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    I am sorry, but we can't do more than forward your wishes, and I can assure you that I have done that.

    And then hope for the best.

    I already raised the question before the merge happened, so I doubt that we will get an answer.

    sommerfuglen So missing a start means that we have to wait another ~140 days to play?

    Not to mention that we no longer will be able to play multiple servers at the time?

    April fools came late this year.


    More interested in knowing if TG plan on running multiple speed servers on a single domain.

    I wasnt able to start on the first Anglo speed, but I have time now. Do I really have to wait for the current one to finish and then another month for it to restart?

    No thanks.

    We had 4 speed servers prior to the merge, now we only have 2 (Anglo and COM) and COM is on the large map, that no one wants to play anymore.

    So if people miss the start date, they have to wait ~140 days for the next one to start? Have to be a joke.

    I’ll post screenshots when we eventually get to the stage of being able to put them straight in rather than having to upload them to a third party site first. When I click the picture icon I get a request for “source” but no option to put anything sensible in it.

    I’ve got the html icon on iPad, guessing it’s just phone that it doesn’t work on?

    I guess? Doesn’t make much sense imo though, since I find most uses for it when posting from phone...Seems like they didn’t plan anything at all prior to updating the forum.

    Mercedes, do you have a link so I could check, and maybe report it if I find the same bug?


    How does one link to every single editable post on the forum?

    And it may just be me, but how do I enable the html code, it’s annoying to write posts without it.

    Sorry for going off topic, but K have another question...How do I turn off bbcode for my posts, like we were able to on the “old” forum?

    Thanks for the feedback notorious crunchie (tagged you, because I know you love it)

    We would like the server to stay focused on Travian, and not others games...So if any of you have ideas to games that can be played through Discord, feel free to let us know....Only thing that comes to my mind is some sort of Travian quiz, but then y’all want prizes that we can’t give you.

    chainsawdaz I can get rid of that one admin for you...You know my paypal already ;)

    Would be nice to have a filter in reports and in Ally Attacks page to sort "attacks" vs "raids". Can be difficult to find attacks when you're spammed by a ton of micro-raid reports. Make this happen please!

    For the love of all that is holy, can we please have a "Delete All" button for deleting a massive amount of reports? I got 506 pages of raids at 99 per page.. I delete one page - still 506 pages! :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing: All I can think is "Where does this end????"

    Links for more info to all the posts:

    The Broken Def-Point System

    Raid/Attack Filter


    "Delete All" Button

    Now you can include them sommerfuglen  :S

    Hello chainsawdaz

    Until all the 3 domains (AU, UK, US) are done with the ongoing servers, there will only be Anglosphere.
    Right now we actually have 4 domains when we add Anglosphere to the 3 above.
    So we just have to wait and see.

    I blame it on me being tired, but your post makes no sense to mr.

    Why not just create a forum for the anglo domain and move all the ongoing server posts to that and then get rid of UK and US?

    Lemon, try to change to Woltlab style on your mobile.

    3 issues with that.

    1. Styles follow the user everywhere, not only on that one device.

    2. It makes my eyes bleed, get a dark mode already...

    3. The Woltlab style is broken on computer.