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    Thank Aurora for actually posting a log <3

    as for the rest.... go yell at eachother in banter thread PLEASE! some of us really don't care about your finger pointing fights and just appreciate seeing the logs.

    Thank You (hopefully) in advance.

    Less complaining , more playing

    I like this idea. phew I'm so tired of back and forth throwing of words. forum is a pretty useless toxic pit at this stage. go throw mud in the spam chat if you must, logs go here remember?

    GFU was PFU. how could you not have heard of the pink fluffy unicorns who evolved and merged in to the golden fluffy unicorns? :o

    You missed out !

    I am the Unicorn Queen (I has a title on the internet therefore it must be true!) and I will take back my kingdom from these Pink Fluffy Unicorn imposters. everybody knows unicorns are rainbow, duh!

    but I will do it with peace, and harmony..... death to all!

    3 multiplied by a number is a different number.

    the last digit (iron) multiplied by 3 must have the last digit to also be itself. the only number (from 0-9) that acheives this is 5. therefore iron = 5.

    therefore the big number = 555. since the 3 numbers added to get to 555 are the same, we can simply divide 555 by 3. We get 185.


    wood = 1
    clay = 8

    iron = 5.

    acc: Climate Change

    server codexV

    the architect is a gaul.
    Acc: Climate Change
    server: com15 codex Victoria

    since the merchant of the same tribe as the researcher is heading to epi, the researcher cannot be a roman(roman merchant heading to brundisium).
    if we say that the researcher is gaul, then the gaul merchant travels to epi and so the teut merchant goes to ravenna (same region as researcher). this is not possible, since we also know that the teut merchant sol an item for 7k silver and that should be exactly 3x more silver than the researcher, but 7000/3 in monetary value (assuming to 2 decimal points only) gives 2333.33 which when multiplied by 3 does not give exactly 7000, but rather 6999.99 o the researcher is not gaul.

    thus the researcher is teuton, and since the smith cannot be gaul (he sold something to a non-merchant gaul) the smith is roman and the architect is gaul.

    Acc: Climate Change

    each saw two two black hats. you can then deduce that maybe you are wearing white or black, but you know there are not two white hats since you can see 2/3 hats are black.
    if man 1 saw a white and a black hat, and man 2 (wearing a black hat) did not say he had the answer, then man 1 knows he is not wearing white, since then both white hats would be worn and man 2 would know he wore black.

    if they are all wearing black hats, each man could (from his own point of view) be wearing black or white hat, however since no man shouted out the answer, as per the logic with one man wearing white and two wearing black in the paragraph above, then they must be confused due to lack f seeing a white hat, and thus they must all be wearing black.