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    General contest information:

    Start date/time:

    August, 20, 2019 – 09:00 (UTC+1)

    End date/time:

    August 26, 2019 – 09:00 (UTC+1)

    Winners announced on:

    August 27, 2019

    Winners chosen:

    Six random winners from among all the correct answers


    50 Gold x 6 winners

    Gold voucher valid only in:

    COM community

    Gold voucher valid until:

    December 31, 2020

    To be eligible to win, you need to:

    State your nickname and server played when giving the answer to the riddle. Every user take part in the contest only in one community.


    Dear players,

    Travian: Codex Victoria has close link to the 15-th anniversary of our game. Have you already found the hidden hint on that? Yes, that’s correct. The name CODEX VICTORIA contains XV in its name!

    Today we invite you to take part in another small history quiz dedicated to this number.

    Here are 5 facts from the history of Ancient Europe. All of them have some connection to number XV. Find this connection and explain it it in this thread.

    I. The rule of this emperor is often associated with tyranny, and nowadays his name sometimes serves as synonym of personal cruelty. The most famous fire of Rome happened during his reign and some historians believe that it was him who initiated that.

    II. A ruthless but efficient ruler, he performed the reform of Roman coinage and instituted the new Capitoline Games, analogue of the Greek Olympic Games, where contestants from various regions came to participate in varios events for athletes, orators, comedians, magicians, historians etc. His reign formed a good foundation for the peaceful second century of Roman Empire

    III. A very famous Roman dictator, war commander and historian whose notes about campaigns he took part in (i.e. Commentaries on the Gallic War) serve as one of the most important primary sources about his time.

    IV. He was a Commander of Germania, a nephew, a brother, a father and a grandfather of Emperor, though he had never been an emperor himself. His sudden death in Egypt at the age of 33 arose lots of speculations among the Roman citizens who suspected that he had been murdered by the order of his uncle out of jealousy to his glory.

    V. There were 3 of their kind who were known under the same name. One of them took part in Caesar’s Civil Wars and met their end in North Africa in 49 BC, second fought in Battle of Actium and gained their glorious second name there, and third was involved in wars against Frisians and was besieged during Batavian Rebelion.

    Important – to take part in this contest you need to give explanation how exactly the described event, person etc is linked to number XV.

    A critical bug connected with the troop training queue and healing queue resulted in a situation when some users got a bigger number of troops than could have been trained at this stage of the gameworld.

    Our DEVs managed to fix the bug on Saturday last week, but the consequences of the bug cannot be undone unless we perform a rollback of the Closed Beta gameworld. As we want to make sure that all the players get equal treatment and have the chance to enjoy the game, Closed Beta gameworld will be rolled back to the state from Wednesday, 14th of August, 23:52 UTC+1.

    The maintenance will start on Tuesday, 20th August 2019 at 08:30 UTC+1. Registration and gold purchase are currently disabled until gameworld is rolled back. The estimated downtime is between 4 and 6 hours. We will inform you by replying to this thread as soon as the gameworld is back online.

    Here you can find some additional information:

    • The rollback means that game will be returned to the state what it was at the backup time. That means that everything you did since then will not count, including any changes in resources, troops, building levels and gold, with the exception of purchased gold which will be added again.
    • All payments that happened between the backup date and up to the time when the gameworld goes on maintenance mode will be re-booked.
    • The starvation will be deactivated for +12 hours as soon as the gameworld is back online.
    • All the troops that were "on the way" by the time of the backup will be returned back to their home villages.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation created.

    We also want to thank all the Closed Beta players for your much-appreciated help in creating a bug-free environment for Travian: Codex Victoria regular gameworld starts. Your detailed reports and feedback give us lots of valuable data that helps us further improve the game experience.

    Every Closed Beta player will receive additional 200 Gold on their accounts. This Gold can be used only on the Closed Beta gameworld and it is not transferable.

    Your Travian: Legends Team


    Hello Travian Warriors!

    A Weekend Promo that gives 20% more gold with each purchase will soon start on TTQ International.

    Start Time: 16.08.2019 at 11:00 UTC+1
    End Time: 19.08.2019 at 11:00 UTC+1

    You will get additional 20% of Gold for FREE on top of your purchase.

    The bonus is reflected by the larger package sizes, e.g. 120 instead of 100 Gold.

    Please note that this promotion is only active if the "+20%" image is displayed.

    Vouchers, pay by phone and SMS are excluded from the promo.

    Servers included: TTQ International.

    Your Travian: Legends team

    Release sunflower 471.3 [4179]

    To follow up Legends on Tour event these 3 changes proposed by players will soon be implemented into the game.

    • Displayed travel time for withdrawn / sent back troops will be updated accordingly when troop types are added / removed from the wave.
    • Pushing protection limitation on raiding alliance members will be applied to all other players, even if they are not part of the same alliance. Loyalty decrease is now possible between alliance and confederation members. NAP still protects from loyalty decrease.
    • Troop movements in rally point will now contain information about attacker’s name in addition to attacking village.

    Release 471.9 [4195]


    • Fixed the error when sending back animals to an oasis.

    Dear community!

    After reading carefully your feedback about the changelog for next week we have decided to put on hold the part related to the pushing protection and conquer within alliance as we see the need adjust that part to make it effective and welcomed.

    Other features will be implemented according to the plan.

    Rollout plan:

    with downtime up to ~5 minutes

    23.08.2019 ~10:03 UTC+1

    Release 459.15 sunflower [4172]


    • Sending the hero on adventures via the map is now possible from any village
    • Hero items are correctly displayed in the reports and no longer show as helmets
    • The level 100 text now fits in the level indicator
    • Editing the player profile now activates the save button
    • The 'Send Resources' button in the market place now has the correct state when sending resources outside the confederacy
    • Clicking on buildings now, while having a stone bridge, will no longer show the bridge made of wood
    • The capital name is now on the correct side when playing in the right to left game worlds

    Rollout plan:

    with no downtime

    14.08.2019 ~12:03 UTC+1

    Has anyone noticed that when using resources(for example building units) you have to pretty much do it twice, because after the first time nothing happens? The resources are still there and no production or upgrade is going on.

    Try clearing your cache (CTRL+F5), it helped when it happend for me.

    What’s in a name?

    Alright, let’s leave that deep complex concept to Shakespeare and focus on what you are all here for.

    Why Travian: Codex Victoria?

    Many of you speculated already about the meaning of this fancy Latin(-ish) name, so what better occasion than the very first chapter of our Behind The Scenes format to finally crack the code… Pun intended!

    You can read the rest of it in our blog post here.

    What is your thought on why it's named Codex Victoria?

    Dear players,

    For the past days we received multiple complaints about quests not working properly, that they can’t be completed or they do not grant the rewards. To fix that we have to reset quests for all players of Closed beta now. At 10:00 UTC+1 12.08.2019 all quests will be reset and you can complete them.

    This is needed to make sure that quest system would work as expected on regular Codex Victoria gameworlds in September.

    We're sorry for the inconvenience it might create.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember a version where you had the choice not to follow the tutorial and could just cash in the resource/rewards of the tasks up front?

    Wouldn't this be better than forcing experienced players to follow a tutorial (which is completely nonsensical) which is designed to help the new players? or at least enable players to work through whichever sequence they prefer?

    The tutorial part of tasks is replaced by contextual help (and it can be disabled in the settings).


    Category Task Reward Village
    New Village Warehouse lvl 1 in construction Warehouse lvl 2 Settled
    New Village Granary lvl 1 in construction Granary lvl 2 Settled
    New Village Iron Mine lvl 6 in build 24h Resource boost for all resource types Settled
    New Village Warehouse lvl 3 880 :lumber: 1020 :clay: 590 :iron: 320 :crop: Settled
    New Village Granary lvl 3 620 :lumber: 720 :clay: 560 :iron: 230 :crop: Settled
    New Village Grain Mill 1 900 :lumber: 790 :clay: 685 :iron: 2230 :crop: Settled
    New Village 2 Resource Fields lvl 6 160 :lumber: 190 :clay: 150 :iron: 70 :crop: Settled
    New Village All Resource Fields lvl 6 400 smiley757.png 460 smiley758.png 330 smiley812.png 270 smiley759.png Settled
    New Village 1 Resource Field lvl 7 240 :lumber: 255 :clay: 190 :iron: 160 :crop: Settled
    New Village All Resource Fields lvl 7 400 :lumber: 400 :clay: 400 :iron: 200 :crop: Settled
    New Village All Resource Fields lvl 8 24h Resource boost for all resource Settled
    New Village Main Building lvl 5 570 :lumber: 470 :clay: 560 :iron: 265 :crop: Settled
    New Village Residence / Palace / Command Center lvl 1 525 :lumber: 420 :clay: 620 :iron: 335 :crop: Settled
    New Village View Culture Points Tab 650 :lumber: 800 :clay: 740 :iron: 530 :crop: Settled
    New Village Residence / Palace / Command Center lvl 10 500 CP Settled
    New Village Train 3 Settlers 1050 :lumber: 800 :clay: 900 :iron: 750 :crop: Settled
    New Village Warehouse Lvl 7 2650 :lumber: 2150 :clay: 1810 :iron: 1320 :crop: Settled
    New Village Granary Lvl 7 2200 :lumber: 2400 :clay: 2000 :iron: 1320 :crop: Settled
    ************* *************
    ************* *************
    Economy Warehouse lvl 1 in construction Warehouse lvl 2 Spawn
    Economy Granary lvl 1 in construction Granary lvl 2 Spawn
    Economy Iron Mine lvl 6 in construction 24h Resource boost for all resource types Spawn
    Economy 2 Resource Fields lvl 6 160 smiley757.png 190 smiley758.png 150 smiley812.png 70 smiley759.png Spawn
    Economy Warehouse lvl 3 620 smiley757.png 730 smiley758.png 560 smiley812.png 230 smiley759.png Spawn
    Economy Granary lvl 3 880 smiley757.png 1020 smiley758.png 590 smiley812.png 320 smiley759.png Spawn
    Economy All Resource Fields lvl 6 400 smiley757.png 460 smiley758.png 330 smiley812.png 270 smiley759.png Spawn
    Economy 1 Resource Field lvl 7 240 smiley757.png 255 smiley758.png 190 smiley812.png 160 smiley759.png Spawn
    Economy Marketplace lvl 1 600 smiley757.png Any
    Economy used Market 100 smiley757.png 99 smiley758.png 99 smiley812.png 99 smiley759.png Any
    Economy All Resource Fields lvl 7 400 smiley757.png 400 smiley758.png 400 smiley812.png 200 smiley759.png Spawn
    Economy Warehouse Lvl 7 2650 smiley757.png 2150 smiley758.png 1810 smiley812.png 1320 smiley759.png Spawn
    Economy Granary Lvl 7 2200 smiley757.png 2400 smiley758.png 2000 smiley812.png 1320 smiley759.png Spawn
    Economy All Resource Fields lvl 8 24h Resource boost for all resource types Spawn
    ************* ************* ************* *************
    World Open Statistics 90 smiley757.png 120 smiley758.png 60 smiley812.png 30 smiley759.png Any
    World Rename Village 100 CP Any
    World Main Building 3 170 smiley757.png 100 smiley758.png 130 smiley812.png 70 smiley759.png Any
    World Embassy 1 215 smiley757.png 145 smiley758.png 195 smiley812.png 50 smiley759.png Any
    World Open Map 90 smiley757.png 160 smiley758.png 90 smiley812.png 95 smiley759.png Any
    World Read our IGM 280 smiley757.png 315 smiley758.png 200 smiley812.png 145 smiley759.png Any
    World View Shop Advantages 20 Gold Any
    World Join Alliance or Found 295 smiley757.png 210 smiley758.png 235 smiley812.png 185 smiley759.png Any
    World read Neighbours Reports 800 smiley757.png 700 smiley758.png 750 smiley812.png 600 smiley759.png Any
    ************* ************* ************* *************
    Settle Village all resources 750 Any
    Battle use resource reward from inventory all resources 750 Any
    Battle Hero on Adventure 30 XP Any
    Battle Cranny lvl 1 130 smiley757.png 150 smiley758.png 120 smiley812.png 100 smiley759.png Any
    Battle 5 Adventures 15 Ointments Any
    Battle Barracks lvl 1 110 smiley757.png 140 smiley758.png 160 smiley812.png 30 smiley759.png Any
    Battle Fighting Strength 190 smiley757.png 250 smiley758.png 150 smiley812.png 110 smiley759.png Any
    Battle Train 2 T1 Units 1 Cage Any
    Battle Wall lvl 1 120 smiley757.png 120 smiley758.png 90 smiley812.png 50 smiley759.png Any
    Battle send raid to oasis 2 T1 Units Any
    Battle Barracks lvl 3 440 smiley757.png 290 smiley758.png 430 smiley812.png 240smiley759.png

    Battle Academy lvl 1 210 smiley757.png 170 smiley758.png 245 smiley812.png 115 smiley759.png

    Battle: Smithy lvl 1 500 smiley757.png 400 smiley758.png 700 smiley812.png 400smiley759.png
    Battle Research Troops 450 smiley757.png 435 smiley758.png 515 smiley812.png 550smiley759.png Any
    Battle Level up Troop 10x Bandages Any
    Battle 10 Adventures 500 Silver
    Battle Auction Activity 280 smiley757.png 120 smiley758.png 220 smiley812.png 110 smiley759.png Any

    Changelog 13th August 2019:

    • added missing task in the list New Village - All resource fields LVL 6
    • Update with the right reward the taskEconomy Granary LVL 1
    • Update with the right reward the task Battle - Use resources reward from inventory
    • Specified raid target in the task Battle - Send raid (the raid needs to be sent to Oasis)
    • Specified you can also found an alliance in the task World - Join Alliance

    Changelog 16th August 2019:

    • added missing tasks in the list Battle
      • Barracks lvl 3
      • Academy lvl 1
      • Smithy lvl 1
      • Research Troop
      • Level Up Troop

    Dear community,

    this week release rollout included some back-end changes to the starvation system. These changes were implemented on most of the gameworlds as for now, and their aim is to prevent massive starvation in high load situation like for example during World Wonders end game phase. Thanks to tamilan we found out an issue related to the new mechanic which we were able to fix in a very short time.

    This changes will be released bug free soon on all gameworlds as well.

    Your Travian: Legends Team