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    Game world information

    Game world: Group International (Qualification 2019) Domain: COM
    Round: -
    Travian Version: T4.4 Legends
    Map size: 801x801
    Speed: x2
    Troop speed: x1
    Artefacts setup: 07.08.2019, 12:00 UTC+1
    Construction plans setup: 26.09.2019, 12:00 UTC+1

    Game world progression


    Start date


    First to settle 2nd village


    First artefact conqured by


    First to own a construction plan


    First to build level 1 of WW


    End date


    Age of the game world


    Total numbers of created accounts

    12:00 UTC+1
    The Godfather
    01:01 UTC+1
    117 days 13.941 accounts


    Roman_Icon_T4.png 34,1%
    Teuton_Icon_T4.png 12,5%
    Gaul_Icon_T4.png 19,1%
    Egypts_Icon_T4.png 27,4%
    Huns_Icon_T4.png 6,8%

    The 13 Wonders of the World

    Roman_Numerals_1.png troche ATLAS WW G&V™ 100
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Black Unicorn Wonder Of The World NewOrder 93
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Arausium UollasArab N.Ø.A. 92
    Roman_Numerals_4.png MMGKiller Wonder Of The World Mordor 84
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Black Unicorn NewOrder|Poilus|SH NewOrder 82
    Roman_Numerals_6.png Pinguin Exodus Exodus 75
    Roman_Numerals_7.png dolongdao Việt Nam VTU2 49
    Roman_Numerals_8.png lamenkk Việt Nam Newface 49
    Roman_Numerals_9.png CUP CUP CUP X3 0
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Carbonsajerk Wonder Of The World €XODUS 0
    Roman_Numerals_11.png bionic ruffys Wonder Of The World NewOrder 0
    Roman_Numerals_12.png King Pop Danger VTU-DG 0
    Roman_Numerals_13.png Apache Wonder Of The World VTU-DG 0

    The 13 construction plans

    Roman_Numerals_1.png dolongdao VTU2
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Sex Pistols Exodus
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Party Maker -
    Roman_Numerals_4.png makar Mordor
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Arausium N.Ø.A.
    Roman_Numerals_6.png PYROZ NewOrder
    Roman_Numerals_7.png Pinguin Exodus
    Roman_Numerals_8.png BlueRose N.Ø.A.
    Roman_Numerals_9.png lamenkk Newface
    Roman_Numerals_10.png MMGKiller Mordor
    Roman_Numerals_11.png Sogeking SPQR™
    Roman_Numerals_12.png troche G&V™
    Roman_Numerals_13.png Black Unicorn NewOrder

    Unique Artefacts

    The architects unique secret (5×) troche G&V™
    The unique titan boots (2×) bionic ruffys NewOrder
    The eagles unique eyes (10×) King Pop VTU-DG
    Unique diet control (1/2) MMGKiller Mordor
    The trainers unique talent (1/2) HappyMonday Mordor
    Rivals unique confusion (500×) VOX Arab
    Artefact of the unique fool carbon001 Newface

    The 10 largest players

    Roman_Numerals_1.png PoWeR-FuLL 88.888 70 TG.EP
    Roman_Numerals_2.png VOX 83.327 66 Arab
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Umberto 74.469 56 Buffoni
    Roman_Numerals_4.png King Pop 73.244 59 VTU-DG
    Roman_Numerals_5.png The Sword 48.341 54 TG.EP
    Roman_Numerals_6.png Endtime 46.254 49 NewOrder
    Roman_Numerals_7.png Mizantrop 45.375 50 Buffoni
    Roman_Numerals_8.png orion981 45.024 42 SPQR™
    Roman_Numerals_9.png skipper 44.839 46 CUP X3
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Tamoqc 44.424 45 VTU2

    The 10 most successful attackers

    Roman_Numerals_1.png orion981 3.413.601
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Sex Pistols 2.125.683
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Juice 1.983.624
    Roman_Numerals_4.png bionic ruffys 1.702.337
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Frog-anculo 1.648.126
    Roman_Numerals_6.png Valar 1.578.806
    Roman_Numerals_7.png bond007 1.578.143
    Roman_Numerals_8.png R E V E N G E 1.577.382
    Roman_Numerals_9.png nekros 1.524.622
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Durisbane 1.435.567

    The 10 most successful defenders

    Roman_Numerals_1.png AL3GeeD 3.519.778
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Pinguin 2.964.470
    Roman_Numerals_3.png M5M5H 2.728.727
    Roman_Numerals_4.png VOX 2.559.677
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Kapitoshka 2.497.115
    Roman_Numerals_6.png> B99994 2.440.132
    Roman_Numerals_7.png !.exs 2.406.531
    Roman_Numerals_8.png Garofita 2.318.156
    Roman_Numerals_9.png masteroi 2.309.778
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Elite Agent 2.260.811

    The 10 most experienced heroes

    Roman_Numerals_1.png AL3GeeD 391 3.832.880
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Pinguin 377 3.571.044
    Roman_Numerals_3.png orion981 362 3.302.176
    Roman_Numerals_4.png M5M5H 353 3.136.849
    Roman_Numerals_5.png B99994 344 2.979.231
    Roman_Numerals_6.png !.exs 340 2.904.171
    Roman_Numerals_7.png Kapitoshka 325 2.657.741
    Roman_Numerals_8.png VOX 320 2.571.582
    Roman_Numerals_9.png Sex Pistols 314 2.478.067
    Roman_Numerals_10.png masteroi 312 2.442.803

    The 10 largest alliances

    Roman_Numerals_1.png NewOrder 60 17.559 1.053.561
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Exodus 60 14.598 875.858
    Roman_Numerals_3.png G&V™ 60 13.808 828.504
    Roman_Numerals_4.png UollasL 59 13.177 777.430
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Mordor 60 12.838 770.298
    Roman_Numerals_6.png SPQR™ 56 13.077 732.336
    Roman_Numerals_7.png CUP Int. 55 13.170 724.365
    Roman_Numerals_8.png €XODUS 57 12.173 693.879
    Roman_Numerals_9.png CUP .G 58 10.566 612.838
    Roman_Numerals_10.png CUP RED 57 10.704 610.123

    The 10 best alliances (attack)

    Roman_Numerals_1.png NewOrder 12.877.074
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Mordor 10.832.875
    Roman_Numerals_3.png CUP X3 8.887.491
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Exodus 8.522.208
    Roman_Numerals_5.png SPQR™ 6.987.927
    Roman_Numerals_6.png G&V™ 5.658.241
    Roman_Numerals_7.png TG.EP 5.476.342
    Roman_Numerals_8.png VTU3 5.167.254
    Roman_Numerals_9.png CUP .G 4.975.309
    Roman_Numerals_10.png UollasL 4.888.240

    The 10 best alliances (defense)

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Exodus 23.339.013
    Roman_Numerals_2.png NewOrder 16.177.663
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Newface 13.736.866
    Roman_Numerals_4.png G&V™ 11.356.657
    Roman_Numerals_5.png CUP RED 9.277.860
    Roman_Numerals_6.png SPQR™ 8.914.376
    Roman_Numerals_7.png VTU-DG 8.700.552
    Roman_Numerals_8.png €XODUS 8.063.207
    Roman_Numerals_9.png CUP X3 7.894.827
    Roman_Numerals_10.png UollasL 7.455.996

    The 10 greatest romans

    Roman_Numerals_1.png skipper 44.839 46 CUP X3
    Roman_Numerals_2.png serpic007 39.089 40 Exodus
    Roman_Numerals_3.png bgate0 39.035 41 Buffoni
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Neferkare 38.711 42 Mordor
    Roman_Numerals_5.png BKTRNSD 37.980 40 Buffoni
    Roman_Numerals_6.png Oazabi 34.481 39 CUP .G
    Roman_Numerals_7.png firestorm 33.514 38 UollasL
    Roman_Numerals_8.png Not Found 31.054 37 UollasL
    Roman_Numerals_9.png Fatic_terun 30.157 31 N.Ø.A.
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Botuongday 28.906 32 VTU3

    The 10 greatest teutons

    Roman_Numerals_1.png PoWeR-FuLL 88.888 70 TG.EP
    Roman_Numerals_2.png orion981 45.024 42 SPQR™
    Roman_Numerals_3.png La Trinidad 43.828 41 Cup M
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Tax Collector 30.776 35 NewOrder
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Kanuni 28.194 37 €XODUS
    Roman_Numerals_6.png Amazonas 26.910 30 CUP Int.
    Roman_Numerals_7.png kangaroo 24.562 29 NewOrder
    Roman_Numerals_8.png Atalante 23.306 30 G&V™
    Roman_Numerals_9.png DIAV 23.114 30 G&V™
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Lord Dark 22.807 28 Buffoni

    The 10 greatest gauls

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Umberto 74.469 56 Buffoni
    Roman_Numerals_2.png King Pop 73.244 59 VTU-DG
    Roman_Numerals_3.png mouxtro 36.948 36 CUP .G
    Roman_Numerals_4.png jeannette 34.969 40 UollasL
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Fish Ripper 32.758 33 TG.EP
    Roman_Numerals_6.png MidnighT 31.569 38 CUP Int.
    Roman_Numerals_7.png Kapitoshka 29.784 33 -
    Roman_Numerals_8.png ElectaBuzz1 27.317 38 TG.EP
    Roman_Numerals_9.png Amikos 26.025 30 CUP Int.
    Roman_Numerals_10.png toni 25.984 34 G&V™

    The 10 greatest egyptians

    Roman_Numerals_1.png VOX 83.327 66 Arab
    Roman_Numerals_2.png The Sword 48.341 48 TG.EP
    Roman_Numerals_3.png Endtime 46.254 49 NewOrder
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Mizantrop 45.375 50 Buffoni
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Tamoqc 44.424 45 VTU2
    Roman_Numerals_6.png onlyone 41.169 44 VTU2
    Roman_Numerals_7.png Team Guapo 36.918 37 Cup M
    Roman_Numerals_8.png Black Unicorn 30.918 38 NewOrder
    Roman_Numerals_9.png Viper 28.690 28 TG.EP
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Gsis 28.007 35 TCB

    The 10 greatest huns

    Roman_Numerals_1.png Bylkus&Haitem 41.213 43 G&V™
    Roman_Numerals_2.png Derek&Jeva 40.701 40 CUP .G
    Roman_Numerals_3.png HappyMonday 38.188 40 Mordor
    Roman_Numerals_4.png Carbon & Aslan 35.616 40 €XODUS
    Roman_Numerals_5.png Valar 33.242 36 Mordor
    Roman_Numerals_6.png Durisbane 32.087 39 €XODUS
    Roman_Numerals_7.png bionic ruffys 31.280 35 NewOrder
    Roman_Numerals_8.png Jumbo-Tumbo 27.877 30 CUP Int.
    Roman_Numerals_9.png Afk 26.786 37 G&V™
    Roman_Numerals_10.png Gentleman 26.156 36 Exodus

    An update regarding this have been posted on 🛠️ We are on it! 🛠️ Issues with players accounts on multiple gameworlds

    Some update on the servers that come back online.

    • Server might get back online not at the specific time stated in the table but with up to 15 minutes delay.
    • Troops on the way appear in their home villages normally within 1 hour after server is back online.
    • There is a chance that the Gold rebooking won't be done for 14:00. The game world will be re-opened anyway and the gold will be added within the next hours.

    Will keep you posted.

    Dear community,

    here is an update on how we will proceed today. The sysadmins are now delivering the backups to our developers and they will proceed to restore the databases in batches and restart the gameworlds.

    The COM gameworlds is estimated to be back online at 13:00 UTC+1.

    This will be done once again in batches, which means not all the 121 affected gameworlds will be back online at the same time. There is a quite long check list to go through for each of the affected gameworlds, so please be patient.

    We will update our public spreadsheet with some additional information as soon as we get them. To be more specific we will add the following information:

    • Date/time of the backup that will be used for the latest added gameworlds
    • Estimated date/time of the restart for each gameworld
    • Date/time until when the "no-starvation" will be activated

    We also want to inform you that all active Plus and resources bonuses will be extended in your account, so you won't lose time for them.

    On top of that, we will grant 100 non-transferable Gold compensation to each account that was active on the affected gameworlds. This won't be done immediately, as now we are focusing on getting the gameworlds back online.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    :red_circle: UPDATE (last update for today) :red_circle:

    The list of affected gameworlds is now final. :arrow_right: These :arrow_left:gameworlds will get a rollback. The time and date on the spreadsheet is the latest back-ups before the technical issue occurred and after the rollback, the gameworld will be back at the status of that time.

    In case your gameworld is not listed, but you faced issues with your account, feel free to get in contact with the Customer Service portal. The affected gameworlds will be live tomorrow 11th October 2019 after 13:00 UTC+1.

    We will provide an exact schedule tomorrow morning with additional details.

    Hello all,

    I merged two thread as it was about the same on the wish for com1 not to get rollback.

    The answer to this is, is that the Natars got deleted and we not assure it will work as intended and the situation isn't the same as with the qualification gameworlds.

    Hi, i am not able to login in my account. It is not accepting my credentials. Also when opening server login page it is directly showing a login popup which was not the way we used to login before.

    Hi, Completely lost all access to Travian Codex Victoria around 45 minutes ago. just getting a forbidden 403 error for my account.

    Codex Victoria (com15) will be rolled back.

    Hello all,

    as we receive a lot of questions regarding the gameworlds that are not in the recently posted list, we want to share some additional information with you.

    A little change were made in previous post about troops "on the way" at the time of backup. They will all return home and not continue to their destination.

    Regarding Tournament Qualification rounds

    For these gameworlds we have decided that we will not perform a rollback due to very late stage of the gameworld and the low amount of affected players. If you are one of affected players, please, feel free to contact Customer Service using your registration email to discuss this situation and work out a personalized solution.

    All other affected gameworlds

    We are still evaluating some options and whether it’s necessary to perform a rollback or not. We will have more information about these gameworlds tomorrow and we will updated you immediatelly.

    Thank you for your patience, we apologize for the inconvenience related to this issue.

    Your Travian: Legends team

    Dear Community,

    As you probably noticed, today we faced a critical bug. We are very sorry for all the issues this might have caused, and we sincerely apologize. This bug affected most of the Travian: Legends and Travian: Codex Victoria gameworlds. In these gameworlds, all Natars villages vanished, in addition to some player accounts.

    We have identified a first batch of gameworlds where we are forced to proceed with a rollback. ➡️ Here ⬅️ you can find the first list, together with the date and time of the backup data which will be used to restore the gameworld.

    Unfortunately, we do not know yet at what time the gameworlds will be back online, but in the meantime we can already share some information:

    • The rollback means that the game will be returned to the state it was at the time of the backup.
    • This means that everything you did since then will not count, including any changes in resources, troops, building levels and gold, with the exception of purchased gold which will be added again.
    • All payments that happened between the backup date and the time when the gameworld went on maintenance mode will be re-booked.
    • Starvation will be deactivated for +12 hours as soon as the gameworld is back online.
    • All the troops that were "on the way" by the time of the backup will be returned back to their home villages

    We will keep you posted and we will regularly update the affected gameworld list. Further compensation will be discussed once everything is back to normal.

    Your Travian: Legends Team

    why my ID at Codex COM and Codex Indonesia suddenly disappeared? did i do something wrong?

    i play Codex COM, Codex Indonesia, Codex China, Codex Vietnam all together but suddenly my COM and Indo ID disappeared. whyyyyyyyyy???

    and in my email there is refund 1 gold from Codex COM. please help i do nothing wrong.

    the hero has disappeared together with 3k of troops, he tells me he is in the village but there is not

    you are lucky, my account disappeared completely.

    We are currenlty working on the issue, more can be read on 🛠️ We are on it! 🛠️ Issues with players accounts on multiple gameworlds