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    On group B it was :
    50 XP day 1
    50 Culture day 2
    1000 resources of one random tyype day 3
    200 resources of each type day 4.

    Maybe another mistake from TG, wouldnt be the first one :D

    Apparently, it is a new norm that dedicating huge amounts of time to sim massive accounts and ability to swipe credit cards reflect the "skill" more so than organizing and coordinating casual players with limited experience.

    Nono the only way you can show others how good you are is thru mass merging, didnt you hear?

    Lowlands I can't comment on - they did horribly at arte release though.

    SGR commenting on another alliances art release, now this is comedy.

    whether through NAP or allying is the only way to keep the server somewhat competitive/balanced.

    I'm not really too invested in this server i mostly troll the forum & spam the chats with penguins, but how you can think a 750? meta vs 250 meta is a competive server is something i cant understand

    this is why the game is so toxic.

    how about people who play the game to have fun.

    all that

    "tHiS iS wHy ThE gAmE iS sO tOxIc"
    So merging the whole server and singing we shall overcome in a choir is your definition of fun?
    O boy :/:/

    Sometimes enemy of an enemy can tactically work well together, and could be a smart move down the track, let's see.

    I never said it wasnt smart, i said it's the coward move rather then fighting you choose the easy way and merge.
    Nothing new :P

    travian is also a diplomatic game.

    If you're bad at fighting it is.

    A few players helping here or there also does not constitute support from an entire alliance, it's the equivalent of saying the sgr spies in vices helping sgr, must mean that all of vices then is part of sgr which is simply not true,

    Believe it or not sometimes players can grow a mind of there own and even seek to help without sgr needing to ask or force it, don't tell me this probably sounds alien to you too ?:p

    What about the joint ops from TEN,LL,SGR & FOX now?
    All just "few players wanting to help out", do you even belive your own words?

    Actually vices were the first meta last round to merge two quads. Villains aka vices now even recruited seven from another server they used before the server started!

    "aCuAlLy vIcE sTaRtEd"

    And you can do wonders with a good imagination Loffe but you need look no further then our alliance profile for our team partners, that may change but for now reflect our current relations.

    confederacies with


    non-aggression pact(s) with


    So REST & Mayhem just happend to cata arts for you or time with the latest ops vs Villians?

    mind you diplomacy is a big part of the game and sometimes required especially if there is an unbalance of power.

    This part is true comedy, i will save this for sure.

    I'd rather see how good alliances like vices can be, without embracing tech farms and multis now that would be pretty cool. It might even earn vices a bit of credit if they ever did happen to win legitimately.

    Except i never said vice were good or is even what my post is about.

    Didnt you win last round beacuse you merged everyone vs Vice?

    The solution to minimise the spiking for TG is simple. All they have to do is enable the defender visibility in the generated reports. 95% spikers wont have their veil of secrecy and they will be hunted down by all the raiders very quickly.

    Just a suggestion.

    You cant even spike anymore so you dont have to worry about it :P

    I have a little problem with a banned player. Are you sure your automatic system, to detect violations, without error? What should a player do if he knows that the punishment was imposed unfairly? I think multihunter should respond faster , especially when starting the game.

    Old news, their automatic system is doggy cleanup since ages you just gotta roll the dice and hope you arent the one faulsly banned.
    Be happy if MHs respond within 16 hours

    I'm back!

    Never seen such snowflakes before , try having some fun Obiwan, cant be fun to be so uptight all the time.
    Also show us how good you are, try to win a server without merging 75% of it, maybe thats too much to ask from someome from "elite" ally SGR :)9)99)))

    I personally favor zeroing players who openly admits to teching

    Sorry should have been quite about it and lie about hating it & not using it like SGR does.
    Seems to be the common thing to do at com1 anyway.

    nah it's not true. but the situation is the same. I'm telling you the earth is round which can be proven but you insist it's flat so idk :D

    Ever heard of photoshop or even paint? Nasa can do wonders with such things

    I told you that there's no more than 4 techs on SGR side :D maybe start searching for something more suitable than those :D

    So if i tell you the Earth is flat its true?

    Both have the same possibilty to be true anyway

    C'mon loffe that is the weakest propaganda I've seen yet, those are more likely vices multies then sgr..

    Didn't both REST & MAYHEM cata stuff for you?
    I know for a fact that Rangers are a part of FOX so there is that.
    Knight i have no idea of & can't bother to check but Anomander Rake gotta have his techs somewhere so maybe thats his tech ally?

    Regardless what facts may come out of anyone you will just praise SGR as saints & underdogs.