but even then.. I know that if they could have done any more at any time, they would have..
    I doubt there have ben any of the involved in all this, who havn't.. But it's nice of you to inform about that little detail..