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    I agree with the feedback already posted by other people. So I'll restrain myself from repeating it.

    I'll summarize: Reward system rewards should be toned down by atleast 50% regarding to resources.

    It would be good to have requirements before being able to proceed with next lvl tasks being other tasks,

    and new tasks that will reward gold +25% PLUS etc. Task that show new players around in all the screen and basic handlings of the game.

    However I do have a question , the hero experience gained from the task system is it impacted by the hero helmet of Awareness/ Enlightenment/ Wisdom ?

    I can see the fact that this reward system goes for every new village to become quite a income thing. Since a maxed hero will give you 990% extra bonus... lvling all fields to 8 would give you 295680 resources(Task:Complete economy lvl1-8) it costs roughly 400-500k to bring all fields to 8 => there are other tasks that also provide resources for fields => You would be able to instant finish fields in each new village. Basicly a heavy gold player would summon cities insta ready.

    Codex Victoria goes back to roman times => C V to be historical accurate which is the year 105 => Gaius Marius, together with the consul Publius Rutilius Rufus, initiates sweeping reforms of the Roman army. & the birth of Drusus Claudius Nero I he was a politician in the last year of Rome being a republic he was forced to divorce his wife so that she could marry the first emperor of Rome. This changed the man ... he started plotting he started a secret group of intelligent powerfull people. They did alot things nobody ever knew they did... Yes, the group is still active ... It's the illuminati!!!

    (This is a story only partially based on historical facts)

    I would really like receiving two keys for this masterpiece :love: