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    you can do resource layout comparisons with different field levels on Kirilloid.

    From there we can see that with level 16 resource fields (just an example), 15 cropper with 75% bonus produces 64313 resources per hour, most of which is naturally crop. In comparison, 9 cropper with 100% bonus produces 59064 resources per hour, around 40000 of which is crop. In conclusion, 15 cropper with 75% oases is better.

    However, it's always good to keep in mind that with 9c you also get some benefit out of other resource bonuses than crop that you might gain from oases, if you can access those 25%+25% combinations. In this case, those kind of oases would not pull the 9c to the level of 15c in terms of resource production but they would shorten the gap.

    Hope this was helpful. Feel free to explore Kirilloid for other resource layout productions with different resource field levels. :)


    you definitely can settle your second village during beginner's protection, if you manage to gather the needed resources and culture points in time. :)

    Thanks, for the suggestion.

    Do I need to have enough resources or any other prerequisites to use that feature?

    No, the master builder will wait for resources to gather (or the previous constructions to end) and start the construction when resources suffice. The gold is also taken at the moment the construction starts. If it never starts, no gold should be consumed.

    but did not do anything.

    I added a third construction with the master builder. This morning I check my account and see that the gold is gone but the building did not get upgraded.



    if you are completely sure your master builder has not built anything but still consumed one piece of gold, I suggest you contact the in-game support so the team can investigate the problem further. The contact form can be found via the question mark on top right, next to the logout button.

    Thanks. I can attack people from no attack pact alliances too, right?

    There are no in-game mechanics that block you from attacking someone (except banned accounts, which cannot be attacked without few exceptions). When sending an attack to your alliance or confederacy member, you are only shown a warning text in a red font to alert you about attacking a friend. For artifact rotations, for example, you are required to launch an attack towards your confederacy member.

    However, you cannot conquer a village from your confederacy member - your chiefs or senators will simply not decrease loyalty. The exceptions to this are villages that hold an artifact or have loyalty of 0 %. NAP's are not covered by these limitations.

    You can find the contact form from Desktop (upper left) => News => Contact. There is also a FAQ section, which might provide help to your case.

    Tech accounts are indeed a hot topic within both playerbase and the developers. There used to be a rule about accounts needing to be played for their own benefit but it got removed due to difficulties in determining account's own benefit in different scenarios.

    In early July, developers and ambassadors held a workshop, which is summarized here. As the summary suggests, new in-game rules and surveillance tools will be implemented to tackle the private farms.

    However, these upcoming implementations will not be effective for village sharing, the action you are referring to. This issue might be discussed in future ambassador workshops when these initial changes to private farms have been done. Currently, giving away villages to your alliance member is not denied by any existing rule. In some cases, it is also a viable tactic within alliance to get rid of poorly located starters to benefit a surrounding account, for instance; this makes the issue more difficult to handle from developers' point of view.


    Having more than one account per player in a game world is not permitted and is certainly punishable. In case you encounter suspicious accounts, you can report them through their in-game profile. However, if the rule enforcement team cannot find signs of breaking the rules on the reported account(s), no action can be taken. Evidence outside the game (Discord messages, for instance) is not accepted due to risk of manipulation.




    based on your description, I suppose you are playing on a Travian: Shadow Empires -server. On this and some previous annual special server types, conquering a village doesn't convert the village tribe to match your account tribe like in traditional Travian: Legends gameworlds. Instead, you get to keep the tribe of the conquered village.

    You can read more about the features of Shadow Empires here.

    Nickname: Kadonnut

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    Country of living: Finland

    Part of the team since: September 2020 (COM) - 2012 or so on Finnish domain


    I'm not a new face in the team overall but might not be familiar within COM playerbase. In addition to forum moderation, I have previously worked on in-game support - nowadays I'm "employed" on the forum only. I got introduced to Travian in 2007 by my classmates and here I am now, too many years later. =O

    See you in the threads!

    Sounds like a game bug to me. I have also heard similar cases from other domains. I would suggest you to report the issue by contacting support and sharing some screenshots, so the team can investigate it further.

    Kadonnut means 'disappeared' or 'lost' in Finnish. I first started using it as an away-nick in IRC but eventually I quit changing nicknames there. This happened around 2010-2011 I guess. I'm using the same nickname on pretty much every online platform I am on, and in case the nick is already taken before me, I switch the o to 0 - it has been enough so far. Rarely I've used the German equivalent of the word, 'Verschwunden'.

    A bit like building a brand of me around the nickname even though there's nothing 'brandworthy'.