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    This is just a minor suggestion or idea and not for regional servers but all servers in general. Change daily task rewards according to the stage of the game you're in. For example in the early stage 20k resources for 100points can help alot while later on noone cares about it anymore. Not to mention they change how much res you must donate to ally bonuses according to server phase but rewards stay the same. Give more resources/cp/etc as reward as the server develops.

    About regional servers I'd love to see a change where ally can't hold a region with 1 village in region only. Some alliances can just register new accounts make them settle in locked area to unlock it and then hold the area with almost no villages in it.

    We were third, we won bronze medal. This aint that bad is it? I like medals, we can all enjoy them together now. Mindfreak and Kazah can s each others d and enjoy the silver while we can enjoy the bronze. Hurray!

    what does it changes, dude? who cares now about emerita.

    4 team were pretending for the victory since the beginning: thc, web, bedlam and heathens. bedlam has defeated only heathens aka equal partner:D congrats:P

    finita la commedia

    And Web defeated who? You are just as much of a loser as we are :P

    I will say I joined up with SGR as some old friends were a part of that group as well as I wasn’t sure of which premades were coming, however once I logged back into my old Skype I saw many of my old friends were apart of cousins. Definitely a very scary team of guys lots of old players from GRID/Vices/Immortals and even the original tx2 qualifying server. All I can say is cousins is definitely going to make this an interesting server!

    We are here to win it all. Defo dont count us out :P

    How thc show you sportsmanship?:) or respect? I just wonder:) And respect for what? That you start to fight them, when we killed all their hammers and capitals from active players so they did stop playing?:)

    Roxie appeals to me, that was the main factor

    rumors has it that they are talking with AD regarding build WW on 0|100 togheter (no clue if it is true or just a fake :D) They tend to do a lot of diplomacy usually, this round it doesnt seems necessary, will we see SGR playing alone?

    This would be the -edited- possible move, but tbh I expect nothing less from SGR. :P

    As I said before I tell you again. The whole skype convo you didnt have with me, I didnt trick you. I dont have history of having any situations like this or any issues like this. I was always respectful to everyone friend or foe and made a lot of friends from opposition teams as well. You are holding grudge against me, but you should have do it against someone else. Whatever you think/say about me is your opinion. And you are more than entitled to hate. Im aware I did not act right in that situation and I told Niels straight away that I feel bad about it, but the person that fooled you to reveal details wasnt me. I'd love to make peace with you and I wish you all the best for the future.