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    on a normal server I would agree....but not for this type? when all your first 3 villas start at level 5 fields...its pretty easy for a tueton to start pumping out clubbies on day 1. for those players who went full military from the start, it's not outside the realm of possibility...difficult yes!

    That said, I am sure there were people abusing the rules those first few days to raid more, all I am saying is that its not impossible to imagine raiding oasis on day one when all fields start at 5.

    to build troops to break through the oasis and rob it is very stupid and not profitable.

    The troops are building to rob. But they break through oaz with multi-accounts

    I repeat once again. I don't blame anyone.

    This tactic is not new and has been used for a very long time. I just don’t see any reason to look for the advantage of others in some violations.

    I'm not talking about setting up a new village. I'm talking about taking over a village from another player. Or rather not just a village but a crop. Do you really want to say that some kind of noob was one of the first to take the crop cell and then looked at how it was captured from him. Moreover, without even making it the capital?

    It is clear that the account whose crop was captured is the account of the player who captured it.

    PS: this is a pointless argument. I am sure that all the top players understood me. I do not blame them for anything. I just don’t understand the discussion of some violations that everyone uses. Just someone comes across, someone does not.

    The first three days after the server starts, there is not a single account that you can farm. You can only farm oases. To farm an oasis, you need to clean it. How to clear so many oases to farm 10,000 on the first day? Not having those accounts that will clean oases with heroes so that the main account can rob it. The answer is no way. Therefore, everyone who farm in the early days a lot, everyone played with those accounts

    what does the team game and those account that puts the crop village for the further interception of this village with the main akk?

    I agree that all this can be done without breaking the rules. Therefore, I propose not to raise this topic.

    It seems that there are children and I am in kindergarten. But the player with a distant mind is clear that the capture of the village at a distance at this stage is impossible, and what can we say about the crop villages. It is possible only if it is given intentionally.

    It is also impossible to farm in the early days of the game without having those accounts that work on one account.

    The whole farm in the early days and the capture of the 15th by the fourth or fifth village can only stun the navic.

    I would suggest closing this topic. And then it looks funny

    An Alliance with More Privileged Tactics Will Win

    So what is the point of discussing violations, instead of the achievements and tactical decisions of an alliance

    Is it really a discussion of the ban of one or another Akka is an interesting discussion of the tactical decision of that other alliance? Where it will lead and what it is fraught with rivals? Competently or not, this or that operation was carried out ...

    We went to this server for an interesting game. And we were very glad that a number of other landings had gone in our direction. This should make the game interesting.

    I am sure that Bedlam will envy us yet ;)

    PS: the only thing that saddens me is the amount of whining from our rivals due to two banned accounts

    And how many more banned accounts did you see on the server?

    In fact, I doubt that anyone is interested. Usually a ban of specific accs is of interest to those who wrote a complaint. And who writes complaints to us? Someone who does not like to look for problems in themselves and their inactivity.

    So, please pay attention that 4 villages have already set up a half of the alliance. And I assure you, everything was done according to all the rules. Moreover, I will say that accounts Vitamin and BuT also did this without any violations