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    who was mindfreak in game?

    erm, why we should know the guy from IT domain?

    sportsmanship/respect shown

    How thc show you sportsmanship?:) or respect? I just wonder:) And respect for what? That you start to fight them, when we killed all their hammers and capitals from active players so they did stop playing?:)

    well seems your 'trolling' will cost this server so I wouldn't say that's nothing

    :D why you keep talking about things i am not care about?:) since the start i told you here why and for what i went com, and all my goals were accomplished month ago already:)

    well you're gold mine to them for sure by amount you spend on server

    trust me, way less then your players:) but it cost me nothing to troll you, while it cost you a lot to react:)

    P.s. raelag i am not drinking at work! So your likes wont seduce me:*

    i am glad that my typing on forum, making you to spend hundreds of euro, tgs should hire me for sure. I am gold mine for them:)

    or wait....sorry I forgot, this account is doing nothing. Right Kazah?

    ?( 25 days left, disney took 1 town from not very active web account, and he post that on forum. Congrats yay! Ye, sorry, dude, now i cant call you a usless account with wasted potential, now it seems worthwile to call you da best player of the server!

    blowing through THC in lilybaum

    You mean you took 4 towns there from inactive players as well? While thc are fighting with us on all of their regions? Where were you when they got pon with us? Rly blowing through:) Rumors about mighty disney will spread among generations ^^


    I know, that you got butthurt. So lets keep trolling you. How many villas you got from me friend? I got 2 from you. So...thats 2 more then you got from me :D

    Web, you are contacting the wrong players in THC to join Web. Blablabla , you are good players nobody else (2 ammon and paratoinon players), blablabla, after what Aurora said about THC, blablabla, we have room for 2 how convenient blablabla.

    Its not web contacting your players, but 1 guy who is trolling you:) we do not invite any one from the map.

    ps amon is ours already.

    you can't be more wrong in last few weeks bedlem went on more thc regions and took them then on webs

    True that, bedlam did start taking thc regions now, but erm, hello, you did spend almost 3 weeks settling only our regions instead taking back what thc took from you. You didnt take our region (still emporia is ours, i am not saying that you wont take it, but time already lost) and you lost almost 50+ cp on that region already, with that amount of cp vs thc small pop region you could have +120 vp per day like for 2 weeks already, do the math by ur self pls. i have no idea who is doing coordination in your ally for settling (i hope its not Ele), but he is terrible on that, we understood that since the beginning when you were walled during the try to cate down towns in corduba.

    Cry some more

    ||;(;( are u happy now?!! Look what you made me do:((

    Our main force is settling

    I still think Heathens are better on that heh. Aurora i cant see time on your log, did you attack them after or before my attacks on you?

    Every member that contribues has it's merit for the win.

    And that was my question? What was YOUR contribution for the win, why do you keep paraphrasing my question?:))

    Haha, lol, this is a team game, you have to remember that =)) , we're not playing tetris :D

    yes it is, and according to your skill i doubt that you took any reasonable part of the team who did build the ww and feed it and fight for it. Thats why i did ask that question.

    P.S funny thing. You did cry about gold for all years you do play travian, you didnt even change the rhetoric meh

    I consider them gold-abusers


    they lost because we was to full of themslefs like you are and thought they are miles better then everyone else ofcourse were proven wrong and it's Russian qualification because russians always are host of their group

    Its not russian qualification, even if you will keep calling it like that, it wont change that fact. in 2017 cerbers won qualification cause it was 5 cerber ally vs 2 winter, or i am wrong?:) Still no one playing qualification for real. Ppl do play it only to get free gold vaouchers by killing troops in oasis:)

    wasn't Dacia won server before that? and last time I checked they managed to loose russian qulification

    No one playing qualification servers for serious. And there is no such thing as Russian qualification. Then server before. Its not their first win.

    we won

    Again this "We" what part of won is yours?:)

    last finals nobody won because of rollback because of system someone needed to take that "title" but nobody cared

    lol sure. Last time i checked, they won. And server before:) But ye nothing special, just wining tournament here and there:)) If its nothing special, why you didnt win some none special tournaments of Travian?:)

    does that mean im better than you kazah?


    No, you are not.

    because nobody cares.

    Thats why i do smell smoke even here:)

    that you desperately need

    Lol? I dont need anything on that server for a long time.

    with victories on both sides.

    Mhm? What victories vs web do you have? Smashing couple inactive accounts of ours by the end of the server? Congrats?

    that one op where we got walled

    Most of all of bedlam hammers were walled on every single off opera you made. If you call off opera success when you change 3 hammers for 0.7% region control you are good, the thing is that i dont even bother deffing from you any more, so you can enjoy playing your stupid tactic by your own, last time when i did def vs you i smashed 3 out 5 hammers you send:) Total success.

    But your right, Disney Princess hasnt done anything....well we did zero a web villa yesterday, from a region we took from web

    Its not our region lol its your region, you just took it back by the end of the server, when we are fighting whole server at once:) also you did attack only inactive accounts who already left or stop playing this game. All your attacks on my crew ended up on wall. What exactly is your impact on the server life? Did you destroyed enemy capitals, did you captured top hammer towns? May be you protected your own region or did you capture enemy region by your skills and tactic? Wait, may be you were making a good off operas which ended up changing like at least something? all you did - merging tons of troops with gold and smashing them on walls here and there, even with that you ended up with only 100k more troops killed vs def account lol. It could be, that i will get some more points later, got 3 weeks more to smash some capitals of THC:)

    Hell aurora did for server development WAY more then you, having like x3 less rss then you are, and with almost no gold. How pathetic it could be, that you really need to explain to some one why you are not just a standard useless top gold user without any skill on the server:) Thats a good example that gold cant solve all of your problems in Travian:)

    *drops mic*

    Dont pick it up, i feel vicarious shame, when i read your arguments.