I already have a Kazah's t-shirt and it seems that you were cheating and got caught by MH ;)…yer_info&uid=60&w=comts15

    But maybe, if you show some consistent results during whole round I will change my mind :) but I have doubts in future of your account, I think you will delete on a halfway to the finish and your villages in Delphi, Salona and Byzantinum will be torn apart among WEB

    love the attention that im getting from you :') doesnt make the things that i said to be a lie :'D ;)

    Mad that we killed all your offtrops for the price of several 12lvl crop fields? Lol dude u got me.

    ye i went to suicide, expected to suicide but failed :')

    Stop downgrading yourself to much, you were in top10 robbers list every week since second week, this doesn't look like a sign of mediocrity.

    Will you continue your "CUT WEB" legacy?

    Im glad you are active on my profile i may leave something in the future for you, maybe you want the autograph? Want a tshirt signed?

    And thats why he is not cheating like you did? Where is the logic on that?

    If people get banned, does it mean that they did actually cheat? In my opinion its just system that sucks on travian, well obviously sucks since some bans are for real and some are false positive and i see your multies still are not banned, so i do not believe in travian punishment system no more, its stupid and thats it. No need to say no more we can all clearly see it.

    Yall could easily join them as duals later after you delete those multies that you made.. Insane thing idk :/

    and what if we'll shut down this server for new players at all... (as temporary solution)

    Which will make Web make multies on the start of the next server instead of the late game, and will just wait with settling, yes will take more effort for them to do it thats for sure, so ye not such a bad idea, but TG probably wants new players, why wouldnt they since people buy gold, so ye they wont say no to gold..
    Could be that other alliances are multi-ing idk about it i just noticed Web in the Delphi since i have a village in there so ive been following the situation from when i settled a village there back when i was in Unknown alliance.

    Your words, not mine.. Thanks for admitting.

    well in your mind youre probably thinking if you took cropper before us, that it makes you stronger or what? How are you connecting it :'D The troops is what matters, what i was saying if Web wasnt cheating they wouldnt get anywhere close to Heathens in gameplay, its as clear as it sounds, what dont you understand in there? What is your account by the way? Only thing you have right now is more crop than me, because my villages are in deep minus because of the troops that i have, which of course wont win the game but your croppers will, wouldnt say so, what wins the game for you are your multies so lets not get away from the topic.

    That's like me saying Heathens is bad, you might call it assumption, but for me that's fact. So yeah, don't deny that you just assume that someone did something and you just cannot stand it. I bet according you guys, everyone who plays better are multing, botting, cheating and doing various illegal things... Wouldn't be impressed if according to you Multihunters are paid by the russian mafia too.

    So you are saying that we are bad because we dont approve the use of cheats? Good logic, if you were playing legit you wouldnt even be any close to heathens. I just dont understand why do you have to lie about what you do, if you cheat just admit it and say "we have to cheat since heathens are much better players" We would close our eyes on you in that case.

    A lot of top players already exploiting preplanned friendly chiefing. Just take a look at top Hun or Teuton with conquered distant Egyptian cropper.

    For example:…ayer/1891-Peg-Legged-Pony…m/Player/34-Count-Dracula……ayer/1855-Disney-Princess….com/Player/548-Papa-Thor

    So nothing new and nothing exceptional :)

    Not talking about that, they make multies to hold the region, later they chief it and it they gain percentage, those accounts from alliance Zaraza will be chiefed 100%, BuT chiefed 500+ pop village, those accounts are created so accounts from Web could benefit from those. They have no other purpose. I mean multies are seen on other servers also but not in this number.. these are just game changing. Wonder where do they get the time to click all of those, could be botting, we dont know. I hope i made it clear.

    EDIT: What do you think why im pointing out only Web, because they are the only ones sticking out, not even trying to be lowkey.. Been following delphi region from the start and its just so funny what you are doing, but hey if multihunter doesnt ban you, means youre not cheating right :)

    EDIT2: Dont want to double post, forgot to say, its not Bedlam's fault that you dont know how to farm.. #Web

    I love what Russians are doing, making multies from Alliance: zaraza, and growing them and chiefing them, account BuT chiefing account Expert, that's really funny, what would happen if we were all doing that?
    I hope they get restricted by multihunter.