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    didnt read fully just the like its for off player... well i am def player and i can say i used this moment to que 10k+ extra def there were no real cfd call sending them all at one villa was worth it...( well i didnt liked to npc but even alliance bonus is restricted..) i guess u might be having low cropper bonus or you doesnt use oasis pretty for extra resourses. i usually get 2 double bonus oasis.. except this round where i am far away from center...

    and abt starvation yes they does happen and you need to make up them with trade route.. if u are still suffring you must be making mistake with per hour income and loss...cause we are making ghost which is robbing atm..

    for most players.. - hey travian gods make no mistakes you arnt human cause u get paid or something like that.. u come from other planet of perfection...

    for me... keep up good work travian team... i understand how much u guys want all smooth server but sometimes things just happen...

    well i have read somewhere that hero def bonus works for only villa troops from where they came from not account wise.. either its broken or need to be coded to give account wise bonus.. i am not certain as i havnt checked it.. but they have written that they checked on oasis and it certainly didnt applied with total troops but only with troops from same villa hero was sent..

    reason they concluded was that it will make few anvil too much to handle if it gives accountwise effect.. means if a player make 20k phanlax in all his villa daily in speed.. they can kill any hammer in a week.. well i dnt have any link or anythng related to it.. for now..but after reasding them i dnt spread my def ..

    @Tricky Martin acutually i am playing aux and there is one balkan team and by look of them it doesnt look like they are something who can mark anythng in game so they are fake i belive and as you dnt understand what i am saying then its certain they are fake .. well i dnt know abt balkan team i was just wondring abt origin of balkan.. but lets see i might try my luck in comx i guess..

    well if its fine and sand server then attacking feeder chiefing them is all about how you play there.. either sim your own villa or chief others is a way to get vp there

    i wanted to make a post for it luckily i saw this one so commenting here..

    what if mod can make it possible like new account cmnt post but it will need to be confirmed by a mod before apeearing for general public.. onces certain time has passed or post are done by account it automatically goes online and no more need approval from mod..

    i mean once a new acnt has been made - it will be offline for posting means they can post but need mods apporval
    once certain time /post /activity has been done by account it becomes online.. like 6 months or 10 post or 30 cmnts on other post

    this way atleast they wont abuse post section..

    just bored of seeing red deleted posts..

    i have all tiles to 15
    three fully developed villa
    5 others
    running 6gb perday so production is about 9k per day i try to get new villa evry alternate day..
    have decent off
    not a robber i have used around 600-800 gold till now for account purpose today is 18th day by 25th day i will have 16level warehouse capacity is 240k and 400k till 14level u can double crop build for one instabuild and thats what i do..

    i am roman btw. and u can say solo player too..