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    I stil cant believe GoW Goats and TEN took combined zero plans.

    I doubt dnd would have much of anything, if not for the 4 quad meta protection..

    I doubt gunners would have any caps hammers wwks wws left if Nordics werent having fun with GoW/TEN/Goats

    And fact stays the same, it was solo train from DND and only 1st hammer in train splatted. Can't say anything other than terrible DC from gunners

    Day 213, there seems to be a bit of a lull, the ultimate warriors and Duat/IKEA's warrior elites must now go back to the drawing board, 1.2 mil was admirable but not enough to stop a quadruple quad steam train on Gunners spare plans.

    I'd argue this server has been a learning curve for each team, for Gunners and Nordics facing almost 1000 players continues to teach lessons, As for the collosal mass meta well they learnt what it's like to lose face and ones own identity, as they blended in around ten and were unable to stand on there own two feet.

    We are learning how important it is to expect and plan for the unexpected, especially as com2 continues to suprise with innovative ground breaking plays.

    1.2 mil was not admirable, it was a joke. Also it was not 1.2 mil but 1 mil only, even bigger joke. And it was not quadruple quad train, it was only DND train and that also they couldn't stop more than 1 hammer.

    Nice analysis my old friend. DND decided to take plan from gunners, because they "Edited by mod" and give it to nordics, but TEN inserted hero just in time and managed to snatch it from us. Hope you will sleep well Amico.

    Few days before day 200
    Zerg 1 OP on gunners and chief their WWK, while simaltaneously editing the Gunners defense sheet
    (which wouldnt have changed the outcome ofc eitherway, but ye zerg 1 clearly very very clean :) )

    Zerg 1 did lots of dirty stuff, but editting def sheet isn't one of them :D

    4:1 sounds accurate.. specially when DUAT/IKEA/STRANGE/NO SPIES def you.. I think its close to 5:1

    You know Anze(nra) told me a little while ago When he got ten/gow/2.01/dnd/goats and everyone he could to do his bidding and Zerg against Gunners that by now he expected we would be history, either his a liar or meant we would make history 8)

    Proof or you lie :)

    I never cheated like gunners do, so cant complain about my selfrespect. (Deleted by mod)

    Ladies and Gents what a day!

    The zergers did another op on the Ultimate Warriors who are fighting very bravely I must say. Zergers barely did any damage, and everything will be recovered in no time. On the other hand Gunners made the ultimate plan to try to snatch as many arties as possible from the dirty Zergers, and were very successful at it too. Gunners got their much deserved LD and on top of that they snatched LE aswell. The power is slowly shifting to their side now. It shall be interesting.

    Well, all I wanted to know is how else you pay for them since he stressed "for real money". Is there any other currency in circulation?

    I'm not arguing whether russians multies were used or not. There was very little room left for doubt there.

    All you want to do is be a **** again and respond with something to troll the person who wrote that, eventough everyone know what he meant. :D

    When Batman goes from "troll" to taking stuff personally you know he trully is hurting. :D