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    With all respect, but i don’t understand Why uni/cup still raises their wonders after all this disaster? Are you so desperate to win? For prizezs? Why in this last hours you have to be different? We all have to be solidary otherwise nothing will happend, and players allways will be treated like nothing.

    You don't understand why uni\cup raises their wonders, but understand why Italians, Immortals and Cof raises. Very unbiased post.

    Also funny that union team was first who harmed from TG opacity, lack of communication, lack of official comments - when TG clear more units from our accounts then we lost on 1,5 months of war on all borders. We could not understand what is happening and how to prevent it. And no one hear us - that something goes wrong at this project. But now all surprised that this ignoring the gaming community can harm not only russians, but all teams.

    Also I saw that after first time when Strategic try to spam rally point view (and don't expect bug with starvation) there are 20-30 players from differenet metas that reproduce this bug on Union ww, knowing full well what they are doing.

    My little request: judge everyone equally - do not divide server into "my brave meta (honest on the world)" and "alien teams of bagousers and cheaters".