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    So. You guys get me to send an MM about how someone has passed away and to not do anything to that person's account. That account then continues growing and sends out its defense.

    Absolutely pathetic. That'll show me for trusting you total disgraces ever again.

    In the future I do intend to do that as the need arises. You can bank on that statement. :|
    Yowie was just a fun person to grab so wanted to make sure I got him before other domains grabbed him.
    This way he gets corrupted the right way. A proper introduction will be forthcoming.

    Yeah super fun when we get rando mods who know nothing about the domain. Wasn't Muchacho supposed to be fun too? How'd she do?

    Basically set them up to fail, but then in fairness TG did that to you.

    Am I allowed to like this post? Don't want to go against new rules. :/

    No. You may not even look at the post, think about the post or think about looking at the post. I am a benevolent psychopathic dictator telling grown adults they can't post on a forum though, so I will allow you to think about what'd it'd be like to think about thinking about looking at the post.

    And to be fair to Lucky, he messaged me telling me he was quitting roughly 2 weeks ago, way before any of these attacks. I've been trying to persuade him to send me resources ever since

    Yeah, it's disappointing, but I wish him well in what he's doing. Sometimes servers can be interrupted by other things regardless of the intent you set out with. Guess we're just stuck with you forever though Mark. ;)

    Respectful sounds great, and I hope that we can improve each other as players.
    On a cheeky side note: Why did your fellow leader Fingolfin (Badger of Death) go on a sudden vacation?

    Not a leader haha. A few of the guys up on the alliance profiles are players we know well and have joke positions. In fairness the actual leaders have joke positions too but that's just how we roll. Internally everyone knows whos who. :)

    And so what?So you are just letting ppl settle around us like your own personal meathshielt? :D

    I'm not telling 100 people where they can and can't settle, and before you settled we wouldn't have known your plan would we? What do you want from me here?

    Great answer, he was not pushed, but could be either of the other possibilities.

    For sure, I don't have all the information to say which, though I'm sure Jorman is more active at least.

    MFH also has alot of players that have moved out from center, so thats a bad statement.

    But no lets stop it here, as always nobody cant explain anything to the few of you MFH players that keep writing in here, the ego is just to big.

    You have your entire alliance out of centre.

    Martin maybe you can give me som hits to how the game works and how best to play. Because I obviously don’t know how to play travian. 8)

    I will of course build som more catas, thanks for the advice otherwise I wouldn’t have build more than my 200 catas.

    Do you enjoy rambling nonsense Mimsy, shut up and build some troops back-up, good boy.

    What went wrong for Fingolfin? There is a huge gap in troops and pop and I heard that MFH even had a 2nd guy around the lake at start.

    Maybe Jormungander is better, maybe he's more active, maybe you pushed him up, maybe Fin made some poor choices. Who knows? Could be all or none of the above.

    Master analyst MJ who is winning the 1v1 Jörmungandr or Fingolfin the Badger of Death?

    Jormungander. Not without cost due to his own errors but as we covered earlier he is pretty in control of that sitch. Do try to keep up.

    Though ofc, your boys were in control of the situation at Ketts, until they weren't.

    I assume looking at a map is too much to ask as you to do? Maybe do that and you'll see why the pattern is how it has been for the early hits.

    You moved en masse out of the centre and we largely stayed more central, you built spawn hammers to hit the central players and those hammers have all essentially been dealt with. As we didn't intend to move in such large numbers out away from the centre you have a higher concentration there and have gotten early hits from there off on some of ours that did. You've lost a fair number of the off troops out there too though presumably have some more. We control the centre quite nicely now and you have a good control of some of the further out zones. Basically, everything that was obviously going to happen when we saw how people settled, has happened. Entirely within expectations, where you've been all along.

    Honestly, do I have to actually keep explaining the obvious?

    I don't know why you think getting through a vill with cats is that shocking, we've done it enough to your boys too. Just last night one of you had a vill zeroed whilst it had a few k def in somewhere else as reins.

    If your hammers are rebuilt soon imagine how much quicker the def will be rebuilt when that's several players doing it. Hm 12k divided between 15 players or 10k divided between 2 players, thats a toughie.

    Inevitably sometimes caps will get hit, and sometimes we'll wall you in mains, as we have multiple times this week, more walls than attacks that have gotten through actually as Crunch pointed out earlier.

    You boys are pretty bad at spin too, add that to the list of things you suck at. Pop it just below patter.

    Haha we actualy dont cry over 1 or 5 dead hammers, specialy not when we had af clear free run and alot of small deff killed, look at the reports Martin, that hammer is soon rdy to run again, this isnt a win for you, what ran did, i cant talk for bcs that was stupid, but Mimer and Brøn did hit Kettricken 5 times before you guys placed some deff (other than that standing in the village and around 600 druides, that you guys didnt time in) and also Mimer had a run on Miz kanante or 2 actualy, with some really ""Great"" defense :D!!Converter - Battle reports Travian
    Converter - Battle reports Travian

    should i keep post reports, where you guys keep letting us cata your mains? ;)

    Yep sometimes you'll get hits in, as will we, is anyone stupid enough to suggest otherwise?

    I reckon walling two hammers in a village that had been croplocked, while following a plan that predicted your players actions entirely accurately is a win. You enjoy your denial though.

    Whats the point naming yourselves after the trickster god when its you falling for stuff?

    try me :*

    Did you not see the reports? I already did. Your boys fell into the trap I set for them. For anyone who missed it, here's how it went down:

    They'd been hitting the vill and it wasn't in a great shape, someone sent a hammer from 6 hours away, we figured we'd catch that, we did. Meanwhile, you, having other hammers in the area, kept scouting until the def started draining away. Seeing that the def was going away your boys sent another attack, and knowing that you'd do that I had fresh def lined up to stop by at about the exact time I expected you'd have your next attack coming in.

    See, isn't that fun?

    You and your boys are, as always, with everyone, well within my expectations. We'll see who can be bragging more by the end.

    Wasent you around yesterday? when they did hit that player 4 times? :D

    Mostly not, and mostly I don't deal with the def as I don't really enjoy it. Doesn't mean I can't though. I decided I would in this case as you were annoying me and oh look, 2 more dead attackers. Its almost like I planned a second wave of def expecting you to come back about 6 hours after the first hit (having scouted in between of course and seen what was left was killable) and timed the def to mess with you.

    I go back to my earlier sentiment. You've annoyed me now because I had to add def to my list of stuff to do and now im going to mess with your stuff. Super fun.