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    The link list appeared after I worked through some of the quests. Don't know why it wasn't there from the get go.

    I registered SW but got placed on the N/S border in the W. Which side looks best for alliances? Unfamiliar with the allys on this server.

    How to you create links in game? I remember I used to go to settings and preferences to add them but that seems to have disappeared? Been trying to work it out for at least 30 minutes now to no avail? They haven't got rid of links have they?!


    Threads a bit boring when people only write numbers, so Updates from me.

    1 - Switched from iOS to android with the note 8. The phone is awesome, the ability to personalise your platform is awesome, the set up of it is awesome... But the apps are just so clunky in comparison. Had a lot of trouble with excel freezing to the point it was unusable. Found a fix online which was to make sure 'freeze cell' wasn't selected and that has for the most part solved it. However, I've still managed to make it crash when doing super long formula. The other niggle is poor handoff ability. Gone are the days of editing numbers on the iPhone, switching to laptop and instantly picking up where I left off. I can still do it now, but its slightly less seamless. All in all though, I can live with that. Love the phone, love the stylus & now that I've sorted out excels crashes I think I've converted to an android boy. Anyone else made the switch?

    2 - Broke dry January at 00:15 on the 01/01/2018.

    3 - Attended my first ever murder mystery dinner party. I had reservations at first but it turned out to be hilarious. Not sure if people are familiar with the game?

    4 - Booked my first holiday for 2 years. 1 week skiing @ the end of this month.

    5 - Started a gym membership, mainly for the swimming pool. Need to go 8 times a month to make it pay. Only issue is its 20 minutes away in the car.

    6 - Looking at replacing my pickup. I've been driving my current isuzu rodeo denver since 2006. Its got 97000 miles on the clock and I still love it. Anyone a car nut? Suggestions?

    Oh and another thing, this thread currently has 922,187 views. Imagine if that was posts. We would almost be halfway.


    Father asks me if I want to go to the pub with him for a drink. I say no because on a Friday night I really should be trying to go for a drink with people my own age. 10 minutes later get asked for a drink by people my own age. I say no because I've just said no to my father and would feel bad saying yes to them right after.

    I'm so dumb sometimes.


    The fake eails haven't been sent through again so don't know what was up. @H thanks for the help.

    Sister has been looking after a work colleagues puppy for the last 2 weeks and as she's often busy it occasionally gets dumped on me.

    One second it was pooping all over the house and I was sending it home...
    Next second it was acting as chief wing man for me to chat up the post lady...
    Second after that he came into the house and dropped on my lap a maggot ridden dead pigeon...

    He goes home today.


    Thank you for the advice. My aunt only has an iPad and iPhone, both of which I've never used. On my end I'm tottally a mac person with all devices covered using a payed security package. The most I've done is use the same wifi. On my sisters end she has had no contact with either of us in terms of borrowing devices or using the same internet. I think you could be right in that only a single persons details/contacts got taken, but what stumps me with that theory is my sister had had some of her work contacts get fake emails from her. These are people the rest for of us wouldn't have in our address book.


    Today my aunty came up to me asking me to look at her email as one of her friends had received a spoofing mail where the sender pretended to be her with full name and address. The email wasn't actually from her account though, being similar to those fake PayPal emails you get. It was also the same in that the email contained a link for an invoice.

    I'm not really the best person to ask for this sort of thing so I advised her to run a virus scan and change her email password.

    Fast forward to this evening and my cousin receives an email from someone pretending to be me. If my email as an example was wgn the email was marked as From 'wgn@' and when expanded showed the email ' shaywhite@af...' Same type of email with an invoice link and signed with Yours Truly, followed by my full email address.

    Needing advice I rang my sister and she has also had the same thing happen to some of her contacts. She's had some of her contacts receive invoice links with the email signed using her full name, and some pretending to be her work email address.

    Kind of lost with how I should deal with this. Any advice?