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    How philipolis is your region?? We captured it first as we was in company, i settled first village in that region, how the philipollis is yours? However you can remove control in few days

    philipolis is located in the middle of the Web regions, belongs to the Web and was pledged to our friendship, that's why you live there and the point

    Wide open your eyes

    Guess the only ally with members not punished by cheating are cheaters

    And THC is TH plus Company or Company + TH. The recycled are non active players, we dont even have 60 active ones, we have yellows, imagine the recycled ones.

    But now imagine beeing this offended by a non premade with yellows ally, giving the professional spenders players some more fun on a dull server.

    Its was almost fun having a chat here with you all, got things to do, cheers!

    THC had 4 months of calm and well-fed life. Nobody touched you and you had fun as you wanted. In this case, the most powerful enemy was drawn to the Web. You have also been using our Philippopolis region for 2- 2,5 months. 70*100=7000.

    Do you think the web has given you enough?

    Do you think we have no right to try?

    And how they cheated company? you dont have any info i guess, 30 players in thc is from company dude

    There is nothing new in taking several alliances and constantly replenishing the main alliance at the expense of them. Where do recycled aki go? The Alliance eats them :)

    This is not always good:)

    My friend, there is no skill in merging troops with GOLD, deal with it.
    Most of us have to wait 1 month to get a decent hammer, while he does that in the blink of an eye.
    I could do the same with unlimited gold, not a big deal. Gold wins, end of the story.

    When you artwork at 150-200 gold apiece, every day you bought everything was good, gold did not win (200 * 7 = 1400 gold per week). When cage and scroll bought up everything was good, Gold did not win. And then suddenly, ooh, Gold won. 11 orphans on the first page of the top 10, poor, poor ...

    Well i can express my views if i want to and dont need others judging me for it. Just told a common joke which is universally known about the Russians, i do like bringing up a bit of flare before a server starts, yes.

    I thought this chat was for discussing games. But it was a place where they tell jokes about the Russian.