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    I chose mine after I was unable to bring my old ICQ nickname over to Xbox Live when the first Xbox came out, due to the limit on the amount of characters.

    I was going on a holiday in Spain (no, I didn't leave my wings behind me or drank my worries down a drain* :P ) and I heard two old guys greeting each other from a distance: "¡Hola, Muchacho!" and that kinda stuck with me.

    It basically means 'boy' or 'young lad'.

    Unfortunately, somebody took it from me with the new Xbox 360 launch so I'm "RealMuchachoNL" there :P

    * yes, that was a Counting Crows reference.

    On the other hand there are players saying that more players would leave if the banned accounts remain on the server.
    You can't farm them either way, so why not have them delete to make room for others?
    What if a banned account holds a precious cropper? You'd want that account gone the very next day so you can take that cropper.

    It's quite simple: whenever you use the word "automated" to describe a feature of a tool, it is illegal.

    Thanks to ELE for talking to the developer of the tool discussed to remove the dummy account feature, but I'm at a loss why TG should be the one asking them in the first place.
    TG is not responsible for the proper use of third party tools; they're only to make sure it is used legally, and if not, getting it banned.

    Just like a store will just ban underaged kids from buying alcohol/cigarettes, rather than contacting their parents to come buy it themselves... it's just not their responsibility.

    Actually, there are things to clarify. This post summarizes it very well. MH think their job is to eliminate everything that fall under definition of illegal activity. But it's not. Their job is to ensure fair and comfortable play.

    I don't want to be annoying, but a big part of ensuring fair and comfortable play IS actually eliminating everything illegal/against the rules TG has set up.

    Thanks for your question, I've actually asked HQ about this, so when we get a response (it's 4 AM down here) I will update this post.

    Communication can always be Filipino if you play with Filipinos. What's your point exactly? Or do you mean the interface and everything being in your language?

    Either way it would probably end up being 200 people AT BEST in the end, which is not nearly worth it to have its own domain. If the demand was as big as you claim you wouldn't be the first one to pop up on the forum.

    There are 25 million native Filipino speakers and another 60 million with Filipino as a second language.
    Since the country has both English and Filipino as official language, the 100 million+ residents should not just ALL be shoved onto .AU domain.
    Even if 75 million would like it there, there are still 25 million who'd prefer their own domain. (Maybe 10% would play, still more than most current domains).

    If there's a demand, I'm sure the Filipino community is willing to provide translations, a CM and mods/MH's to help make it work out.
    Why not a dual language domain (Filipino/English) to make it work out even better?

    yes, it really is.
    That's also probably why I never even heard of this tool before: it is just not used on the NL domain where I played before, and am hunting now.

    I've just started an account on US so that I can still keep playing, since I'm not allowed to play on NL domain anymore due to my position there.

    Yes, you're right.
    For 400-500 incoming attacks that would be way too much.
    NL domain is much smaller, so I've only had to deal with 1/10th of that.
    Fortunately, we had even less attackers (maybe 10 at most) so it was a bit easier.

    And also yes, heroes were usually excluded from the waves to try and catch me off guard.

    I won't say I was a great defco, but I've seen through most fake jabs and put the def mostly where it was really needed.
    Still: nothing compared to attacks of that magnitude, so I do know my limits.

    Yes, I've been defco for quite a few servers actually, but I used my own "incoming attack form" that they needed to fill in and PM me, and I'd check GT where the nearest def was.
    Yes, it's probably more work than what that tool offers (I haven't used that specific tool), but the automated "dummy" account creation which will gather information is the most obvious illegal part of that tool.
    I won't say anything else about that tool, as I'm not familiar with it.

    I actually still like using GT, even as a defco.

    We all got it, TG staff does not play the game. No need to embarrassed your self any farther really. There is nothing remotely close on getter to what the tool provides. If TG cared about better game experience they would talk to the owner long ago, ask him nicely to remove one small piece of questionable info and beg for the permission to incorporate the tool in game. Or rather offer him to buy it out.

    Oh, it probably does. Just because I've never heard about the tool doesn't mean I haven't played the game.
    Strange comparison to make: as if to say that someone who thinks old fashioned cars are better than modern cars with all their technology never drives a car...

    It doesn't negate the fact that GT is useful in its way. Nor that the automatic account creation and data mining is illegal.
    Still it's all about personal preferences, and no one way is superior to the other in a way that the other way can be totally dismissed.

    To give my view on this as a multihunter (yes, I hunt too), that is exactly the kind of botting that would be caught and banned.
    Every new account would also be banned until the registration is closed.

    I'm actually confused as to why a tool such as this even exists, as Gettertools has been around since T2.5.
    Yes: the data there is solely based on what players provide, but that's what makes it legal.

    It's the automatic creation of dummy accounts and logging in to mine data that is illegal.
    It's usually impossible to punish all users that use external tools that do this.

    There's not much to interpret about "conventional" browsers.
    Since the meaning is: "based on or in accordance with what is generally done or believed."

    That means that any niche browser or newly created browser that is not (yet) mainstream, is not allowed.

    "Modified" basically covers any and all plug-in, even if it was made to only change the appearance of your village with locally stored graphics... it's a modification, thus not allowed.

    "Scripts" are anything and everything that automates user actions. Even auto-refresh to keep you from having to login after every 5 minutes of inactivity.

    But this is a general idea, as we can't be specific.
    We'd have to alter the prohibited plug-in and script list daily, since they develop so many every day.

    You may not believe it, but there is no standard schedule for each server, as each duration can vary up to 60 days.
    If the maximum duration is used as a baseline, most servers would have a really long restart time, as players can finish it much quicker.

    So the rotation of server starts is also variable. Therefore we will only know about it approximately 10 days in advance.

    These were waves on T3.5 - 3.6

    Soon after that, the previously mentioned cap of 4 attacks per second in one wave was set on the server side.
    I was one of the players who could demolish an entire village in 1 second before that, since I had a fast internet connection.

    You are right, it is more blurry.
    This probably has something to do with an error in scaling down.

    I'll kick it upstairs for a review.

    Thanks for reporting.