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    The truth is that Snoopy is in a very complicated area. We've been at war during the whole server against ML-PL and their wings, they also slammed almost all their important hammers on Snoopy and his defenses during the rounds they organize every 2-3 days. Since they didn't achieve what they expected, they called ML-LOVE for help. Furthermore, after they noticed that Snoopy will continue playing despite the "successful" round they did a couple of days ago, they also asked TÆQUILA for help. We will have to change our gameplay, but we will continue bothering you.



    You forgot to mention that Snoopy and Rome has long time been supported by Dacia and the Smurfs.

    I would also like to add that we did not call on ML-Love for help. They just wanted to free the crop.

    The Italians were also not called, but decided to diversify the game by punching here.

    But it's nice that you can see the strength of our coalition and if you will play by the end you will notice that we won the last final not by accident.

    weren't you almost completely wiped last year as well in dacia meta (in bp zone), or was that another Polish group?

    Recently polish players have played in 3 coalitions - we in the largest polish group played in CUP coalition, 2 years ago we build ww with Prime.

    In these year after confusion with server rollback last year fewer Polish players play , all in ML.

    Thank you for the positive opinion about the Polish team.

    We appreciate your class, you made the server remember for a long time. Playing against you was a real challenge for us.

    We are full of admiration for your game, your cooperation, your offensive strength.

    You were the most demanding opponent we encountered at the championships.

    Jank2, it's almost as if you're trying to say Ciccio provided manipulated stats to make his meta look good on the forums.

    Not manipulated but not all.

    Our stats show that they still have the most def points.

    I wanted to show that we as ML also had a lot of fight.

    Reports from last days:

    Why you dont calculate ML?

    All our allies 21.000.000

    ML 3 5,5kk

    ML PL2 4,9kk

    ML PL1 2,1 kk

    M.L.PWR 1,4 kk

    ML FR PT 0.99kk

    M.L HISP 0,96kk

    ML PP 0,91 kkk

    ML 4 0,83kk

    other ML 3,3 kk

    Head CUP S PL decided join to protest and stoped play. He left a decision to everyone to join the protest or to continue playing.

    I also decided to end the game on this server.