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    i heard that Emerik gives warehouse artefact only to top players, the ones who always crash on uollas, and don t want to give to the players who stolen it from SPQR

    Possibly another alliance out from exodus meta?

    Maybe emerik will stop his personal war against uollas and he will start to play for the meta and for the victory?


    SPY! :D


    I tried stealing the artifacts in NE for some time... But I kept failing

    So it's not that i wanted to give a blow to the SE region.

    I just really wanted to succeed for once :D .

    It's just bad luck that i chose Hayat today.

    I had a talk with Hayat, please don't be to hard on him eventhough he lost the trainer.

    He's really worried about how you guys will act towards him now... Fact is, this could have happened to anyone.

    Instead of blaming him for losing it... Just try and see the tactic on how he lost it.

    There is no shame in being victime of a solid strategy...


    I play with G&V 3-4 server (qualifications and finals...) and last qualification G&V winner team.. push is problem? 1h production is problem to send to other player??? 8|8|8|:D:D:D:D:D

    last qoualification I was 1st donator for trening and 1st donator for metalurgy and 3rd donator for market... all for ally, all for win..

    G&V forever !!!

    You did well in donating. I'm not just talking about the alliance bonus though...

    I also remember you were the one that caused about 10 hammers to die in the alliance offense action.

    Also, I had no problem pushing within my own alliance (you should read better). I had a problem sending 2 hour productions/day to uollasL for finals.

    Winning that server had nothing to do with being the best alliance...

    IMO travian has a lot more to offer then just building a WW and doing nothing else during the rest of the server.

    G&V was good at arranging their defenses... that credit I will give to them. but they made the server too boring for my taste.

    And the lvl of the players... (you for instance) was too low.

    I admire your loyalty. And I respect you will stick by G&V, I'm just saying it's not for me...

    Good teamplayer that doesn't want to do metapushes on Finals X/X/

    mind your own business...

    This is the reason why I left your group in the first place.

    I know how the pushes went last round... I was always top contributer and played like it should.

    But I know how the meta works now, and I don't like that. So... No I don't want to push Uollas or any other alliance within the meta on finals.

    Like I said to you in the chat... I was only willing to push within our own alliance because of my bad experiences with the meta.

    That is my choise... Leadership didn't agree, so I left you guys without hard feelings.

    Why would you start about this on the forum???

    you can ask anyone within G&V if I was a teamplayer or not... the aswer will be the same for all of them. "YES"

    1) Yes, The egyptians are a bit OP. Not really troop-based, but with a normal eco start, they will always be faster with settling and the bonus from waterworks is too much.

    I think a 50% bonus is better then a 100% bonus. this is the only nerf in my opignion thats needed.

    2) I think they don't really need a buff or nerf... I do think the Marauder should be a bit less offensive... the attack value should be lowered a little bit from 180 to 170 and the Marksman should be less offense and a bit more defensive and 2 fields/hour slower. so his stats would be like this:


    Marksman 115 80 70 16 105


    Marksman 90 90 80 14 85

    This makes more sense to me when balancing the tribe out.

    3) yes, I don't see any problems with this. sometimes I think about bringing it down to 10%... but i think many will find the teutons ruined by doing that.

    4) Yes, I like the TS buff.

    5) If the other 2 new tribes are ajusted... I don't think so. MAYBE the romans could use a small defensive buff... mainly on the legionnair.

    6) I like the fact the new tribes are here... I encourage TG to keep balancing them till perfection. When they have belanced these tribes out perfectly, I would like to see even more tribes introduced.



    I played on Horus last qualification.

    I don't want to play with G&V anymore or within that meta.

    It was boring and too many things went wrong (including bad desicions).

    I'm looking for a new team that would like to recruit me.

    I haven't made a choice on how I will play the next server (last time I was defensive with a small hammer).

    I can play a decent solo game, but I'm also a good teamplayer.

    please send me a private message if you can use an other player.

    thank you!

    (I ended up as number 3 defensive player this server and played without a single cheat or defense boost... thats why I didn't get a top 20 spot unfortunately)

    Cause it ruins the game(system) and get the people rewarded who are cheating the most. Simple as that.

    @Ameno Could you answer on Endtime? :)

    True, But it's not going to change anything by saying things on the forum.

    The only time they accually check this, is to make sure no one uses 'bad words'.

    they aren't going to change game mechanics to weed out cheaters.

    I hate cheaters to... But i've given up on hoping it will ever change.

    I don't understand why everyone keeps calling out cheaters.

    Travian is flooded by them... and it's not going to change.

    It doesn't matter if you accuse them here. They will deny it or claim it's all according to the rules.

    I'm frustrated about the cheaters aswell... But I know it's part of travian. I just try to outplay them my way.

    I play on Horus .

    Yes in the massive Meta, and NO I didn't know it would be this big when I made a promise to play with G&V.

    I probably woulnd't have joined if I knew. But I don't go back on my word... so that's why I ended up with the Greek alliance.

    All server long I've been in the top 5 defenders of the gameworld... and most of the server in the top 100 hammers of the gameworld.

    ... This wasn't enough to secure a spot in the top 20 defenders unfortunately.

    I didn't get there probably because I was in the biggest Meta ever and barely got my defense into action... But yes... probably also because of cheaters.

    But i'm not yelling on the forum because of it.

    I know what to do next time. I'm not playing in such a massive meta to get my top 20 spot. that is the only option... because cheaters will always be there.

    I wanted to make sure i didn't have a boring server.

    I went on solo actions because I didn't agree with the attack plans from G&V (sorry... they were really terrible).

    In those solo actions, I stole:

    Rivals unique confusion from CUP (without any losses on my side).

    The trainers great talent from Mordor (without any losses on my side)

    and made a few more attemts on other artifacts.

    Cheaters or no cheaters... I'm happy with the server I played.

    I've met some very nice peoples from G&V, NewOrder and from Exodus...

    Exodus players showed respect for me, and they get the same from me ofcourse even if we are enemies.

    Isn't that what the game is about instead of accusing peoples?

    try and ignore them, or destroy them in the game... that is how it should be done.

    You can't show you're better here on the forum.

    Thats my story for this server...

    Maybe I'll see you guys on the finals.

    goodluck everyone.


    I can see many here are easy to say someone is a cheater...

    Some of them will definetly be cheaters offcourse, but most players in the massive meta are just playing the game.

    I'm in this meta. But to be honest... i didn't know we would have half the server as our ally. So when I look back, i do regret joining the metabecause it is difficult to grow like this.

    But i do like the peoples from my alliance and haven't seen real cheaters with us.

    I regret its is all about cheating here... and not so much about great tactics or attacks or failed attacks ... because i did see some of those...

    I hope for these last days, i will get to see more about those tactics or attacks instead of cheaters...

    In order to make a village your capital, you'll have to build a palace and switch you capital.

    You can only build 1 palace on your account... Wich means, if you want to switch you captital, you'll have to destroy your palace in the other village so you can build it in a different one.

    But in principle, you can switch your capital as much as you'd like.

    Just choose 1 of the the groups.

    Ask on the forum if there is a team that will take you in.

    Try to become a sitter with the more experienced players and let them sit you.

    It true... that is the best place to learn the game...

    In travian, activity is the most important thing and teamwork the second most important...

    So if you have those qualities, you'll never have a problem finding a good team ;) .

    Or you could even find a player that wants to dual with you...

    That is also a great way to learn.

    No worries ;)

    Unfortunaly every game will have cheaters...
    But the accusing isn't up to you, only TG is accually allowed to accuse players for using multiple accounts.
    I know it's frustrating, but everyone will have to deal with it.
    The fact that you are the target, is probably because you are being so public about it.
    This is causing you more sorrow then solutions...
    In a way, it's just best if you don't talk about these things, but show peoples who's boss in the game itself.
    Don't go after the multi's, but go after the main accounts.
    Because let's be fair... We all want to see some nice reports :p