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    Yeah, how can I not have to read Greek, Bulgarian or any other language that has Z E R O similarity to the other Balkan languages which I won't read anyway.

    Merge domain, OK, but why merge forum if the languages are as day and night. Clearly TG didn't look this through well enough. It's not comparable to Lusobrasiliero, Hispanic and Anglo... it's very different languages.

    I thought forum merge is only for domains with same language, which leads to easier communication and more activity in one place... which can't be applied here.

    Sincerely, someone who doesn't only look at the map but actually lives in the balkans to give you a first hand experience of how things are.

    So there was this fierce fight between two beasts and the monkey uhhh... lost.

    So here's the winner of the fight standing proudly over its victim.


    The story may or may not be true, you take the chance.

    Nearly forgot to update this...

    Fast trade route setup.

    The following URL will be used as an example and will be explained steb-by-step. To be able to set trade routes you'll require to have gold club and will need to be in the village from which you plan to set trade routes.


    Here you can locate the server and domain on which you are playing on, which in this case is the 2x server on com domain. If you wish to set it to your current server, follow the instructions below.


    This is the ID of the village, which the trade routes will be set to.

    You can locate the village ID by changing your active village and looking at the URL.


    This decides how much of individual resources will be sent to your desired location.

    In this particular example each trade route will send :lumber: = 1000, :clay: = 2000, :iron: = 3000, in :crop: = 4000 resources.


    This is where things have changed since the most recent update, which now offer you 2 different options to choose from.

    1. send&hour=0&minute=30

    This option decides at which defined hour your trade routes will be sent. In this example at 0:30 your merchants will depart from your village.

    2. deliver&hour=0&minute=30

    This option decides at which defined hour your trade routes will arrive. In this example at 0:30 your merchants will arrive at their destination.


    And this decides how many times you choose the trade route to go. You can either choose 1, 2, or 3, depending on your merchants available and amount needed.



    PS. I would also like to thank Baguette for sharing the updated version for the trade route setup.

    Nice comeback Bat, have to admit.... can't wait to see you pull off more unique things, such as defending with hammers or attacking with def, because playing like that is "more entertaining when taken in a more fun and unique way. "

    And no need to take it personal, consider it as "friendly" banter just like most of your posts towards VICES tend to be. :/

    SGR needs wishmaster3 to be their meme representative, at least he knows where it's at and makes some sense. :p

    Actually I have read it, but...

    Statememts and actions are 2 different things, as you have seen with SPQR, which is part of Uollas which said they won't build? Not that it's a bad thing they've continued, just gave an example, no disrespect intended.

    There's no such thing as Natar win on TT Finals, because of prizes and as you've seen on top10 ranking people will go to great measures for prizes.

    I don't know about you, but someone would evetualy go for the WW even if Union refused to build.

    congratulations to all who refused the fight or deleted own accounts as a form of protest. shame to the inglorious winners who not let the natars finish lvl 100 wonder and i wish you to play alone all next finales

    Nobody said they are proud of it, but do you really expect people to wait at least another 2 months just to prove a non existing point?

    Someone would eventually build it to 100, there's no such thing as a natar win. If it weren't fo Union, the remainder of Uollas would, and if not for them someone else would... but definitely not natars.

    I got servers I plan to play, so thank god this game was finished as fast as it could be so gold can be transfered.

    Due to unfortunate events at the recently finished TT Finals, few reports were lost after each rollback so I'm missing quite a few, so if anyone of you has WW hit reports saved anywhere that'd be highly appreciated.






    Whatever you have, just insert in the sheet and I'll sort them through to see if they rank in the Top10.

    Haven't really put much time into it, so will wait until more reports are gathered to avoid too many post edits.

    Also, the reports don't need to be all after last rollback, you can freely choose one with most troop count or siege count.

    If your WWK was more inf/cav before rollback, but more siege after rollback, you can submit pre-rollback report for regular HoF and post-rollback report for siege.