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    Pick your desired square on the map and choose the found new village option. When an expansion slot is available for use, you can train settlers or a chief (if researched). Once you have used them (founded or conquered a vilage), the village will appear in the expansions. There is no special unlocking option for the slots.


    All I am trying to do is make my village a city,

    You may be thinking of the wrong game. Upgrading villages into cities is a feature in Travian: Kingdoms and is not present in Travian: Legends.


    I am willing to leave this thread open so long as it remains nonaccusatory and without personal attacks towards other players, which has been the problem with every deleted and closed thread so far. Having a general discussion on this topic is fine, but accusing and verbally attacking other players is not tolerated nor can we tolerate encouragement to violate game rules.

    They are used frequently, especially in the hammer and anvil villages. Both are an additional training facility so you can train troops at double the rate. While the costs are significantly higher, the greatest limiting factor in army size is time.

    This is only possible on the Codex Victoria servers, a detailed description of the feature can be found here. While the page says it is only available on the 2017 special, it is available in the current special as well.

    Outside of the annual specials, only the hero can have their home village changed.

    i attacked with 1200 ceasaris and my hero and i had no losses as you can see on the screen below

    can you please tell me why i lost 100 ceasaris?

    because only 1100 are coming back as you can see

    The village had 400 traps and 400 caesaris dropped in them. A successful attack frees the prisoners but 25% of the trapped troops are lost, so you lost 100 caesaris. It is said in the Information section.

    Ridder Huma Some things changed in your announcements. Since this is an important fase of the game I would really like to know if our troops keep walking, because else everyone their settlers are at home and people who already have a cropper will now have to send again and potentially lose it.

    The latest information is that all troops that were on the way somewhere when the backup was taken, will be returned back to their home village.

    If you had settlers on the way at that time, they will have to be sent again.

    While discussing the bug itself is okay, cheating accusations and attacks towards the staff and other players are not. As this thread is veering towards the latter two with multiple posts being deleted, I will be closing this thread.

    A thread regarding the bug only already exists here. Any further attacks and accusations of cheating may result in warnings, which may lead to account bans.