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    One of my top priorities for Munich visit was to change the prize system for Tournament. The rest of the participants can confirm that this was a hot topic that we discussed for a long time with TG and I even lead the discussions on this topic, since it was a tournament matter. To be honest I've been a top offensive players for more than a decade and year after year in the finals I end up in top 10 or top 20 one week before the end, but I lost top 10 in the last days of the server, always due to scout and mace killers. And I dont mean I lost 5 keys like here on this Qualification Server, but I lost ipad and iphone few years in a row.

    Lucky for me I got one in 2014 thanks to Rinobit, he was so kind to offer me a smartphone, after all I am just a poor child.

    The prize system was changed after my visit to Munich and I was happy with the results:…n-tournament-2019-prizes/

    What do you think about this system ?

    In qualification server, they introduced this year this small incentive to get 5 keys for Top 10, each team had the same chance to win those keys, and after all we were all here playing for keys, just as italians and germans keep saying.

    If anyone wants so bad to play Finals and they are scared that they wont have a key, remember there will be another chance with the wild card raffle, early November !

    On top of that there will be facebook competitions and forum competitions where players can win keys for finals. With far less effort than killing millions of troops day and night :)

    Oh and almost all players from top 20 deff/off end up in there due to manipulating rankings and receiving friendly attacks or killing maces / scouts, Exodus has just a few guys in these Top 20's.

    Arabs have at least double ! and italians have at least the same number of players in Top 20, like Exodus ...

    If you have eyes you can check for yourself, and anyone with half a brain can see the italian edited pointing fingers here on forum as part of a silly propaganda that will bring them more pain than gain.

    On a final note it was a decent summer server, thank you for the company, good or bad you all have a role to play. I am looking for an alliance to play finals, since Dacia kicked me out, if you are interested send me a msg and I will join your ranks ... me and all my tech accounts :))

    First of all, I am no cheater, I have never been banned in my life and I've been advocating for honest and fair play for 15 years, everyone who played with me knows that.

    The honorable way is my way !

    Second of all, italian leader orion81 has boosted his offensive rank ALL server, every week, while ALL my offensive points are from italian / greek / arab troops. I didnt even attacked Natars this server !

    And third, my defenders who are getting help from a FEW alliance members to secure a position in Top 20 Deff Rank ... they ALREADY been in top 20 ! Just deduct all points made this week and you will realize that they have been top defenders all along, throughout this server. They felt forced to ask for help to secure their position in Top 20 only because other people were manipulating rankings !

    This is a cheap propaganda against my small alliance out of frustration. Exodus proved everyone that we can play in the same quadrant with Mega Meta and despite being outnumbered 6 to 1 we secured artefacts, we secured WW, we secured building plans and we participated in endgame race alongside all the teams much much bigger than us.

    We've been under heavy fire all the time and my defenders have done a great server, hat off to them !

    Shame on Emerik you said ? Pfff If I am a cheater I hope me and my family will die a painful death. edited.

    I enjoy talking about the game, strategies, attack reports, but I almost stopped reading this forum due to the amount of spam and mockery that started here 2 years ago.

    In one of my previous posts, I was doing some flame, true, it's wrong to accuse all italian players for this, but I also mention that I am very appreciative towards Valar Morghulis, Leviathan and others.

    That attack when you conquered Pazuzzu 's hammer happened between 3 to 6 AM and you had a bit of luck, but hey it's part of the game, so credit is due, well done.

    Pazuzzu was trying to explain to us in the morning how he sent raids just before 3 AM and then he went to sleep for 3 hours, when he woke up there was only a few second until real attacks were coming and he had no time to react.

    We all freaked out thinking that we have a spy in the alliance, we started scandal in the conference and so on :) stressful day that one.

    But the attack operations this server end up in a failure on a massive scale, italians, romanians, arabs, germans, greeks you name it. I've seen a few missions from each team, all ending up in a huge splat.

    Maybe the old fashion way with missions / sync attacks is not so efficient anymore, I dont know ...

    Also with the egyptians being part of the game, I feel that there is more defence available, however being a summer server and with many players being here just to get a code for Finals, it's not the most relevant server to draw conclusions.

    As for the attack reports, arabs landed on WW Exodus this morning, and we are now out of the race for WW 100:




    Rinobit - sorry yes, you are Noob. (with all your accounts). You spent years of your life creating flame and spamming forums. You are a edited , you know this, I know this, everyone knows this.

    I'm sorry for you, I do.

    But this is not your forum, and not your playground.

    We are tired of your silly jokes and banter, we are tired of your spam and your ugly face.

    While I was helping Uollas you've been always nice to me, now that we are enemies suddenly we can see your true colours.

    About Funcool account I know everything in detail, I was Dacia admin and all the helpers you've got I assigned them to the task and they reported to me.

    Not to mention that both Anelia and tochitsa followed me and played with me in the next server and never wanted to see your face again.

    And regarding the donation can we just stop making fun of this ? I wanted to give a good example but apparently to the wrong audience.

    There are 2 posts of mine in 2 years where I mentioned about donating prizes for children, how the hell is that bragging and boasting ?

    che ansia - you are a edited trainee, but I can see you are trying hard to level up.

    I won everything there is in this game, multiple times, I did it all, huge hammer, multiple non capital armies, hundreds of missions, played defence, played offence, been WW builder, lead small team, lead big team, always been a top player, how am I a looser ?

    Go eat a frog or something :)

    This forum turned into some kind of nasty swamp.

    A few other italian guys also continue to talk trash over and over again, they don't get tired, sadly it affects the mood of a vast majority of players who used to come read the forum for reports, nice comments, analysis, but now all they can see is italian spam, low life poor quality spam.

    Ohh Emerik / Dacia donated 7500 euro to poor children let's mock him :)) Really ?

    Ohh Emerik has top 1 army on the server (had) ohh let's mock him he's prooly using a lot of multiaccounts and God know what else (maybe he made a pact with the Devil :))) ... while italians never had (this round at least) an army half the size of my hammer in their entire confederation...

    They had to lick arab boots for months in order to have hope for a win in the Finals. Arab leaders came to me asking for cooperation and I turned them down, I don't want to associate myself with them. But I guess there is no pride left in Italy, just spam and a sad machiavellian mentality.

    And how many Finals did italian won btw ? Ohh I remember - one ... the one where Rinobit was WW builder. And do you think I cannot remember how silly you were back then ? He never had a clue how to organize a WW account or to feed 50 million deff, all he did was spam spam spam on Skype conferences while me and Crash and my sitters were doing most of the work. The only time italians won something in travian, was mainly due to my efforts.

    And it's also sad to read Rinobit fanatasies how Exodus and Emerik made some kind of deal with CUP and with VTU and with whom else ?

    Because you made deal with germans and greeks and arabs and turks and french and half of the planet you cant think an alliance like Exodus can play in your quadrant without making secret deals with other teams :) But the truth is we have no deal, with no one... We occasionally talk on skype / discord / IGMs, we know each other for years, we wish each other good luck against italian edited , this is a nice part of the game when you can actually talk with a fellow travian veteran and respect each other and share some information and reports, it makes it more fun.

    In the end just want to say that I've seen some nice attacks this server and a few very good players in the italian team, like Valar Morghulis, or Leviathan, I really liked the work of that scouter, you did amazing job discovering our real attacks, congrats, also very nice work with speed artifacts on Leviathan and StellaStyle when conquering Pazuzzu 's hammer, that one was painful for us, as it was an army aiming to be top 5 of the server and you killed it with minimum losses.

    But instead of talking about the game, about nice missions and attacks like that, when I come to forum I keep reading edited from Rinobit and che ansia and few other italian spammers.

    Shame on you for destroying what once was a nice place to post comments and read about our favorite game...

    Day 12 on the server

    We had 9400 accounts a few hours ago .. now we're down to 8592 ==> 800 accounts deleted by MH only today, good job !

    Still less than 4000 accounts have village 2

    There's 5000 accounts on the map with 1 village and 99% of them are gauls

    From all of them 95% of them are in SW quadrant.

    Every day we can see new bot alliances being created with 59 bots, all over 200 population (so they can send resources), and they add a top arabian player in their ranks, most likely to push him.

    I'm pretty sure it's travian market related. Arabs always been good customers and I guess old customers by now :) Money go into a 3rd party pocket :) Sounds like a good business model.

    Dodger already gave us 2 examples of bot alliances, they were created today, in 1-2 days they are ready to push and they will have a guest player joining their ranks.

    MH can barely cope with the amount of bots and cheating that's going on here. I've never seen such thing before, but I've been told it's common on arabic servers :)

    It's easy, just check the description of one of the alliances in arab-italian meta and you will have a good picture:

    Friendly alliances
    ★ Arab: ★



















    Greece / France / Denmark






    NewOrder (mostly in NE quad though)


    Other internationals




    Not sure how they're planning to cooperate, my personal opinion is that zerg meta's are a thing of the past.

    Hello everyone,

    With just 2 weeks left to go until LoT event is happening, I am wondering if some of you might have more suggestions and ideas that should be discussed in Munich with Travian Games Staff.

    This thread is carefully checked and your opinions matter, so please, feel free to add more topics here in the next few days, most of them will be reviewed and might even be implemented in the future if they are good :p

    Thank you !

    At the end of the day, we turn against each other because we are frustrated and tired and maybe stressed, I get it.

    But this too shall pass ... Players and leaders from Finals are not guilty for any of this.

    The important thing is for TG to fix these problems once and for all. They knew about it, they failed us before, we are still coming back to play Finals, over and over again, we are crazy for sure :)

    I am curious what will happen next :)

    IF Dacia will win finals this year, all prizes will be donated to a children hospital, just like last year... That's our motivation and 'the reason for the season'.

    What is yours ? You want to win 'Clown of the year' title ... Again ?

    This situation surely is not pleasant for anybody, especially those involved in WW teams. But there's no solution that will bring 100% justice !

    As I covered a lot of the night shifts on WW, and I was a zombie at work for the last few days, how is a roll back fair in that regard ?

    Hammers have been revealed, strategies have been played.

    Currently Dacia WW is in the lead, we have worked hard and we haven't done anything wrong, a roll back will probably take away our chance to win, and give it to somebody else, but for us will be a rip-off.

    But it's not in our control, so we wait with patience and see what will happen.

    Hopefully an official statement will come soon, 15:00 UTC is less than 4 hours away and we already start moving millions of crop, prooly for no good reason :(

    We need a decision asap from TG !

    Thank you,

    Thank you ! If you read this and you voted for me, thank you ! this was a nice surprise.

    A lot of people wanted me to represent our COM domain to Munich and in the next days I will start collecting ideas, feed back, suggestions and topics.

    I am not going to Munich to represent only players from Finals / Tournament, or to represent only the players who voted for me, but I am going there to represent ALL COM domain players, like Pete (Brezzok) said.

    Rest assure, I am well aware of that and I will prepare accordingly.


    Emerik ; you know tournament is barely a fair game, how do you address the mass cheating and the MHs cold response to events like these?

    A player who uses scripts&bots in the Tournament will use it on other servers as well. I dare to say they are using them more on random servers, cause in the finals, if you are banned and MH will delete your army, your team will curse you and blame you and you will feel the shame much more.

    A player who likes to do multi account will do that on every server he plays, I have no doubt.

    The difference is in the finals you can see 10k accounts, on a com server you can see 1k-2k accounts. But the % of cheating is the same, people are the same.

    The system behind tournament is good, but it needs some minor adjustments. You want to play finals, you need to qualify first ! Nice, this is a good thing !

    You can only reach in the finals if you are a top player in one of the few qualification servers. OK, again, the idea is good.

    But then why Travian gives away thousands of free wild cards, days before finals starts ?

    Majority of those wild cards will turn into multi accounts/tech accounts/private farms etc.

    Before the start of the current finals, that we play right now, TG gave away less wild cards than previous years. And guess what ? This year there's less cheating, less multi accounts, less bans compared with last year at least :)

    More is needed to be done, even less wild cards please ! 100 wild cards will be enough in my opinion.

    But what the Tournament needs to change asap is the reward system !

    Those prizes attracted a bad crowd ... bounty hunters, those guys will will do anything, every cheat from the book, in order to get their hands on a precious tablet or the latest smartphone.

    They are ruining the game, but if you take away the prize, or change the reward system completely, our game and our tournament finals will become more competitive, a better place overall.


    I have spent the last 2 hours talking with my players asking them to stay calm and find, together, a solution/ a fix for the problem that occurred earlier today in the Finals (

    I don't know for sure the exact time, but MH can check, it was around 11:30 AM when a lot of troops simply disappeared from Unique Diet / Luffy's capital (Unique Diet holder).

    OK, what do I mean by 'a lot' ?

    We are still trying to asses the total damage, but it's more than 500k troops. For me was enough to receive a print screen from Luffy showing me that granary had more than 1,5 million crop in it just after troops died. ( )

    Both duals on the account were online in the middle of the day and trade routes usually cover this time frame very well, we never had any serious problems on Unique Diet until now !

    And 500k troops dont just die like that in a few minutes from starvation, imagine there was no crop in the granary and no crop coming via marketplace ( which is absurd !) ... only by the death of the first 100-200k troops they will produce enough crop to feed the remaining troops parked there for many hours !

    Not to mention that some players lost 50k phalanx from Capital, where they had 80k phalanx, but the other villages were they have 40-50k phalanx are still alive and well, so this bug affected only certain villages, not all villages and not all troops.

    Everything started yesterday, I think, when some of my players reported a glitch with the trade routes. Plenty crop in the villages, but trade routes were not leaving at the set time, despite the fact that they were active.

    We thought 'hey, it might be a minor bug, but it does not affect us, we still have situation under control, plenty crop coming on Unique Diet, no reason to worry', but today after troops simply vanished, I can't help but wonder what the future holds for us in endgame ?

    In the last finals / endgame we lost many nights, we sacrificed a lot of sleeping hours and we've been wrongly accused by players for causing them the death of millions of troops due to starvation !

    Travian Tech Team said it was a bug, a roll back was implemented, but the bug was never actually fixed I'm afraid :(

    I kindly ask admins and tech team to investigate the matter, it's causing a lot of stress and panic already and we are approaching endgame in the finals.

    Thank you

    Teutonic Steel | DACIA

    Due to a cooperation that lasted since 2013 until present day, we have not prepared well enough our NE border, as we consider it a friendly zone.

    My bad, I see 'Brutus story' has been revived on this server and made it more interesting, very well.

    We have been back stabbed and there was no warning. Ok, it's just a game, these things happen, but you boys could have given us a fair warning and we will gladly settle next to you and give you the fight you were looking for...

    Darn it, I would have started in NE gladly !

    But to make daily propaganda about this on com forum is BS. It's constant mockery from you and nothing else + it causes long term frustration.

    I am disgusted by all the spam and the mockery that you brought to this forsaken forum.

    I remember the old days of the forum, when I was curious every day to read something interesting, to make new friends, to learn new things about the game. Not anymore, now all I see is italian spam every day.
    Yes, we are tense, we are attacked every day from all sides, we are like injured and harassed beasts. And I take it very personal !

    But we know how to pay back a debt. On this server and also in the future.

    I am not denying Cicek print screens, those are real, and you can read them 1 million times, Dacia never offered turks the option to have one WoW in NW, on a turkish account.

    And please compare those with the one from above :) I live in United Kingdom and I can speak english dude :)

    Reading the conversation above it's very clear to me that it's not mine, not something I would say, it's just mockery , russian style.

    That picture/message posted by Strategic is a fake message anyway.

    It does not exist in my Conversation Archive in Skype and it's not my style of communication, not my words, not something I would ever say.

    Russians are using this situation to mock us ...

    What program/software did you use Strategic ?

    Stop posting fabrications .. this is really not cool.

    Main problem with Artificial Ranking it's on Tournament and especially on Finals server, due to the fact that we have real prizes there.
    Very Important: Prizes should not go to cheaters who kill scouts in oasis for 100 days or being attacked daily by scouts + 1 base unit, this should stop asap !

    Natars are not a problem, they don't influence ranking so much on tournament, as they are killed very fast and never by the same player.
    Big offensive players often don't attack Natars cause it's better to use small medium armies from semi-active players for that rather than suicide an active and important hammer on Natars. That big/active army can cause serious problems to the enemy, so never use it on Natars if you have other options.
    I have been in Top 10 Attackers every time in the last 4-5 years in the Finals, and I don't mean just an one-off Top 10 Weekly :) and I rarely attacked Natars, that's a job for inactive armies who eat crop for nothing.
    So in terms of changing something, TG can leave Natars as it is, no problem.
    Even if they build wall, like somebody said earlier ... it's so easy to destroy walls with 1000-2000 Rams, so the wall doesn't really matter.

    But we can still have something like this: Remove killing your own troops and/or alliance troops from count and it will help.

    As for the other problem in travian, with spikers, I share the same opinion with Ekaterina (slow ciliatus) :
    << What sounds attractive for me is reinforcements outside the alliance as a counter measure against spikers and in this case unit selling markets. And as long as it's implemented with correction for the large servers (bigger alliance size or more confed allowed), I'm perfectly happy with it.>>

    Revise the system and count not in crop but by combat value.
    Remove killing your own troops and/or alliance troops from count
    Make natars hit give 50% off points

    Something like this should make a huge difference already and we will be happy :)