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    Concerning the equipped part:

    Being a player who rather wait until the capital is finished and a substantial army is ready, rather than jumping immediately into action, I kinda feel indifferent to that one.
    I guess what would happen is players will immediately rush to settle around a 15c in order to secure it as the fourth village and some quarrel will undoubtedly occur. However, the ones to get these 15c will be those most well prepared, most active and most experienced. In other words, those whom usually gets the best 15c will have the upper hand either way.
    Could be interesting though...

    No items:

    Now that´s something! I am a T4 player all the way (started travian too late to experience the earlier versions) but has never been too fond of the auction. Would love to see a more back-to-basic server, to enable pure skill to be a more dominant factor once again.