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    Missing out on a lot resources without those bonus building, and stunting your growth with no townhall for patying

    I remind you that there is actually no such thing as bugs in programming. There is tested and works or tested and fails. How do your tech people and their supervisors NOT think that way and continue to get a paychecks?

    Seriously, I'm ready to delete. I think we need a timed mass delete which will give TG three days to fix or close the server.

    Any response to the query around the programming? When there's this many issues in such a short amount of time there's clearly something wrong in the set up surely? In a server one error, two errors so be it. But two in a week, for several weeks in a row - That's madness. How does this sort of thing gets past the development stage to a live environment?

    I understand Travian are doing things to 'fix' this, although we'll see if that actually happens, But what's being done to prevent this happening going forward? Additionally majority of what's been said this server suggests each fix has been a 'quick fix' - Is this why there is so many issues, as a product of the quick fixes?

    With this being a known bug as the same has happened on previous servers, and there was a quick fix available - Why wouldn't it have been applied prior to it happening again? On top of that - It shows that nothing had actually been done despite it happening at least twice prior, but you still decided to roll out artefacts as normal, despite knowing of this bug. Why wouldn't the 'quick fix' have been applied prior to it happening yet again?

    Don't need rams for arties so why have them ready at artie release? Possibly still stashed elsewhere.

    We'll see once they finally attacked us, if they built rams. Well, if they wait 4-5 more days, they can built 2k rams until then, so at that point we can't tell anymore.

    I can definitely confirm to you, there is no rams. I didn't even research them tbh

    Doesn't seem to be rams on most tbf...

    During the Server Issues Experienced earlier today on .Comx - Some Players were finding that when NPC'n the Wheat to Resources, The Wheat Would reset shortly after. In turn allowing a large/almost unlimited supply of resources for a period of time, This allowing those that were aware of the bug to finish capital fields, and que large amount of troop ques. Even those on the smaller scale of the issue have got ques ranging above 300 Hours.

    Example - Granary has 720k Wheat. I NPC The Wheat into 240/240/240/0 - Few Minutes later, I then have 240/240/240/720 and able to spend the resources, and still have the wheat to npc to repeat the process.