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The blacksmith once again looked at the parchment a visitor had just given him.
There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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    I don't get why they delayed com1 when it was kinda obvious not even all meta's would return but don't want to delay com2 where all the metas would be returning and even more big names would come. :/

    Even more confusing when they could simply restart com5 1st ...

    Probably for them, the voice of few on the forum is not the voice of “community”

    Well, this doesn’t come with any surprise. TG is still “analyzing” the survey they sent for the “new” travian looks ... so is clear that they don’t care at all about the community. Literary zero f**ks they give about what the community is wishing for ... “very good” business model not to listen at all to your customers.

    Ackys concert let's go 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 7!

    Best I ca don!

    You’d think that wouldn’t you.

    Gow stood no chance in winning the server, was saying that at day 120 already when i inspecting your wwks.

    I was litterly making your OP’s on gettertools together with Manu 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    and somehow you still need to ally to call yourself “ winner “ ...

    You talk toomuch shit for a dude who spent 6 hours a day, 9 months long and hunderd of euros on a browser game just to get destroyed in it.

    Zenna was crying that you had sleepless nights, went to work without sleep and put alot of money in the account.

    Thats sad ni, hope you make betters choices in life.

    MSb, there's a cure for your histrionic personality disorder. You shouldn't worry this much where/how much money people spend on stuff. It's how the world goes, you need to spend in order to gain. I'm quite sure, I haven't spent more money then any top account in your alliance, or on any other alliance/server, so please don't worry about this.

    I doubt I had any sleepless nights, or that my work has been affected at all, but again, you'r concert too much of me.

    Again, about the time spent, I'm quite sure you spend good amount of time on the numerous account that you administrate, and this time, has given you even less than it gave to me. As I told you a few times before, I played what I wanted all server, and how I wanted it.

    How does it feel to have GT access, have top account in GOW access to ... and still, you can only "win" thanks to allying with others, and not thanks to your strengths ... so basically, what have you done? Yes, you'll "win" ... but you lack the winner mentality, that's beyond your level of understanding.

    My life choices ... I try, I fail and try again to fail better, but all along I gain and learn more then you'll ever learn in your lifetime.

    GG. Hope one day you'll be able to do it alone ;)

    are you stupid or what? so you quit the com2 chat and you are crying here? you lost the serverthe moment you attacked TEN when you were in war with GUNNERS. as BATMAN said, you took on more than just you could chew. Just man up and admit your defeat.We never said we were the best in the server.Gow and GUNNERS were always ahead of us.On the other hand, you were shi* talking everyone with your so called GODS attitude.we(GUNNERS as well) played smart and you started wars with 2 quads when you didnt finish with one,and this is bound to happen.

    Server is not finished anyway, not till the 1st WW reaches 100 so lets wait till then.

    If I'm stupid, than probably you are functional illiterate ...

    About the com2 chat, I was part of it for few days back in november/december, so really don't get your argument with this one. And here we just discuss, or this is what I am trying to do.

    We actually lost the server the moment Gunners decided to ally with TEN and TEN agreed, not the day that we attacked. There's a huge difference, but for someone with reading problems, is hard to comprehend.

    PS: Actually TEN, via Snake was bragging that your tactics is good vs a 3 quad squad ... the point I've missed here was that fighting vs 1 he meant :). And I don't care at all about the victory, is more about the style I care. And we haven't lost our style or identity, we played what we wanted all server, and you played all server the reaction game ...

    Yeah. This is true. When in combants, you learn the most. Many of the things I've learned couldn't even apply. But next server, if we join, we'll be ready with the political parts as well, the one where we struggled the most I believe.

    We also had another ww we were getting ready, and not exactly short on endgame hammers so who knows if the game played out a bit differently.. let's not forget Gunners did not have the luxury of being gifted half of revs either ehmm.. yet you still come here trying to debate on the same semantics. long story short you guys took on more then what you could handle and from Gow's own admissions weren't really prepared for the consequences of those choices.

    No, we really didn't take more then we could chew. Again, if you guys don't ally, this is still very open. Allying was always on the table, regardless if we fight or not any of the alliances, is simply the playing style Gunners and TEN (mostly) have. As I mentioned before, TEN offered the same things to GOW as well, and we refused. If we accept, basically is the same story just the characters have different roles.

    Gunners recruited about the same time Phoenix alliance, and position wise, was a greater win compared to the REV recruits coming into GOW. So your statement here, is very debatable, but lets just live it as it is.

    Bat Man Finally admitting Gunners lost. Cheers, and good luck!

    Gunners instead moving to continue the war with Gow, Ten no longer had revs to fight and were now in a position to be king or king makers, whilst gow and Gunners were continuing the trade off tit for tat blows that were becoming more expensive as both sides teams also got better at walling. And at this point it was looking like gow and gunners would just cancel each other out or at least we would have a 1vs1vs1, by the time we were ready to roll out the killers on each other's world wonders, then the unthinkable happened.

    Already embroiled in heavy fighting with Gunners, gow in what looked like a snapped decision switched targets to ten just before endgame surprising the server yet again.

    Had Ten and Gunners decided to switch targets and move in on each other too, it may have ended very favourably for gow and they would have got what they wanted. Instead two teams that were reluctant to work together early, became much closer as a result and now lead the table.

    Please read what you've wrote here, and think about who the "Ultimate Warriors" are ...

    As about the same server ... once a cry baby, always a cry baby. So I expect the same cowardly play by both TEN and Gunners.

    No, actually I thought that both TEN and Gunners could handle us and handle each other as well. But I appreciated you guys too much, I thought you are "TRUE WARRIORS" . This was my mistake, not AJAXs mistake, not anyones else in GOW. I really thought that both GUNNERS and TEN have valuable players, who would enjoy fights ... couldn't have been more wrong, and this was GOWs biggest mistake. Right from the start I was looking to fight, and hoped for an open battlefield. I said it from the begin, wars can be won 2 ways, battlefield and political rooms.

    You won in the political rooms, no question about this. We never wanted to fight there, each time we went with offers was to balance somehow the server, due to big changes in "diplomacy". We were always hopping for an opened server a possible 4 quad fight. But it was not up to us that this didn't happen ...

    Bat Man if Gunners are truly "Ultimate warriors" or however you like to call yourself, and TEN have also "smashed us" ... why is it that the server didn't have a single ops with a TEN vs Gunners fight? Cause you knew, that solo, or on an open battlefield, you guys just shit yourself.

    Good luck for the rest of the server TEN/Gunners!

    1. Monkey see, monkey do ...

    2. Repeating yourself is all you do, so I must admit, having anything more then a monolog with you is hopeless.

    Regarding of spies, you guys are no angels as well, there’s really no difference or no higher morality or anything else between GOW and Gunners or TEN.

    3. -

    4. Yep, that’s why there are changes in expressing yourself ...

    5. Of course not :)

    Zverb Yes, you must be right. Your vigilance amazes.

    1. Lohalal you are the one bragging now about how strong and good you guys are. Yet you managed to loose the only purpose that you actually came here for, and you lost it because of the “shadiness” that you keep accusing us of.

    The “shadiness” that you talk about “from begin” maybe would need a very comprehensive explication and not just political argument, to actually have a meaning.

    Gow being extremely toxic the whole server ... yet I’ll just ask you, where did it all start from? Where did dick picks and unrequested nudity come from? Etc etc ...

    2. Again, please explain the “shadiness” from begin. Well, to put it simple, if you want to incriminate someone, probably this is the way you do it, and there are just 2 big alliances now, TEN and GOW, no? ... this stuff was done without any need of IT knowledge or so, an average high school kid can come up with something like this. Having experts in something, i highly doubt they would do such an amatorish job.

    3. Read my previous reply again and try to understand what I wrote.

    4. Yeah, you can tell from the anger of your writing how much you like it.

    5. Didnt hurt at all, cant even remember if I splat there or not.

    6. -

    ... this cheap mocking you try to do doesn’t work too well

    1. Travian is a game of numbers, and we are outnumbered by a lot. So whatever if we loose, at least we will fight till the end. You are not objective at all, just go and check the stats of the server, and you’ll get it. And congrats on your “win” if it will be. I’ll be one of the 1st to congratulate, because I am born winner, and as a consequence, I also know how to loose ... another skill that you highly lack.

    2. Not interesting at all. If I know where you walk, the order won’t matter. The “proper” order that you talk about had other factors as well, that you are totally ignoring.

    I guess it hurt you more, i mean, im sure.

    3. You dont need to tolarate, just accept things that you cant control. But I get it, you dont understand the difference.

    5. Well, wrong again. I constantly change my mind ... i’m not stuborn and I know how to listen, and dont judge at 1st.

    6. Again you demonstrate the same things over and over.

    7. Go get some sleep. Sleep depravation can have very serious consequences, such as irritability, development of false memory, depression, confusion, obesity etc ... symphoms that you all have.