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    Guess ban discussions aren't allowed via IGM either.

    Standard communication (if they even respond) of each MH:

    You're banned, accept punishment!

    * But I didn't do anything wrong, can you explain what I did wrong??

    No, you're banned, accept punishment

    Guess the travian crew doesn't know it either with their worthless auto-detection system. So are they then allowed to join in the betting as they don't act on prior knowledge?

    Lol, somebody from Diamond that calls somebody else a coward. You're so funny.

    You mean the dual that we weren't allowed to speak with? Yeah she would have been a great addition, very easy to comunicate with somebody like that.

    This starts to be personal

    From all accounts you hit child-bearing woman,your souls are doomed

    See it as an early gift for the newborn, now she doesn't have to worry about Travian and can fully focus on the pregnancy ;)

    How would you call a players who stays for a month in ally who we have NAP,and then get out and send attacks?

    Probably traitor :P

    But as I said before, didn't expect that it would actually happen

    you post 4 screenshots and think that's the whole picture? Have you ever used your brain? How hard were you guys trying to 0 pop 1 capital? with 4-5 hammers hitting and losing what 2-3k cats because we inserted troops in one second gap? Also you guys were 10 fields away from that capital with 5 players and failed.

    First I didn't post any screenshots, second i know the whole picture as I'm playing on one of the attacking accounts.

    And about using your brain, I think you're the one that hasn't used it (or it is bad at maths) for me it was already 32 fields to that capital and for Bill it was even 42 fields.

    Btw I'm also curious who are the traitors, i kinda hava a feeling, but didn't thought they would do it.

    Ever been to an optician? The image Doom posted here, shows that 4 different villages were hit. Maybe that's the reason that they weren't zero popped. Moreover, we didn't lose anything on feeders (maybe kowalski not sure tho). The two hammers that were cut in halve both hit a capital.

    Oh and we've given up trying to teach Breakfast anything, that's just impossible xD

    Well, that was a bloody morning xD

    Zizou wat is dat met die kippen overal, op de TT zijn ze ook al uitgevlogen ;)

    Oops ... English ... something about a Dutch ally with chickennames ...

    Ik zat hier al voor ik kip werd

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    You really outdid yourself

    I'm doing the best I can (just kidding, don't have any sense of humor)

    Did you scrool that "long list of reports"

    Do you even know you lost 3 capitals 2days ago?

    Didn't even need to scroll through, have seen almost all of them already in our chat. But do I have to mention the fact that we lost 3 capitals when I want to make a comment on something entirely different? I already said I liked the reports as I like playing agressive.
    But as you don't like me calling it a long list of reports? What did I have to call it then? (it is a long list of reports right??)

    smart what? The car?

    Oh and by the way, after Kova posted that long list of reports, I only see one little sentence about the language after like an alinea with a normal reaction, but you just ignore that. Please stop crying over shit that happened like a week ago (and hit some more capitals, i like it).