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    Is it possible to have access to this 'bulk' section while it is in process/waiting to be 'tidyied' as such?

    Then you should nominate them :thumbup:

    it's just nominations ready for a poll and I feel we made a decent account so put forward a nomination :thumbsup:

    Also the difference is, we hit over 4m def points, I don't recall Raven acct getting that with all that def? (nothing taken away from them of course, they clearly had an awesome acct)

    Mine is bigger Daz.

    When New Forum was Created - Was said the old Archive would be imported so the information/'history' wasn't lost - Is there any update on when this is said to happen/still happening?

    I didn't zoom out, nor did I scroll down. Guess I have a bigger screen than you then. Though I don't see the issue with it anyway. It isn't hard to scroll down just a little bit if you have to.

    The Purpose of those section of forum is report bugs/issues.

    Yes it's not 'stopping' the play of game, but when fireworks are input normally this doesn't cause the building queue to drop all the way down. Which is why it could be considered a bug and raise. Additionally the fact they don't turn off as part of the seasonal option, despite it being a similar event as the Christmas Snow, Would also suggest it is a bug.

    Hard or not is irrelevant, if something makes general day to day things on the game more difficult than it was before, without showing a benefit of it - Then it is pointless/a nuisance.

    He has the fireworks, but has also zoomed out/scrolls down. If you open up the village in standard view - The buildings are cut off due to the fireworks pushing them down further.

    Previously when fireworks are there they are appearing as 'part' of the village, so doesn't effect the display of the buildings.