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    Dear community,

    As we received many comments and questions about the wave builder we want to clarify a few things regarding it.

    This feature is the result of a very long conversation with the Ambassadors that took part in the Legends on Tour 2019 Summit. The starting point of the conversation was connected with the fact that new players hardly decided to play as offender due to the amount of time that requires to participate to the offense operations and the difficulties to explain new players all the veteran techniques.

    The wave-builder has been thought to support new players and smartphone players. We do not want to replace the skills veterans have trained to perfection, and this is the reason why we added a factor of failure. The veteran players can always use the regular way to generate the perfect wave, this will still be possible.

    Another topic we want to clarify, as we received many questions, is the usage of multiple tabs with the wave-builder. We got asked if it will be possible to use multiple tabs to try to always get the perfect wave. We want the game to be fair both for defenders and offenders, and this is the reason why we are not allowing this practice. This said, the answer to the question is no. If you open multiple tabs with the wave builder, only the first tab send will create attacks, the second will be ignored.

    If you want to send attacks in a very short timeframe, you will always have to set up the second wave builder page after sending the first one, either it won't change. This is the first iteration of the wave-builder, and we will continue to work on this feature, this is why we are keen to hear the feedback of the players who will test the prototype which is going to be released next week.

    Your Travian: Legends Team


    Hello Travian Warriors!

    A FLASH Promo that gives 30% more gold with each purchase will soon start.

    You need to be quick because this lasts for 4 hours only.

    Date: Friday December, 13th, 2019
    Start Time: 15:00 UTC+0
    End Time: 19:00 UTC+0

    Not sure about when the flash promo happens in your timezone? Then click here.

    You will get additional 30% of Gold for FREE on top of your purchase.

    The bonus is reflected by the larger package sizes, e.g. 130 instead of 100 Gold.

    Please note that this promotion is only active if the "+30%" image is displayed.

    Vouchers, pay by phone and SMS are excluded from the promo.

    Servers included: COM2, COM3, COM5, COM6, COMX, Closed Beta and Codex Victoria.

    Dear players,

    For the past weeks, we received multiple questions about § 3 of the Game Rules, where we state that "Travian: Legends must be played using a conventional and unmodified browser".

    We want to use this announcement to add some clarification to the rule and we asked help to our Rule Enforcement Team Lead for this.

    We currently support and advise to use the following conventional browsers:

    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Opera
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Safari

    Does this mean that we actively ban every player using different browsers?

    No. It means however that you need to be careful when using different browsers and you do it at your own risk. The reason is that these unconventional browsers may include script/add-ons in their core that can potentially interfere with the game and/or automate actions without you being aware of it. If these behaviors violate game rules, they will be detected by the Bot Detection system and you will be banned.

    Please make sure you consider what above mentioned, before choosing the browser to use to play the game.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Just some technical issues;

    When you spend 50gold on XX|YY having the option to send waves like this,

    what when village is lost or zeroed, and rechiefed or resettled?

    Can we bet that the 50 gold spent is lost as well?

    If a village with the Wave-builder feature, the feature gets disabled. If you conquer again the feature in that village will NOT automatically enabled again, you will have to activate it again.

    Chiefing own village will not deactivate the feature.

    Hello all,

    We will on Monday December 16th we will activate following:

    • Wave builder on Closed Beta
    • Smartphone optimization on XV COM and Closed Beta

    Both will also be on PTR once it start on December 17th.

    Feedback threads for these can be found on:

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Hello PTR testers,

    We are testing some new back-end technologies for the first time, this has a certain level of risk, so there is a chance for the game to not be as stable as you are used to.

    The PTR will also include the Wave-builder and smartphone optimaiation when it start on December 17th.

    We have created two feedback threads, one for the wave-builder and one for the smartphone optimization.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    I played travian last T3.6 ever had. I was now looking to tune in but all I see still is this crap T4 version and dead servers all over the website.

    I decided to ask travian support that have they changed their mind about putting a classic server up. I didn't get answer, its sent 6 days ago (I think the support is dead probably too).

    Im going to ask you guys. Do you guys have ANY knowledge about classic servers to reviving?

    Title typo.... IS travian dead game?

    There will be no T3.6 or earlier, because of outdated code and security issues. It's also explained in this video


    Game world information

    Game world: ts4 (COM4)
    Round: ?
    Travian Version: T4.4 Legends
    Map size: 801x801
    Speed: x1
    Troop speed: x1
    Artefacts setup: 02.08.2019, 11:00 UTC+1
    Construction plans setup: 10.11.2019, 10:00 UTC+0

    Game world progression


    Start date


    First to settle 2nd village


    First artefact conqured by


    First to own a construction plan


    First to build level 1 of WW


    End date


    Age of the game world


    Total numbers of created accounts

    11:00 UTC+1
    17:28 UTC+0
    230 days 18.215 accounts


    Roman_Icon_T4.png 44,2%
    Teuton_Icon_T4.png 18,8%
    Gaul_Icon_T4.png 36,9%

    The 13 Wonders of the World

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Daijoubu Barad-dûr Fëa 100
    Roman_Numerals_2.png nonono END OF WORLDS Quenya 13
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Darwin Darwinism Fëa 6
    Roman_Numerals_4.png FroSTynátor Rivendell Fëa 6
    Roman_Numerals_5.png el presidente Lets be avin you :) Fëa 4
    Roman_Numerals_6.png mouses BAYBURT Fëa 4
    Roman_Numerals_7.png drthvhj 1000 TEAM Hûr Hûr 2
    Roman_Numerals_8.png Riessiepiessss Wonder Of The World Quenya 0
    Roman_Numerals_9.png Pimpi Wonder Of The World Quenya 0
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Double O Donut Wonder Of The World Quenya 0
    Roman_Numerals_11.png Fernando Couto Wonder Of The World Quenya 0
    Roman_Numerals_12.png MaDriD Wonder Of The World Hûr 0
    Roman_Numerals_13.png sieungau96 Wonder Of The World Quenya 0

    The 13 construction plans

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Daijoubu Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Gorun Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_3.png el presidente Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_4.png mouses Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_5.png drthvhj Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_6.png Darwin Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_7.png MILKA Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_8.png nonono Quenya
    Roman_Numerals_9.png FroSTynátor Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Roman King Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_11.png - -
    Roman_Numerals_12.png - -
    Roman_Numerals_13.png - -

    Unique Artefacts

    The architects unique secret (5×) Daijoubu
    The unique titan boots (2×) nonono
    The eagles unique eyes (10×) Darwin Fëa
    Unique diet control (1/2) Daijoubu
    The trainers unique talent (1/2) FroSTynátor
    Rivals unique confusion (500×) MAstersCo1 Hûr
    Artefact of the unique fool A N D P O I N T

    The 10 largest players

    Roman_Numerals_1.png el presidente 32.581 36 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Barneskirenn 30.182 31 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_3.png kohai 27.431 37 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Honor 26.962 33 2.01SIR
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Aldion 25.847 30 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_6.png Gate-Keeper 25.260 32 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_7.png Andira 24.159 33 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_8.png Riessiepiessss 22.996 26 Quenya
    Roman_Numerals_9.png Post 22.749 29 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_10.png nonono 22.258 29 Quenya

    The 10 most successful attackers

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Zatexi 1.531.810
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Double O Donut 1.457.937
    Roman_Numerals_3.png justforwin 978.950
    Roman_Numerals_4.png el presidente 797.652
    Roman_Numerals_5.png mouses 792.528
    Roman_Numerals_6.png MaDriD 742.414
    Roman_Numerals_7.png February 656.519
    Roman_Numerals_8.png Mr OsEcAmSmRaD 593.871
    Roman_Numerals_9.png Fernando Couto 535.143
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Akkero 490.439

    The 10 most successful defenders

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Absolut Vodka 1.288.885
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Cyndi 730.295
    Roman_Numerals_3.png kalix89 638.949
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Darwin 549.969
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Thor 386.457
    Roman_Numerals_6.png> Smnam 374.985
    Roman_Numerals_7.png FroSTynátor 356.283
    Roman_Numerals_8.png baiely 351.307
    Roman_Numerals_9.png MastersCo1 299.748
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Chymera 273.642

    The 10 most experienced heroes

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Zatexi 278 1.946.164
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Double O Donut 260 1.705.703
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Absolut Vodka 215 1.163.398
    Roman_Numerals_4.png justforwin 207 1.085.866
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Darwin 202 1.026.828
    Roman_Numerals_6.png el presidente 191 922.657
    Roman_Numerals_7.png mouses 187 886.806
    Roman_Numerals_8.png February 170 735.271
    Roman_Numerals_9.png Fernando Couto 160 644.546
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Smnam 152 584.145

    The 10 largest alliances

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Fëa 50 13.003 650.155
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Hûr 46 12.115 557.278
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Quenya 43 11.466 493.055
    Roman_Numerals_4.png 2.01SIR 22 7.045 155.000
    Roman_Numerals_5.png 2.01M-IR 21 7.325 153.826
    Roman_Numerals_6.png 2.01-IR 26 5.419 140.882
    Roman_Numerals_7.png -2.01IR- 18 3.901 70.219
    Roman_Numerals_8.png 2.01Huns 6 7.589 45.532
    Roman_Numerals_9.png CO-OP 3 13.847 41.540
    Roman_Numerals_10.png 1 1 18.228 18.228

    The 10 best alliances (attack)

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Quenya 9.968.339
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Fëa 9.218.527
    Roman_Numerals_3.png 2.01M-IR 6.239.530
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Hûr 6.134.968
    Roman_Numerals_5.png 2.01-IR 2.353.350
    Roman_Numerals_6.png 2.01SIR 1.846.854
    Roman_Numerals_7.png CO-OP 1.635.471
    Roman_Numerals_8.png 2.01Huns 1.429.852
    Roman_Numerals_9.png -2.01IR- 685.378
    Roman_Numerals_10.png SRS 238.293

    The 10 best alliances (defense)

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Quenya 6.446.640
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Fëa 3.939.676
    Roman_Numerals_3.png 2.01M-IR 3.444.525
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Hûr 3.427.065
    Roman_Numerals_5.png 2.01-IR 1.795.639
    Roman_Numerals_6.png 2.01Huns 1.750.141
    Roman_Numerals_7.png CO-OP 1.250.607
    Roman_Numerals_8.png 2.01SIR 938.823
    Roman_Numerals_9.png -2.01IR- 441.851
    Roman_Numerals_10.png 2.01HIR 165.131

    The 10 greatest romans

    Roman_Numerals_1.png el presidente 32.581 36 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_2.png kohai 27.431 37 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Gate-Keeper 25.260 32 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_4.png MaDriD 21.707 29 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Zatexi 21.572 27 Quenya
    Roman_Numerals_6.png FroSTynátor 20.524 25 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_7.png trimble 20.245 29 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_8.png justforwin 19.334 24 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_9.png baiely 18.445 26 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Rafaelis 18.228 21 1

    The 10 greatest teutons

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Aldion 25.847 30 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Riessiepiessss 22.996 26 Quenya
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Muller 21.073 23 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Gorun 17.865 22 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Praveen2010 17.531 22 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_6.png AnnaGzatoRR 17.508 20 -
    Roman_Numerals_7.png Double O Donut 16.734 24 Quenya
    Roman_Numerals_8.png generolas 15.646 19 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_9.png Cyndi 15.288 20 Quenya
    Roman_Numerals_10.png MILKA 15.218 22 Fëa

    The 10 greatest gauls

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Barneskirenn 30.182 31 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Honor 26.962 33 2.01SIR
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Andira 24.159 33 Fëa
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Post 22.749 29 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_5.png nonono 22.258 29 Quenya
    Roman_Numerals_6.png DNA222 21.156 29 2.01-IR
    Roman_Numerals_7.png kalix89 20.549 25 Quenya
    Roman_Numerals_8.png Thuner JF17 20.165 25 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_9.png kor 20.121 26 Hûr
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Watanabe 19.721 24 Quenya

    Release 563.2 sunflower [4482] & TL4.5 125.2 [4483]


    • Villages with artifacts convert to Natarian villages on player deletion.
    • Coordinates have been added to natar world wonder village names.
    • Only for gameworlds with the new UI - One townhall celebration can now be queued. Resources are paid immediately, and this is a PLUS feature.
    • Only for gameworlds with the new UI - The player country flags are now displayed in IGMs as well. Preferred language(s) will be displayed when different players have different languages.
    • Only for gameworlds with the new UI - We have added two buttons to switch between the village and resource field view.
    • Only for gameworlds with the new UI – We added mouse over effects for the resource fields.
    • Only for gameworlds with the new UI - Player country flags added to alliance members page
    • Only for gameworlds with the new UI - Refactored flag icons into scalable graphics
    • Offered punishments are now applied after 72 hours instead of 48 hours.


    • It is no longer possible to have multiple capitals after a capital village containing an artefact is destroyed.
    • The correct amount of resources are now displayed properly when troops get trapped in the defender's village.
    • Bandages are now used even when the hero dies in battle.
    • Text about the rules for GTL’s has been updated
    • Trapped troops can again be freed by alliance and confederacy members.
    • The answer button on a punishment applied message is now greyed out and not clickable.
    • Battle results expanded view in the combat simulator is now adapted to the new UI layout.

    Codex Victoria bugfixes:

    • Crop balance is now correct when players have wounded troops in the village
    • The Hero health is restored when levelling up by defending a village.
    • Wounded troops are now shown for reinforcing players.
    • Troops numbers on village overview are now correct.

    Legends on tour features:

    • A prototype for the wave builder has been added to the Rally point. Player can now send multiple waves of attacks. This will be activated only on International PTR, Codex Vitoria Closed Beta and Codex Victoria France

    Rollout plan:

    with downtime up to ~10 minutes.

    13.12.2019 ~14:03 UTC+0 (including COMF)

    Dear Community,

    we are happy to announce that we are ready to release the prototype of the Wave-builder.

    What is the Wave-builder?

    It is a built-in feature that allows sending waves of attacks in the same second. This is one of the most requested features in the Legends on Tour event, you can find the preliminary information in the notes for the event ➡️ here on page 3. If you want to know more you can as well watch the Ask Travian #22 ~ Let's Talk about the Wave Builder! about it, where Jake explained the challenges of the feature.

    How does it work?

    As you can see in the video, with this feature you will be able to setup up to 8 waves to the same target village in one screen, with the aim of having them split 4+4 in the best-case scenario.

    Will the waves arrive at the same second?

    The tool is developed with around 80% chance for a perfect wave. A wave is made of maximum of 4 attacks. To be more transparent we want to give you a few examples with a real percentage out of our simulations.


    · [[1,2,3,4],[5,6,7,8]] means that attacks 1,2,3 and 4 are in the first second, and attacks 5,6,7 and 8 are in the second second

    · [[1,2],[3,4],[5,6,7,8]] means that attacks 1 and 2 are in the first second, attacks 3 and 4 are in the second second and attacks 5,6,7 and 8 are in the third second

    Here you can see 3 examples, each of them went through 10k simulation attempts.

    Sending 1 wave of 3 attacks:


    Sending 1 wave of 4 attacks:


    Sending 2 waves of 4 attacks:


    How much will the feature costs?

    You can activate it for 50 Gold per each village where you want to use it and it will be active for the entire duration of the game world.

    What happens if my village gets conquered?
    If a village with the Wave-builder feature the feature gets disabled. If you conquer again the village the feature is NOT automatically enabled again, you will have to activate it again.

    Chiefing own village will not deactivate the feature.

    Where will it be possible to test the prototype?

    As soon as the prototype is finalized, it will be installed in three game worlds: International PTR (once that one starts), Codex Victoria Closed Beta and Codex Victoria France. We expect the release to happen before Xmas.

    If you have further questions or you want to provide your feedback feel free to do it on ⚔️ The Wave-builder prototype is almost ready! Discussions thread ⚔️.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Dear community,
    you should be bored by now to hear that we are working on optimizing the game for the smartphone browser.

    Well, we have done a big step lately in this direction and today we would like to share a video with you. This is a very preliminary version of how the game could look like in the future on your smartphone, when using google chrome browser.

    Please note: this version you see in the video is just a preliminary test environment, a lot of things will change for the better, but we wanted to give you a more tangible feeling of the direction we are working on.

    In the upcoming weeks, as soon as the feature is stable enough, it will be activated on 4 Codex Victoria game worlds: COM, Closed Beta, FR and IT and on the PTR. If you enter the game via smartphone and you are using google chrome as browser, in the login page you will be able to decide whether to use or not this version or the standard smartphone version.

    We will be waiting for your feedback about the usability and, if everything looks stable and cool we will activate this feature on all the game worlds which run on the 4.5 version.

    We hope this is a step in the right direction, and we are keen to hear your feedback.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    General contest information:

    Start date/time:

    December 03, 2019 – 09:00 (UTC+0)

    End date/time:

    December 09, 2019 – 09:00 (UTC+0)

    Winners announced on

    December 10, 2019

    Winners chosen:

    Six random winners from among all the correct answers


    50 Gold x 6 winners

    Gold voucher valid in:

    Any community

    Gold voucher valid until:

    December 31, 2020

    To be eligible to win, you need to:

    State your nickname and server played when giving the answer to the riddle. Every user take part in the contest only in one community.


    Only now did I realize that it's been almost a year since my first entry in this diary. It has been an eventful time. Eleven months ago, I couldn't even imagine where this path would eventually lead me.

    Meantime, the world has progressed, the tribes have mobilized, and the appearance of the lands is changing. Each province has developed their own unique architecture that reflects their history, customs, and traditions. Mighty alliances have now formed into confederacies, with each fighting against another for supremacy. New tribes, the Huns and Egyptians, have joined the ultimate battle for the title of champion.

    I witnessed the gathering of representatives in our capital. I saw unique Wonders of the World. I read reports about the most powerful armies that trampled over villages with impressive defenses. I eventually found my place in this world: as the herald, the messenger, the stranger, the ambassador. My purpose here is to visit different regions to gather information on what people are talking about, collect their wishes, and relay it all to the palace. I am the shadow of events. I'm happy with what I am and where I am.

    Another boost to my happiness is that my sister Marcella seems to be alive! One of the heralds traveling to the lands of Codex Victoria told me that he had met a young woman in the hospital who looked exactly like her. She had been helping a wounded soldier to recover from his injuries. My sister looked rather tired, but otherwise calm and well. I really hope to hear from her soon and find out more about her journey!

    A sudden noise in the street made me peer out the window. It appears winter is finally coming here. Snow has recently began to fall. Children were making a huge snow fortress in the valley and were preparing for a snowball fight! To spice things up, they were hiding some presents under the compacted snow bricks. Indeed, it was one of their long-lasting traditions to celebrate the onset of winter: Everyone who hits the right brick will get a prize. The fortress attracted the attention of passers-by and a crowd started gathering around it. Even veterans and hardcore warriors put their weapons aside and helped to build the wall and take part in the ultimate snow battle.

    So, now back to my notes. I found out one more interesting detail about this world. People here really like tricky tasks and they use them on every occasion that presents itself. Throughout the year, I have had to solve them. Eventually, collecting those tasks became my new hobby!

    Only this morning, I heard how the innkeeper of the tavern where I stayed was hiring a new worker. He gave the worker a riddle;


    The worker solved it correctly, so the innkeeper offered him a job and promised to pay 120 Gold per year (60 each half a year). The innkeeper also said that he would increase the worker's pay regularly, but the worker had to choose between two plans right then:

    • Get a +15 Gold pay raise every year
    • Get a +5 Gold pay raise for every half a year

    The worker didn't hesitate even for a moment! What amazing people live here!

    By now, people outside had almost finished constructing the snow fortress and I had to go! Today I looked back, but I saw the future. And the future appears to be very promising!

    Task: Solve the innkeeper's riddles. How much would clay cost? Which option is better for the worker if he's planning to work here for at least three years?

    The end.

    Missed the first series? Here you can read how it started!


    Dear players!

    We're happy to announce that COM80 - PTR server will be restarted on December 17th, 2019 at 12:00 UTC+0.

    General information about the game world:

    Start Date

    December 17th, 2019

    Start Time

    12:00 UTC+0


    T4.5 (3 tribes)

    Map Size



    1x speed

    Beginners protection length

    5 days

    Beginners protection can be prolonged

    3 days

    Artifacts setup

    March 26th, 2020*

    Construction plans setup

    July 4th, 2020*

    The Natars start building WW

    August 23th, 2020

    Gold transfer links Not possible to transfer to or from the game world
    Payment Double amount of gold when purchasing gold
    Friends recruit friends Not possible
    New user interface, tribe specific buldings, backgorunds and contextual help Yes

    *Please, keep in mind that dates of Artefacts and Construction plans spawns are rough calculation based on the length of the server, and actual date might vary from the given +- 1-2 days.

    Sharpen your swords and string your bows, the fight is right to come!

    Do not forget to follow the updates on the upcoming events on our Community Calendar!

    Your Travian: Legends Team