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    Seen much bigger clubbie hammers.

    Looks like you are changing your argument here. I was comparing myself to you, not other Teutons. But to entertain the point fro a second... I'm not sure if you are talking wheat or mace. But the answer is still same. 3rd biggest mace on the UK server or 3rd biggest wheat when building a mace hammer on the UK server.

    do you genuinely not realise that the mace count wasn't what anyone was looking at?

    Exactly, we aimed to maximise the rams, which meant producing from a capital village from day 27 from a L20 workshop. By building from a capital it meant we achieved the 3rd most mace and 3rd most wheat from a mace hammer on the UK servers, even though we had no GB and GS usage. A clear advantage for others, that didn't have the focus on rams that we did.

    So I'm gonna disagree with you on that.

    You can make all the theoretical arguments you want, but the fact is, I didn't spend much time at the computer, and I was clearly better than you, producing a UK hammer that is better than all ram counts before me, all but two mace before me, all but 4 wph before me.

    They arent better than we are. They just spend more time in front of a PC.

    The hammer that Cali and I put out on the Merida account was done with 0 raiding. It was done with building troops every 2-3 weeks. It was done with trade routes. It was done with assistance from Chef (storage) and demon (1/2 arte in a village they chiefed off us). I'm really struggling to see how anyone could spend less time on their account. Our population was rubbish, we weren't aggressive simmers (after day 100).

    It isn't the time we spent on the account, we are just better than you. better planning, better hammer.

    IGN (single or dual-account): Merida (duelled with Carol)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: WWR - We made an 11 paged word document that planned to get 666k wheat including 52k rams, from a non-raiding capital built hammer. The plan also included numerous spreadsheets, including our ever reliable starting one which saw us into the top 10 quickest people to send on the server. When we finished, we had around a 670k wheat with 57k rams. We ended up with the biggest cap hammer on the UK, the highest non-raiding hammer and of course the most rams.

    Alliance: Natars

    Best Alliance (Not your own): Atlas. My reason for picking Atlas is that they were clearly the most disadvantaged on the server. Many members started off in the NE, and quickly realised that it wasn't prudent staying in there, if they were going to compete in the endgame. Havoc say they were underrated and insulted, but Atlas had it worse. They didn't recruit the whole quad and more, they honourably tried to forge an alliance out of what was clearly the weakest quad in terms of human resources. They made it to endgame, against all odds, and rose from having a 10% chance of winning (in my analysis) to being a genuine contender.

    Best Player on the Server: Cool Runnings.

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Demon. Thankfully I managed to convince Dave and Morton to join us. Reading their reports was a lot of fun. But there were many impressive offensive players in our alliance

    Best Opponent: Hag. This account was a graveyard for Pulse troops whilst in goats. They did extremely well in offence, considering they had to fightback with numerous rebuilds.

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Baloo was the most useful defender for me. but Bing Bong gets a nod for sheer numbers, and goofy for the amount of calls he made, and therefore people he successfully defended.

    Best Leader (Your own): Ryder. See below.

    Best Leader (Not your own): Nibnob, for the reasons stated in best alliance.

    Tauriel also did well, just look at the def numbers., He would have won the server, if he could have had contained the loose cannons. Good effort.

    Stupidest Decision: I flew from the ROK to the UK and didn't mention that we had troops in certain villages, so we lost about 20k inf/cav. In the context of our server, neither of us care. Our main mission was re-writing the ram record. We started making rams from a L20 workshop on day 27 and continued for the rest of the server without losing a single ram. For that I am very proud.

    Most Underrated: Ryder is so underrated that fluffy can't even think of a leader to mention... even though the 10k catas he lost was due to the planning and vision that Ryder gave us (and others when it suited him). And the plan that led to their WW being conquered with near enough 0 loses.

    He was in charge of our settlement, that was closer to getting 5 uniques on arte day, than 3. Don't forget that we predicted we'd get 4 at arte time and did The settlement plan also gave us a huge advantage over Pulse, and was a core reason for us being able to easily dismantle their inner quad's players.

    Ryder led the alliance in a very democratic way, assigning numerous people to do jobs. Over a quarter of players in the alliance were in leadership roles at some point, and we had self-functioning "battle groups" that needed very little guidance. However Ryder was the constant, and the main off planner, and he did it even when he had serious family issues.

    Finally, he is one of the most selfless leaders I have had the pleasure of playing travian with. He listens to all, and respects all. He built so many scouts, that will never get him into a HoF, or on a battle report, but were crucial to our successes.

    Best Noob: The Muppet Show. For a second server the achievements are amazing.

    Most Overrated: Ragazzi. When we saw he had taken the unique haste, there was a collective feeling of relief. We knew it would be wasted. That we would never see it head our way. That we wouldn't server a server defining hammer. We knew he'd only hit inactives, noobs or spawns.

    Memorable Moment of the server: Landing on the Havoc WW. It was funny to see them suggest my account would have a max of 30k rams. When we were the previous record holders with 38k, and we lost 7k due to starvation on that server. That server we also started that as our secondary mission, and the server was shorter. As Scar said earlier... underrated!

    As an alliance, it was conquering the Pulse WW. A slightly disappointing thing is that I was sitting the WW and planned to do a timed res build, but I got called into a meeting, and couldn't. Turns out that the res build would have prolonged Pulse's attempts to recover the WW. But it was a small thing, there was only so long we could have held on, due to the distance.

    Soundtrack to your server: Eek-A-Mouse - Slowly But Surely -

    Natar's came on the server with goal to stop a pulse win - failed

    We didn't fail, we changed our objectives. We only had to send Merida and Cool Runnings to "succeed", we consciously opted not to pursue that and make Havoc fail.

    Server winners in time for the holidays. Happy Christmas and new years all.


    Dear Travian players,

    All good things must come to an end, and so too must this age. Once Solomon was given a ring, upon which was inscribed a message that could take away all the joys or sorrows of the world, that message was roughly translated, “this too shall pass”. It is both our joy and sorrow to announce to all Travian that this too has now passed! We hope you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed serving you and thank you for staying until the very end!

    The results: Day had long since passed into night, yet the workers of the village List-ers&naggy place, labored on throughout the wintery night, ever wary of the countless armies marching to destroy their work, knowing that they raced against time and the greatest threat that had ever faced the free people. Their tireless struggles were rewarded at 01:46 after a nameless worker laid the final stone in what will be forever known as the greatest and most magnificent creation in all of history since the fall of the Natars.

    Together with the alliance "Pulse™", "K P" was the first to finish the Wonder of the World, using millions of resources whilst also protecting it with hundreds of thousands of brave defenders. It is therefore "K P" who receives the title "winner of this era"!

    "Demon" was ruler over the largest personal empire, followed closely by "Avalon" and "Eurypedes". "Cool Runnings" slew more than any other, and was the mightiest, most fearsome commander. "Tauriel" was the most glorious defender, slaughtering enemies at the village gates, staining the lands around those villages with their blood.

    Best regards, Your Travian-Team

    As I said previously, 3 of our players including ourselves set out to build WWK at the start of the server.

    And that includes the rammer. The designated ones were Merida, CR and Muppet. At the start of th server, we thought that would be enough to zero Pulse, if we caused them issues throughout the server.

    Further evidence is that we clearly only built one rammer... enough for one strike.

    Wait, there's something creepy about a joke date filled with the excitement of Christmas shopping and holding someone's handbag? Forgive me for not being creeped out.

    Also, sorry if that hurt your feelings TKH.

    To some onlookers, yeah, it comes across as creepy

    Yes you did not recruit from Pulsant in the sense they were in Pulse on this server, but that's if we're being pedantic.

    We pride ourselves in taking in newer people and helping them by showing them the ropes, even though sometimes it was not in our best interest, that's how you get more returning players, and a rich player base is what UK servers seem to be lacking lately.

    It's time to quote a great movie I think 'You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions.[FONT=Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]'[/FONT]

    I start with new alliances each time I play a new server. Sometimes I bring on new talent. Sometimes I play with experienced players. I like variety when it comes to playing the game. I doubt that you will get many returning players, after not even taking on your rivals. Sad really.

    You still pin a whole alliance responsible for largely the words of 2 people, being the only named leader of yours I'll say you've been the most comical this time :D

    Unrelated to that, having seen how easily Pulse won uk2 Natars decided to preform an alliance before the server, recruiting more than a couple of players from that Pulsant team, not having a WW to defend and expecting it to be any different?

    At least the NW was inclusive with originally a smaller Core :)[/COLOR]

    Natars didn't recruit from Pulsant, the Pulsant players that joined were going to found their own alliance, until they bumped into Ryder and co doing the same thing.

    Well done on having a smaller core, and then recruiting the whole of the NW bar a 12 man alliance, and then recruiting from the SW when that wasn't enough.

    No one from your alliance has publicly distanced themselves from DMR's and TKH's comments. Silence is usually taken as tacit agreement or acceptance.

    Funny, because people have said in private "I like your post" and "the last bit was good". Different lenses see different things, I guess. Maybe it is you that needs another coffee to get your head around it! Sure I digress, but only to fit into the wider theme of the other posts prior to fluffys.

    To summarise the overriding point for you (and anyone else that might be lost)... Just because you see an alliance do well on one server (CF, Toxic, TSL, HATE, Pulsant, etc), it doesn't mean if you beat the remnants of them, you were better than the original alliance. I believe Natars have made Pulse empathetic to that point, due to what I see as a rescinding of Pulse members declaring themselves the best alliance, beating all before them. Who said what at the end of last server can go up for debate, but this is my personal viewpoint.

    As for the rebuttal, I really can't see how you fail to make the link. He says we wasted individual players efforts causing them to have no fun, I say he wasted his entire alliances efforts causing them to have no fun*. He says we are in bed with Atlas to get a personal victory, I say that whilst we have attacked a WW with them for a mutual benefit, we have attacked them for individual benefits.

    The the continual pedalling of Natars being in a 3 quad meta is pure stupidity, when looking at facts...
    eg Natar conquests.

    Natars (AI) = 80 villages
    Atlas, Atlas+, Atlas A = 75
    Pulse = 10
    Havoc, Havoc+ = 6

    Like I say, He just comes on here crying at every given opportunity. Whilst Atlas recognise that is spite of our attacks, they can forge a mutual benefit at times.

    *Note I have previously said fun is subjective, so even if players lose hammers due to a leader's mistake, or the entire game because of a leader's mistake, it doesn't have to have a bearing on fun.

    I still find it funny that everyone says were the self proclaimed best endgame ally in the UK even though I've not actually seen anyone in Pulse make that statement. We've won more servers than most other alliances in the UK I think but then you can only beat the competition you have against you, whether it's good or rubbish. We play to win the server, if we don't so be it. We'll always try again.

    What you also have to consider is that the majority of Pulse players from previous UK servers haven't returned for this UK1 round but I'm not saying we don't have weaknesses, every alliance does.

    Yeah, I talked at length with Elisa today about some of this. But at the end of the last server there were a fair few making that statement, saying Pulse were the best and no other group compared. When Danny, in his own way, called people out on this attitude, he was told he had already been beaten (ref CD/DC). Of course that server was a disaster from my group, as we struggled with losing so many key players from CF and Toxic, and struggle to replace them. Having seen many weaknesses within Pulsant, and being bored by a lack of challenge, we were inspired to disprove this.

    Your statement here, assuming it is a consensus in Pulse, is great to hear. It means there is a certain level of respect for other alliances. Particularly those that aren't preformed, and struggle with the challenges instability causes when going up against stable, organised and focused groups. (this is deliberately meant to describe Pulsant from the last server and Natars from this one).

    I've always said this isn't a revenge mission, as it was presented by those that didn't initially understand, or were confused by association with a couple that did want some sort of retribution. So let me say what I've said before. Ledge is a great leader, overly praised by those in his alliance, but a great leader nonetheless. He kept a group of individuals, from all over the world, coming back, playing the game and winning server after server. He built up a great network of defenders, that have been the basis of many wins, and should take full praise if you likely win again this server. Ledge should personally take praise for continuing to keep his players motivated and for employing better diplomatic skills than some of his rivals.

    By being the 'best' alliance on this server, I think we have shown , in spite of any issues with regards to personnel leaving Pulse, that there are weaknesses in the application of defence, a lack of focus on supporting non-ww armies, and the risks of poor overall settlement strategy. Ryder is a leader with a huge amount of game experience, and used this knowledge to really draw def to many places other than where we were going to hit. The strategy was most obviously executed in that WW chiefing, and it was moments like this that made the server so fun. We really felt like our alliance defined key moments of this server, through a whole host of interlaced plans.

    This may be the worst performance Ledge has seen from his team. This may be his least deserved and most fortunate victory. This may be his most unconventional victory. But I think it should be his most proud. It is easy to keep people on board when everything is going well. It is easy when people are too timid or don't have the skills to bring a fight to you. But he ended up having the same amount of defence as his main rival, when it mattered, after so many setbacks, and will likely get another notch on that victory staff.

    It's just my opinion of course, but I believe Ledge and Ryder are some of the best leaders out there, in their own way.

    Finally, if it is consensus in Pulse, that you recognise there have been many comparatively good UK alliances, that you just don't get to face, then it is a personal victory for me, as I believe there are a fair few of us in this alliance that have been apart of them.

    Sorry for the long-winded rant. I need a drink!

    I accept your apology, as it is clear you have no clue what you are talking about.

    You can cry as much as you like hammers being wasted, but the 108 other people you had in your alliance on the 26th Oct had their entire server's effort ruined by your incompetent diplomatic skills. The magnitude of your personal failure is immeasurable. No amount of propaganda can cover this fact.

    As for our direction, it is pretty obvious, but let me make it simple for you...

    1. Natars are not building a WW.
    2. Natars had the server goal of stopping Pulse win.
    3. Havoc were going to win, but threw themselves under the Natar bus.

    How many WW alliances does that leave? You can count to 1 right? Not a hard choice.

    Interestingly, even when we have been cooperating with Atlas, we have still had armies hit them. You may not have seen or heard about this, because they don't cry on here, as they know the difference between a confed/NAP and a mutual goal.

    The point is to have fun. You can have fun in conventional and unconventional ways. Fun is subjective, so I don't expect this to be everyone's idea of fun. Those that were here knew the score and have had a fun server.

    UK1 always had the best armies come out of it but this server has seen some amazing ones. Having said that, why on a Earth would anyone think it a good idea to build a Gaul rammer?

    lol, that extra brewery strength... oh no, wait!

    Seriously though, 30k rams is still a good effort, well done.

    Very nice armies indeed, although it's a bit unfair to call something not as competitive when it's built under different conditions i.e. server length/increased resource production.

    Yeah, perhaps the wrong choice of words, but it is the same point I'm making. Was anyone really expecting more catapults from him, when he started on day 30 from his third village? Hammers and the expectations need to be placed in context. As you say - server length, res production - and most importantly, time. Only a set amount can be built in the time frame, and he is pushing the limits there.

    So comparing the hammers above him is a little pointless, as they all had more time. Batfink did an excellent job, which I said at the time. I do top 10s on the hall of fame, rather than a top 1, so they can all be appreciated.

    Podium speeches and HOF hammers dont win games. Settling WW's and getting to lvl 100 does. Maybe if you aren't holding a WW you shouldn't be posting in the WW discussion page, regardless of what you hit.

    Throwing your team under the bus with horrendous diplomatic skills doesn't win games either. By the same logic... maybe if you are a primary reason for your WW having no wall and getting zero'd, you shouldn't post in here. This thread is for more than the 4 WW holders. All can participate.

    Build the largest and most powerful WWK on UK servers and still not enough, just no pleasing some! Well they've been training in a SW L20 since day 30 of server and been on x2 since artes. We did lose about 300 to starvation at one point, so that's the only way we could have improved numbers. I saw someone post about res push from ally to get them going at day 20, non of that on our account. :ahoy:

    You forgot that it was your third settled village that you had a L20 WS in after 30 days. My L20 workshop after 27 days was in my second village...

    If memory serves me well I have the highest siege per day in the UK records, when adjusted to catas. I think Muppet might be next, with you not far behind. Pulse have a few around 20k that are super quick too. But ones like Batfink (around 350 days if memory serves), are not as competitive as CR.

    Pulse should jump on and correct me if any of there's are better, I'd would be interested to know.

    "Your game don't scare me, I got hit by this:" - Well done for taking it on the chin. And congrats on getting in the top 10 def. Shame for you and your team that these hammers were switched to you by bad diplomacy. But such is life.

    Thanks to my Dual - Cali - for a great server. Thanks to Chef for his tireless and selfless support, awesome player in his own right, dedicated to helping us. Thanks to Demon for settling a 1/2 diet village for us. Thanks to the alliance for all their help along the way. Clearing stuff, allowing prompt arte use and those pony only def calls, lol. Massive thanks to Ryder for his awesome leadership.

    Rank Players Name Alliance Level
    1 Boom! Boom's Folly ATLAS 96
    2 K P last time out Pulse™ 92
    3 Tauriel Wonder McWundy Havoc 92
    4 Lord rahl Garden of Life ATLAS+ 90

    For those not on the server