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    You better be faster next time. But if you need guide you just click into the center of village, go to barracks make queues, go to stable make queues, raid alot, go to workshop make queues. After all this is done attack him, and he will thank you for gold def medal. ;)

    it is fun when you play against whiners.

    it is funny though,if what i am implying isnt true why are you guys so butthurt about it?

    Because it's who I am, and people like you can make me mad in no time. I completely missjudged you, apologises for that. I really thought you are a great person. Cheers!

    i feel like some ppl are upset because their personal farms got deleted and some members banned.

    Good job MH.

    Also The Nerdy, our raids didnt drop at all. And nearest non-natar farm on my FL is 52 tiles away from me. So all 50x50 quadrant were my personal farms you are saying? Yet all banned BOT accs werent deleted. Do you think if I'd lose my personal farms I'd come out and complain to everyone and wrote numerous messages to MH? I just felt super sad because all farmlists were gone in like 15mins. Or maybe you're just jealous because you can't improve your raids?
    I'm done with replying to posts like this from now on. Enjoy.

    As most of you already noticed every single farm on this server was deleted. Not just inactive ones, not just bot ones, but every single one of them. It's just so sad, and so dissapointing. My guess is it must have been some goof up from Travian/MH team. I simply cannot find any explanation for this and have never seen anything like it before. I really hope Admin will step up and fix the situation. I cannot see people staying in the game like this for much longer. All the hard work is vanished. People spent hours and hours editing and adding this farms on farmlists, now everything is meaningless. I don't know where to go, or what else to say than that I'm really dissapointed by this. I'm sure all of you agree with me. I really do hope Admin sees this and roll farms back. Or atleast offer any explanation for this. It is very unfair to all the players.

    Thanks, and I really hope we all can stil have a decent round ahead. Wishing you all the best.