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    Ghahaha you didn't clear any of those farmS, yes plural. You were doing it on several farms all day long. At first you denied it, then you blamed a dual we'd never seen or heard of. Weird that your excuse of "oh we cleared this farm and we're recouping losses" didn't come up back then.

    Liar liar pants on fire. No one likes spikers

    Okay mate, jog on now. No one cares.

    Oh and no one heard of the dual, the one that I've played nearly every server with for the past 10 or so years? LOL

    Just realised who you are, didn't associate Docto with Max...

    Anyway, why you digging up dirt? What's the problem?
    You freely contact me when you have questions/issues relating to in game stuff, rules, MH stuff...

    You just looking to piss someone off?

    I wonder why daz likes your message about spiking, i seem to recall personally catching him when he was spiking his own alliance a few comx rounds back. In fact it got him kicked out of the leadership chatroom :whistling:

    sorry who are you? X/:huh:

    presumably you mean the time we cleared the guy a couple of times, lost a significant amount of troops for all the vultures to jump on it immediately? then we messaged these vultures I am referring to, to kindly ask if they can hold off respectfully for 24/48 hours to recoup loses, to be completely ignored and consequently the village got completed ravaged every few seconds. So my dual decided to plant a couple of troops in there....then yeah 8o

    shame you haven't got over it.

    Will likely miss out from my 13-14 years of playing due to changing emails half way through

    Either way I imagine it to be a fairly low number, but making a few assumptions:
    -at leat 50 domains
    -average is maybe 6 servers per domain
    = 300 servers at least (likely to be way off here)

    I generally meet 1 or 2 players per round that I play that have played longer than 10 years, most have ditched the game for obvious reasons.
    Based on 1 person per server = 300 players
    Assuming that not many people keep 1 email address + the fact that it is likely people come and go - will assume this is half the number, therefore my guesstimate is 150 players to receive the medal. (I really hope I have used mine for 10 years at least!)

    I could probably have made this a lot easier with just a number...

    There is literally no other discussion in this thread than sw cheating, so ruins what thread?

    thread title is COMX restart?

    flame SW
    blame everyone for cheating

    TK has stated multiple times to stop, so why not listen for once?

    I agree with you, it started getting annoying a long time ago.
    As for the rest of your statement: we both know it's not that simple. MH cant do anything when it comes to some specific ways of cheating.
    As a result people get frustrated and start complaining about it. That's not a travian exclusive thing. ;)

    I agree, but continually complaining on here and repeatedly bringing the same thing up over and over again doesn't solve it either. There will always be ways players can 'bend' the rules to their advantage, that is what rules are there for, to be pushed. It is TGs own fault, their rules make it so easy to be pushed and bent and until the rules change, there is nothing no one can do about it. So get on with it.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with rule bending but it is widely known many accounts do it, so why continually complain about it || it just ruins threads.

    Why is this thread still going on about cheating. Leave it to the MHs, if you have proof, let them know, if not don't go on about it on here. TK has said multiple times to shut up about cheating, so do it. Let the MHs do their jobs and if they see someone is cheating, then you can be sure they will ban them. :S:rolleyes:8|:thumbdown:

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you do know you can send multiple attacks per second without a bot/script, right? And when sending on different accounts, it is extremely easy to land multiple waves on many accounts on the same second ||

    And this is Hive defense page: more than 100 attacks in same seconds, from multiple accounts, to our entire alliance : They use attack timer bots, Multihunter is desperate:

    Congratulations to the Dacia meta.

    And a huge respect for donating to a much needed charity :thumbsup: sometimes people should take a step back and realise there are many people out there who need help and support, and what better way to do that than through bringing an entire meta together to support charity. Awesome!! <3

    Biggest issue on Tournaments for me is the huge issue of cheating. The current finals is swarming with cheats and it is the same in qualifiers. Travian have all these rules for players to abide by, yet they award some of the biggest cheaters by giving them prizes for being top pop/off/def etc. Incredible!
    Perhaps for a tournament, the rules should be a little stricter and there should be no room for 'bending' of the rules.

    Good luck with that.

    Travian have only reduced servers / domains in the past few years. Everything is reducing, even the forum merged into one big one. Staff levels reducing. On top of that, they are busy fixing the continual stream of bugs and busy designing and implementing completely useless things (snow flake background for example). The only thing to increase has been gold prices.

    So honestly, your chances of a completely new domain are likely to be very close to zero. You've probably more chance of playing a bug free server :rolleyes:

    Sorry to be a party pooper.

    1. snake432 BAD 73226 52
    2. GERRARD CheckerB 70815 50
    3. cokpat BAD 69749 50
    4. Master Mind CheckerB 62558 44
    5. Ga Dien VN3-COF 61189 48
    6. بطران ND.C0 58259 42
    7. ozil 8 CheckerB 56290 42
    8. ccs Dacia 53616 40
    9. RockNRollа 777 53198 41
    10. Nikita -CZ- 48845 40

    Big fight for top-5 :D

    Wouldn't call it a fight when chiefing friendly accounts.
    Some people, certainly top 5 pop, top off and top def are frauds, and should be removed from the standings for prizes.
    I think players forget GetterTools does not lie :rolleyes:

    Never said T1R did anything, we could of though if we (my acc) used our troops better.Btw did you enjoy SIMSons deff? :))) You treated him like a god for the entire round

    You can thank me for that :thumbsup:

    When you want to make a joke, do not call some groups as typical... and still humilating people but there is only one funny person here. Noone interest about your joke. But you do not have right to write whatever you want. If you think same, keep on.


    Why do u still write like Typical... There are good players and bad players from same countries. But it does not give you the right call them as ''typical'' We all human and do not judge or classify people or some groups as typical. and read something about stereotypes.

    Don't lose your knickers was a intended as a light hearted joke towards TurkC as I knew he would bite back, I've played multiple servers with/against TurkC.

    But as I stated afterwards, I based my comment on actions I have personally seen. So it is of my opinion, if you think a different opinion, then that is brilliant and I congratulate you for having your own opinion.

    And to point out, I wasn't saying people are good or bad as such, I was pointing out collectively on servers I have played, there is a typical pattern of how things play out. So yes, I can identify something that repeatedly happens as 'Typical'

    I don't expect you to know what that is as you we're not involved in that conversation, and likely not involved on the exact same servers.