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    I don't know if this suggestion has already been posted and suggested before, but couldn't find any topics about it.

    Thought it would be cool if you could gift other players gold using the in-game store, without having to login to their accounts or being set as a sitter which requires you to be in the same alliance / confederacy.

    For example, adding a tab in the in-game store named " Gift Gold " next to the " Buy Gold " tab. It would look and work exactly the same way as buying gold to your own account, but when selecting a gold package and clicking continue it would instead ask for the players in-game name where you would like to send your gift.


    Sometimes it might take a while before getting the email.

    Did you request a new email to be sent to you with the activation code from the email verification page?

    Select: " I did not receive any email " and then check through your inbox / junk / spam folders.