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    so here is my idea..

    lets capture troops from other players village..

    1) attacker hero goes with cages ( can go with troops or not..)
    2) attacker hero capture animals from other people (if troops are with them they ransack village too)

    defender situation

    defender have animals only no def troops ( own villa troops or ally troops or own acnt troops)

    1) attacker capture animals and ransack villa
    defender have animals + ally troops (or own acnt troops)

    1) attacker fight with defense

    defender have animals + own villa troops but in evasion
    1) attacker capture animals rob villa
    defender have animals _ own villa troops no evsion
    attacker fight it out :P

    so its in basic if there are no def troops animals can be captured.. say no to pure zoo... keep some troops to fight them..

    win win for both attacker and defender.. if defender doesnt keep even one troops which is quite easy it is attackers win..
    if defender wants to really defend he needs some def to save his animals and fight together can be limited like if there are 40 animals worth crop then troops to control them must be in equal crops... to avoid capture..

    1) if defender have 50 animals 49 def troops.. then 49 animals fight with 49 def troops.. one can be captured
    2) if defender have 50 animals 51 troops all fight
    3) 50 animals 50 troops all fight..

    thats all..

    someone said if a winner had to say he is winner.. he is not a winner.... :3 action speaks louder than words..:V like see nuts team they didnt win with ww still they are getting credit for it..

    skipped to repeat why confed system was limited to three players and people still including more... does they dnt understand meaning of limit.. only 240 players can win and thats all.. name 240 players and let them have respect they deserve .. or let tg get respect for getting 13k players in game and kicking 10k out.... dnt fight like kids saying u hit me i hit you both wins... lol..

    I think with three confed limits only 240 players can win.. if u are including more then you sure know what you have done there.. ;p why not name all those 240 winners.. than crying my son won dad won stuff ?? U dnt even need to include those various device on same network stuff... We all know what that is..

    Ofc u are free to include 10k deleted acnt for cheating.... Including some leaders...

    All i know was we were free to hit whoever we want except in confed with gt group.. restrictions nap came only around bp was out..

    Btw do u consider acnt which were deleted ? Also care to explain two villa producing puny hammer with trainers.. who gives trainer to some get go guy to use it unless u are sure of resources..

    well people who started at they first had 1) checking forum for new game world 2) wanted to start earliest 3) was intrested to play 4) wanted to have longer fun not like 50 days of fun blaming who started early..

    + if you do not spend more time than others you will always below the rest so it doesnt matter when u start much.. if u can adopt and give time u can make your base in most of time... btw people should go slow if they are late .. they get what suits them than far i know after limit is hit they dnt add players or in end game i think...

    dont know, but he is calling gods, so he want me and i dont know why

    Nah i am not interested in halal mutton beef or pork.. you guys can have it all.. eat it lick it your call.. no need to follow some adult book for that... I am free from rules...