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    Congratulations to all on the completion of this server. On this server, everyone could get what they came for. A lot of battles and intrigue until the last days make this server special.

    Congratulations to THC on winning.

    All players with the fact that they took part in this extraordinary action.

    I am sure everyone was able to take something useful with them

    Good luck to everyone in the next battles !!!

    Each alliance chooses tactics based on the number of days remaining.

    It’s a mistake to say that you would have what you had if the server lasted longer

    For several years, the intrigue of the server was dying, reaching its middle. We managed to destroy all our hope of victory as rivals.

    We missed the fight. The struggle that goes from beginning to end. And our main plan for this server was to provide ourselves with war. Therefore, both the landing zone and the choice of the main opponent were connected with this.

    We got what we wanted 100%. Winning on this server could be a nice bonus. And I think everyone understands that only thanks to Bedlam, we are farther from receiving this bonus :)

    According to the distribution of seats there were 2 options:

    1. THC - WEB - BEDLAM

    2. WEB - BEDLAM - THC

    and it was in Bedlam's hands that there was a choice. They preferred the first option.

    Yes there was a BEDLAM option - ....., but its chances were minimal

    In any case, it was WEB that brought intrigue, unforgettable moments and dynamics to this server. I thank my team and my friends for this.

    Bedlam is a strong rival, it was nice to fight you

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    Maroussia, why again you pass off your thoughts as reality. You have no idea why we went to play as part of the Bears coalition. You have no idea what role Anton plays in the alliance. You have no idea how the Web alliance is organized.

    I already asked, but I repeat. In your messages indicate that everything said is your guess. Since here, many have no idea who you are or where.

    Interesting, TH themselves decided to build vills in the region with unique diet, or at the hint of older brother, based on the time of their settlement ... not bad idea, despite the fact that the older brother didn't even try to take this region of his backyard, well, just only 10 VP, can be feed troops and with small diet not bad, though for this they had to trudge in Korduba, but someday they need to touch Bedlam after all, not in the habits of Web stupid to play simsiti ... and here immediately question why on this server Web is so clinging to the strategy of capturing regions focusing on VP, though I remember the head of this ally told that is a wrong strategy and need capture first of all regions with the necessary artifacts, to was easy to fight, and criticized for VP strategy of their previous opponents and I was so impressed by stories the head of Web and fully supported him, but now Bedlam has to make great efforts to catch up with them on VP turns out that fathers-commanders say one thing today and do other tomorrow and trust them after that...whether boots will help to catch up the opponent on victory points:)

    P/S specially for Volodya(Tarantul) - all that I wrote in this post is my humble very humble opinion lol

    All right. Before starting the war we got: The eagles slight eyes, Slight storage masterplan, The eagles slight eyes. We drove into the regions with VP, since there were 15 + 150%, this was a priority. And then we also collected the missing artifacts. Then they started to fight

    Marusja, let me make one comment on your posts.

    As a player who has achieved little with the teams in which he played, he cannot write in the affirmative about events that occur in the game. You can make assumptions, express your thoughts, but do not give out your thoughts about what is happening on the server, for reality.

    PS: this applies to all who are reasoning in this style. In order for your words to be valid, you prove that a competent commander is an example.

    Маруся, что вам интересно: играть? или болтать и хвастаться?

    English - Maroussia, what is interesting for you: to play? or chatting and showing off?

    Маруся, а ты зачем тут? Шла бы в свой игровой чат и там читала сообщения.

    По мне на форум идут игроки которые не только смотрят, что там происходит, но и вносят что то от себя. Иначе им тут не место. Как раз им место там, где ты и указала.

    English -

    Maroussia, why are you here? I would go to my game chat and read messages there.

    For me, there are players on the forum who not only look at what is happening there, but also contribute something from themselves. Otherwise, they do not belong here. It’s just their place where you indicated.

    I see that if the Web alliance ignores the forum, but it dies just like the Russian forum died.

    So on the forum information is either from us or about us. Very sad

    I carefully studied the map ...well, what to say, yes, you prove my words about your considerable experience, the resettlement of your alliance as always on top)...yeah, you have 380 points at the moment, it's wonderful...but...what alliance will open the region in the zone of your settlement? nobody...there is an expression: "cui prodest, cui bono" or "is fecit, cui prodest"...Volodya, do not consider others fools...ppl was angry not unlock region, but the way in which it was done, the most unpleasant thing in this story is that this technique pushes other players to similar responses, and they want to play and not engage in purely technical tricks...your alliance is able to achieve victory without any tricks...and then I am reading tread of the qualifying round, in which the Czechs-winners write that ru-teams can't a fairly win ...offensively

    The purity of the game is determined by the rules. They equalize everyone. It makes no sense to poke a finger at each other, and talk about some kind of violations. There is a special service for this.

    ...and it is sad that such techniques do they put these victories into question...unexpected, to be honest...and that's it

    for what reason they decided that the Web alliance has to do with the situation that they have been hiding for more than one day.

    I described the statistics of this alliance a little higher, which cannot be challenged.

    If someone was embarrassed by the region giving 30 points, and you think that this will allow the alliance to win, then I would suggest everyone to leave, as I tell you a secret Web without this region controls 4 more, giving 380 points

    Yes, Bedlam are good. No one argues. Heathens and COM also show their worth. You are constantly trying to compare them with the Web. Let's do that.

    Web undisputedly controls 3 regions (Apollonia, Samothrace, Salona) and fight for Delphi. The Web, as well as the top three magnificent alliances, is in the top of the four successors and is gradually increasing its strength.

    Or is there any doubt about this? Or is it someone who twists the numbers?

    PS: I have long been offering to discuss something interesting on the forum. Show the logs of your battles, show what you are strong with. And then one gets the feeling that all your strength is in cleaning the feeders, farm friends and moment-building. And I would like to see a large army, combat captures. While this is not, you are no better than the rest