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    This morning when I got downstairs, I looked out the window and saw something in the garden. I could not really see what it was at first:

    After a while I saw what it was: It was a small fallow deer that was stuck in the fence with one hoof.

    I don't know for how long it had been there, if it was badly hurt or not and I didn't know what to do with it. I called a man who is a hunter and he arrived after maybe 15 minutes.

    He went down to the deer and the deer tried to get away, but was stuck in the fence:

    He put a blanket over the deer's head and the deer calmed down. I was asked to hold the head while the hunter first examined the deer and he could not feel that there was any broken bones or something. He cut the the fence to release the deer.

    When the deer was released, she ran away. She was a bit numb in the left leg after being stuck for I don't know how long. The hunter followed her for a while and saw that she got better in the leg. Hopefully, she will find her herd again soon. Poor little girl.

    Since they recently introduced the new reining restrictions, will it still be possible to rein a WW if you are not in a confed with the alliance holding it?

    As Loffe said; no, you cannot reinforce a WW if you are not in confederation with the WW alliance. It is the same with sending resources, you can only send resources to members in the same confederation as you.

    My plum tree has a lot of flowers this year, so hopefully there will be a lot of plums.

    The bees are doing their best to make plums:

    One place in my garden that I have left uncared for for too long:

    The other day, I took care of it:

    It took me some hours and I filled a couple of garbage bags:

    As usual, my husband tells me that I filled the garbage bags too much, that they are too heavy. I know what that means: I have to move them to the trailer by myself. 8)

    Easter is one month away and the shops have started to sell a lot of Easter decorations:

    I like chocolate, so I had to buy one chocolate bunny or two...

    They are gone now... :S

    Today, this is where I spend a lot of my time at work - on the roads:

    The birds who don’t like the winter so they migrate to warmer countries, are starting to move back to Sweden. They must have been disappointed when arriving to snowfall.

    A lot of swans and some other birds.

    I am working with people with dementia. Two days ago, I was at a man's home and he was very anxious and restless. I couldn't leave him alone in that state of mind, so I decided to take a walk with him in his forest (yeah, he owns about 40 hectares land, mostly forest). After a walk for about 35 minutes, in 20 cm snow, he calmed down and was happy again. I made him dinner, and then I could leave him without feeling worried.

    It was snowing all night and morning, approx. 25 cm snow, and I had to drive on roads that was not cleared. At work, one of my co-workers got stuck in the snow, so we had to shovel the snow away from the road, at 7:30 in the morning. We do anything to get to the people in need of our help:


    This is the parking lot where I had to park my car, wasn't easy to drive away from there:


    I helped an old, sick man to get rid of some of the snow:


    This is way too much snow for me! I know there are places with much more snow and I feel really sorry for them.

    The only good thing with all this white snow, is that it is easier to spot the deers, foxes, wildboars and other animals, so I might have a chance not to hit them.

    Oohh, nooo!
    Winter is coming!
    Now I have to get up earlier to get the car ready to drive to work!
    (jajaja, I know there are people who have it worse, but hey! I am from Sweden! We are always complaining about the weather!)

    I have to admit that on a sunny day, the autumn is a tiny little bit beautiful...