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    What did you do? You are blaming on techs but almost until end game you were in the same quadrant with ML and you got rekt. ML captured artefacts. You didn't get any B.Ps. You lost your BP and lost the game. Spent your armies recklessly. If I had taught the game to 3 players in Cow you could have won easily. You meta'd with LoL, AoM and 3 other alliances. When you also got BK in your meta, I got scared for a moment and thought that we were gonna lose.

    In summary, you gathered all alliances you could trick, but you still lost. Now you are attacking istanbul as a scape goat. Stop being a leader Jaruby you can't be a good one. You sank your ship after many mistakes.

    Immediately taking on a defensive position and attacking back on a personal level instead of just answering the question? Great sportsmanship there, TurkC. You know you could've easily just answered the question and be done with all the comments. But as it seems you are not able to provide a solid answer on Istanbul's achievements (and not M.L's), there's nothing much to take serious about Istanbul.

    I for one am also looking forward to a constructive answer from you on the question what Istanbul actually achieved this round. Which alliances did you break? How many enemy off villages have you chiefed? How many capitals did you zero? Show us the numbers, show us the reports. I am genuinly curious as well to see the might Istanbul promised to bring us this server as until now, I must have missed those reports somewhere...

    I'm quite impressed you already managed to double the amount of M.L alliances in only 2 hours! Can't wait for the next updated list because I see there have been added some more alliances to the collection in-game.

    A reminder that ban discussion is not allowed on the forums.

    A reminder that currently ban appeals at Travian are still stuck in the Dark Ages. Maybe Travian should get their (support)act together first if they don't want players to start talking on the forums. You know, just saying...