I find all these tips rather mediocre and the Pro's don't really share any tips in here. All these tips are perfect on how to be a mediocre player in Travian. I wish to create a Pro tips thread soon as soon as the next com2 server starts in a separate thread so that I can explain things with screen shots and possibly post it to you tube too. To perfect your start game I recommend you to just register on every new server and try to settle your village in the first 7 days... if things don't work out delete and move to the next new server.... it is easy to do this with Teutons but to do it with Romans and Gauls requires a lots of skills and timings. It took me almost 12 years to figure out how pro's get things done(because I always played without gold). With good luck you can achieve things without gold and still be in the first 20 people to settle second village but with gold it makes it lot easier to be among st the first 20.

    You self proclaim Pro status and Don't use GOLD?

    All I'll say is if you need a good time...fill your pockets and come to the Tavern....We are free range and cannot cage anything as they are way to expensive. But dont let that deter you if we get in a fight we have plenty of ointments.....

    Hi Capfan

    You on skype or discord at present.

    Im australian timezone and networking in an attempt to acquire timezone coverage from eu us and au

    Atm im passively helping on a hun acc in the codex victoria birthday server


    IM solo deffing gaul on a 1x balkan 3 server

    The group i joined quit so i have a teuton acc and gaul acc both witj 2 vills.

    If you want to team up reply with details on wjere your from

    If your interested in joining the balkan server we have a few options we can discuss if you wanted to.

    Otherwise im going to train spears and phallanx and raid with druids untill a new server starts.

    Open to suggestions either way



    The solution to minimise the spiking for TG is simple. All they have to do is enable the defender visibility in the generated reports. 95% spikers wont have their veil of secrecy and they will be hunted down by all the raiders very quickly.

    Just a suggestion.