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    Haha, oh . You're doing it again, Dodging the answer how your behaviour was any different when it comes to Bruceys cheating. ;)

    Ah well, you saying you dont care about cheating and telling me to fuck off sure was an interesting read as well after you have been informed about your duals multiple pw logins. Quite nice example of double standards: Condemning friendly farming all server long while not being bothered a tiny bit about multi accounting.
    What is it if not hypocrisy? ..hence my previous comment.

    Anyways, I think you're mixing things up buddy. Thats not the screenshot I was talking about. But nice deflection tactics once again. Gotta give you that. :)

    I have never said i dont care about cheating - Ever :)

    I told you i didnt know anything about it and then i told you to - And i did really mean both :*

    Why does this sound surprisingly familiar to the way how you guys reacted regarding your duals password logins to other peoples accounts? ;) Remember the chat we had back then? Still top 5 of my travian-screenshots so far. :D

    So me telling you that i know nothing of the subject and telling you to was one of your best screenshots? :D
    you must be boring

    It is a fact, that individuals make mistakes. Parents make this experience very often, when their kids do things you would never have expected...
    And in this case, TG makes a good preliminary work to make things wrong.

    But i understand you, sometimes it is so good seeing others make mistakes. It makes you feel good .... If you need this to make you feel superior, enjoy it

    Who cares about glory or superiority! I am just here for the fun of mocking the guy with the biggest mouth on this forum! And that guy happends to be the one and only: Holy Schente :P

    Any reports? or everyone waiting for arties? :D

    Everyone is just waiting on the Holy Schente to give a comment on his previous comments on his ally of saints :whistling:

    It seems like he only feels like commenting when he feels like things is in his favor - I understand the impulse but a bit hypocritical of him :saint::saint:

    Don't be so full of yourselves. We all have something to be sad about. But roll back is clearly the best decision for everyone and for the fixing of all the issues.

    It is defo the best solution but as i pointed out earlier - If Travian wasnt so incompetent it would have happened 18 hours ago or shortly after. If they had done it as they were supposed to back then people would have no reason to be mad but by waiting so long... Thats alot of time spend not getting back

    I will explain you something boi.LOOK
    There are bots that are illegal and there were 3k bot account and they are deleted. Which is ok, but they left 800 natars villages what became from something that is illegal and that makes those natar villages illegal. Example, if you get money from something illegal and you buy house and they catch you, you cant hold that house they will take it too, dont be so blind, that is how it works. After first round of bots came another 3k bots there and they were deleted again, so u get second round of deleting those acc and they are again leaving villages for taking and farming. Dude i am not saying that there should not be any natars of course they should exist but not that many of them. You are getting really huge advantage from something that was illegal and that was suspended but product of that deletion is still there. Scale number of natars to number of players. There is no way that there is 1.5k natars villages and 4.8k players what if another round of 3k bot players come? They will again leave 1k villages and that is good for you there. I just say MH should scale those numbers and i know that he has ratio players/natars and that there cant be so many villages.

    It is the same for everyone - Whether the villages comes from someone who cheated or deleted does not matter at all! Everyone started with 1 village and everyone could settle on any crop on the whole server if they were good enough so everyone had the chance to chief a 100-150 pop village if they want or farm a farm that doesnt make sence to farm on farmlist (unless looking for off points) in the long run :)

    Should banned players villages become natar? well i dont care it is not a huge advantage as natars builds crannies, troops, wall and residence which makes them horrific farms and when MH catches the bots that early on only noobs should chief them so in conclusion:

    The game is the same for everyone regarding natars and everyone had the chance to have alot of natar villages around them but some chose to get a bit more peace around them and settled further out but that was a choice they made - Both things got advantages and if i should list the advantages of being central based i wouldnt even mention natars.

    So get over it boi

    Guys do you think that is fair that these Natar's villages are left there after those deletions. Yesterday were 850 villagers today is 1500.. Next round will be 2500+.It is so unfair to us who arent there in center. Please can i get some response from stuff.. It will be nice to delete those villages to be fair to all players here! You know it is really pointless to play when those villages are left behind. You should really take care of them and make sure that there is rational number of them! Please answer me if you are going to take any action about it. If you are not going to do anything i think that you are destroying this game so heavily! There are a lot of players here and we made a lot of effort so far, so it would be such a shame to kill game in that way.
    Slightly concerned,

    Part of the choice to not be in center is worse conditions for farmning and chiefing so if you are crying because they are not near you then you should settle the rest of your villas in centre. Natar villages have been there since the start of T4 and it is not gonna change.

    You see jarubu (defo spelled wrong to lazy to go back and check) - This is the stupidity you are dealing with here! Banned for deffing other people... Well... :D

    So my last input on the subject as i am not playing so i am kinda irrellevant i guess!

    Lets transfer it to real life:

    Remember that guy who bought the right to that medicine that was very cheap and bumbed the price up massivly?

    It is technically not illegal to be an and ruin some of the fun and some of the competetive part of the game for others and it is technically not illegal to make sick people even more broke than they already are but most people just dont do it because they know it is wrong and some people just dont care about others and all and just sees and opportunity to abuse the system to their advantage and then they say stuff like "well it is not illegal so you could also have done it" like it justifies they just took a dump on everyone else :)

    Seeee yaaaa

    You are not gonna convince that what he is doing is wrong he considers it just as right to have a friendly farm and bend the rules like that as to ask your team mate who have a alot of scouts to scout someone or you have someone who makes deff for you - So basicly in his mind giving rs by raiding 3 friends is in own example around 72 mio pr day from friendly farms and someone making alot of deff for you or someone scouting for you is basicly the same thing :)

    Thats the logic you are dealing with - I have been there!