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    I agree with the stuff written above with MindFreak.

    I wont add too much because as mentioned multiple times all over the forums- Travian doesnt give a s**t about our opinions or the further development of their game.

    A MH once told me "If it is written on Travian servers or on the Forum, it can be classified as information we can use for proof of wrong-doing etc... If it is written on any external thing, even if the players admit to cheating/abuse etc it can not be used at all" .

    The new problem everyone has is not so much with travian itself, but the people in charge of it. MHs who sell information to players and in fact make deals through external sites like Discord. One MH does it on a very regular basis. You simply go into the Travian discord server, contact him directly with the info you need, transfer him some money and the information comes. That there is one example of why external things dont work. However, by saying that. The younger generation/kids and young adults do use those things a fair bit more than loading up a forum.

    Better stop trying to get ahead of yourselves and to grab more money, and instead focus on improving the game, dealing with the corruption inside of your own staff, and start properly dealing with multi accounting- which you have now approved of "if done legally". Oops.... "tech accounts" im so sorry lmao

    Cheating is perfectly legal, as long as you don't refer to Multi-accounts as Multi accounts. They are called "Tech-accounts" Dammit ! They are also perfectly legal in todays Travian society. TG does absolutely 0 things with them :)

    100 gold as compensation to EVERY player on ALL servers that were involved is more then adequate compensation. Yeah we all lost a day where we could not build anything... It is equal to all; so fair as compensation...

    As far as explanation? It can never be satisfying enough as there is crew for forum and ingame communication Minke  Ameno  Ridder Huma sharing the info they receive from tech guys.

    All I know is that bugs appear more and more while they announce updates more and more. It used to be 1 update every 3-6 months and now it is more like 4 updates every week. So yeah, if they do not understand that this brings risks on basic codes that were programmed in 2005-2007 and have only been bandaged and not re-written... Guess it will happen more and more for the time they will be able to offer the game cost efficient... And that wont be long anymore ;)

    So what you are saying is that 1 full day of our time/energy/sleep/planning and even some operations on servers = 100 gold worth for us? Lmao please, don't make me laugh.

    On top of that it was not equal, some servers had a 2 day rollback and others had a 24hrs. + To top it off players are STILL waiting on responses on their tickets with solutions to problems which are very easily solved. (No the tickets were not ignored, however the responses were nothing less of pathetic) - I am speaking in regards to the group of individuals being paid under the table on the Balkan area.

    At the end of the day, the TG screwed up, the solution was not the right one at all, and neither was the compensation. It was not in fact equal and at the end of the line- gold does not atone for everything else which has been wasted. More players ended up quitting the game (as if the servers haven't been dead already), and to the ones who.... Let's say- give a decent amount of funds towards enjoying the game etc, are still waiting on more Mature responses on tickets etc.... Good luck. Because from what I can see on some domains the customer service is a joke, and so are you to them.

    Not saying all domains are like that, because I am not sure in regards to some, I can only speak in regards to spending a fair few servers and dealing with the 'team' who operates on the Balkan servers, and previously on their individual country domains.

    The people here who use to work for TG or are a part of their community, in all reality you haven't justified anything, and your comments trying to protect and keep their name good are merely making us all laugh at you in your responses. We are all well aware of how that stuff works.

    Yes programs may have bugs, no it isn't always a companies/organizations fault. However they should and are expected to bite the bullet and do their best to make the community happy, and obviously take the full hit of it. It is what it is, and that is how it works in the real world too. But the Community which is still around playing your game would rather you be honest, as well as do everything to keep us happy and stay in our good books, than be a continuous let down- which you have proven to be. ESPECIALLY with the certain few staff members which I am well aware and in the loop about. (Which of course- I won't label on here publicly), But you are fully aware of who you are @Balkan domain lmao

    When you send it back- load your village full of troops, then allow him to fill it up with his troops. Let the troops starve.

    = 1000 iQ ;)

    Or just get an enemy to kill all his troops for you lmao

    Very vague information on the topic to be entirely honest.

    What happens in cases where the Multihunter is wrong (which does happen a fair bit and they can provide zero proof of the break of rules apart from BOT like replies), and the matter has to go up to the HQ to be sorted out- which does happen at times.

    Is there a reverse punishment that you have not mentioned? As if the 48 hours will execute the punishment, how will you react to reversing it if it is proven that it was unjust. Pop back the troops/tiles and everything else to where it was?

    You have to explain everything in a lot more details, as by the looks of things... It seems that there is a lot which is missed out.

    and no gold vouchers this year /?? , only reward for top 10 is 5 keys ??? so those players can build support account around them in the finals ?? :D:D:D:D:D .. you guys call for no cheating and at the same time you award them with 5 tickets ^^^^^^

    common Bhissy, dont add fuel to the fire with these guys. Let the ladies have their 5 minutes of whinging and we move on. Not like these guys complaining on this post will do anything lmao.

    P.s yes we do know each other, but from a while back. DK, Rishi, Leah and the rest. Just havent seen your name pop up in a while... or are you a fake? :o