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    well maybe thats the reason why TG made them legal,i guess trying to catch them was too much work :osd::osd:. Also top 10 raiders does not mean someone is cheating, most of the resources come from metas so thats that. I remember last round someone from RU had 8-10 hammers on his account ( i think his ign was "all eyez on me" hope im not mistaken ) and he was farming 1kkk every week. :thumbsup1: Same thing can be said about the current situation too, every meta is pushing few accounts to the max so i dont see a problem with that.

    Who exactly are you? You are funny

    For the brainwashed romanians... Make plans starting from this server for next finals because you will need it.... Run to the russians play with them because the Romanian ninja Black sheeps will want to play with you, against... And show us, the lower class romanians how you will teach us lessons... And you will clean up the floor with us, as you say. You will be surprised of the numbers of romanians who want to fight you the self proclamed elite ones aka exodus... Much love

    hi, if arabs will continue to train troops and

    Ah, by the way, for hitting a meta like russians, last year, we understood we had to use 100 armies, covering 100 capitals under erasement, 30 ww hammers under erasement, and 700 capitals under croplock, AND YOU WANT TO COME AGAINST US WITH 15 HAMMERS attacking only 20-30 targets? You are crazy, this is the reason why you didn t even see the walls.

    15 hammers and hitting 2 targets. Thats ambitious not to mention only his hammer did some dmg and lets say that they somehow would've managed to get past the deff,i doubt that they would have had enough waves to destroy the villages.

    Hey baby, does you know if there was truly an italian propaganda, they would have shared the logs of the shitty mission you did on medellin a week ago ? :/

    I think they managed to chief one of his hammers if i remember correctly. Overall a decent op. But this one was flawless nonetheless.

    wicked_ro i think you lost only one army,yours because from what ive seen so far beside yours only 2 of them were decent. Yet again ive seen just couple of reports.

    Keep up the good work!:thumbsup1::mirror:

    Casual Exodus Operation8)

    There is a reason they wanna be allied with everyone

    You are mistaken. It had nothing to do with Exodus or any other leader from NW, we decided to crash our hammers on purpose. Someone said earlier that maybe we were bored and thats pretty much the reason why we did it since we lack the motivation of playing this round. We knew that there would be enough deff to kill these armies and i salute you for that. One hammer down,few to come. :asd:


    Oh Dani, you special boy. We are all very sorry that your parents left to buy ciggarettes and never returned.

    How does it feel to sell each and every alliance you've ever played with? Is that strategic planning?

    i have no idea what u're talking but keep crying :saint::saint: you're tears are tasty. But tell me how does it feel to have so much support and still be useless? :S

    iskander: what are u talking about,i do remember im the one known little pleb also i do remember you saying im the best so stop lying to yourself because you're a nobody and the harsh truth is that you will be nobody forever.


    Edit2: Iskander since you're here,make yourself usefull and make me a pizza :asd::asd:

    Happy new year plebs!:thumbsup1:

    PS : STOP ROSIK! :osd:

    I have heared that for next finals the exodus leaders will have to play in qualifiers, where they shall attend a test. The test consist in good planing of atacks, and the succes rate. The players with the highest points will be the tactician of exodus. Teutonik Steel is disqualified due lack of skill showed over and over and over. He did not evolve even after he attended Ninas private school, from where he was kicked for repeated sleeping during class.

    So have fun exodus.. May the best win the tactician title among you.

    Don't get me wrong ,its not your fault that this is happening but i think the players have their rights and someone qualified /experienced should've come and explain themselves . Most of the players here are playing for more 10 years ,i am one of them, and that starvation bug its very old,in mt option TG have no excuse for this shit that's happening . I think every goddamn servers they had a bug that fked something up and its annoying ,stressful and a sign of disrespect towards the community in general. TG should refound evey single person that spent money this server,also they should find a better developing team that can in fact fix something that's broken. Tell me how would you feel if something like this happened to you? What would you tell to your players? Anyway ,congratulations Russia for the victory ,ive played against you last final and i have nothing but respect for you .Congrats Dacia for putting up a good fight and not bowing down to no one,also the It meta for being able to face the "known" titans,Dacia and Russia. Good luck :thumbsup: