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    Anyone doing that over here? Honestly, I just figured I'd add a view or two to my latest video on the topic. Yes, that is me climbing. Any thoughts/critics about the video, you go right ahead!

    I remember you.

    Are you sure you don't need another screen or two there? I think you could fit at least one more in :rolleyes:

    Honestly, I would have enough, if I had 2 externals, that are 4k, but since they are 1440p.. I would like another one or two. :P My work needs many different programs and many windows for those programs to be opened... So, yeah, it's more of a necessity rather than "I want".

    I see that a lot has changed since I was here. I have changed a lot since I last visited. Most likely only a rare user here still remembers the nickname I have here (with a weird _COM suffix I didn't have before), and I don't think I'll come here at all anymore, since nothing here is left for me, my life goes on, I gotta keep on working on my job and my side-projects. This was a fun place at times. I remember myself being just a kid here. I registered 10 years ago, and was lurking as a guest even before that. Just imagine that - 10 years. Then I was 15, with no understanding of how anything works. Now - I am a developer/QA who is writing automation tests in a great company. And my work influences millions of people. Back then, never in a million years I would've imagined that I would do what I do now. Honestly, not even 10, just 3 years ago I wouldn't have dreamed to do what I do now.

    I'll post here a recent pic, that was taken in my office. It was a publicity photo session, and here I am at my workstation. I'll stay here for a bit if someone wants to talk during this day, while I'm still in office, I have a slow day today.

    I'm not saying that everyone has 3 hobbies, but that everyone should. Or at least should think about it.
    Sport climbing is an amazing way to keep yourself fit, as you need every single part of your body to do work. Most new people think that you mostly arm strength to pull yourself up when climbing. Absolutely not true. There's lots to it, and I could go on and on about it for days. :mrgreen:
    Airsoft can also hurt. I remember my one game long time ago, and I got accidentally hit in the side of my neck with airsoft *bullet*, and the result was a pretty significant bruise and even slight bleeding. So a hit on unprotected skin can be painful. But in general it is less painful than paintball.

    My girlfriend once mentioned this to me. A quote she somewhere heard - everyone should have three hobbies. One for your body, one for creativity and one for money. This is an interesting idea, and I suggest everyone to at least think about it. And when you do, share your thoughts here, what are your hobbies that you already do, or what have you thought of doing.
    Let me go first, then.
    For me, personally, creativity has always been there, in the form of digital photography. A long time ago I already posted some of my work here.
    Now, the body part came along in many different forms - inline skating, biking, calisthenics, running, weight lifting... Until I came across sport climbing. And now I couldn't imagine my life without it, I absolutely love climbing.
    The money part is a hard one though. I also tried multiple roads, but it never worked out. I am thinking about experimenting with creating my own climbing holds. But right now I have different priorities, maybe another time, somewhat later. We shall see.

    Those are my 3 things. Now it's your turn. :)

    First of all, a bit more about the incident - someone tried even a metal saw to get through. And not just on the lock, but also on the railing it was locked on to. Both of them were strong enough to withstand it.

    Now, about the lock itself. And this suits any kind of security mechanism at all, not just bike locks. If you suspect that someone has tampered with a lock of any sorts, the only logical step is to consider the lock compromised and replace it. Even if it has no serious visual signs. In this case, I theoretically could find an angle where it fits again, and use it, HOWEVER... The metal is bent, someone tried sawing through it as well. Metal becomes brittle if you stress it with bending too many times, so integrity of this lock is already way less then it originally was.

    My advice for anyone is not to reuse locks that someone has tried to open, ever.You put your valuables in danger that way.

    Maybe that's how everyone else who left is, we did all start out as students here. Though really it's just a minute's worth of posting you have to make, hardly procrastinating.

    Well, I remember myself lurking here about 4 years before I even started my university, so I was here for a while. :mrgreen:
    But, yeah, I get what you mean. However, that is how procrastination starts - you just do one thing that doesn't take that much time, then you do another... And another... Procrastination in a nutshell.
    But, hey, it's not that horrible for me, since I work by a pc every single day anyway (multiple, actually)..
    But still, what's new in the last couple of years?

    Most people I know want to learn languages, just it's either not worth the effort or it's too low down in their interest. Doesn't help us when English has won out in the Franca Lingua, until we're all inevitably speaking Chinese/Russian.

    That is never going to happen. Russian is much much harder language than English, not even mentioning Chinese. And since pretty much everywhere nowadays you see signs(text in general) in *insert native language here* and English, we will most likely all speak English, if there is any one language that we eventually settle on.

    Honestly didn't expect you, thought you out-matured the forum! :P

    That's quite possible. I had one of those rare I'm not busy af days at work, and remembered this place, so came here to just check out what is going on. This will probably go on for a week or so, and I'll disappear again for a couple years. :D

    Of course not, I'm not that easily offended (not anymore, that is), but i still have to ask - who the F is that? :mrgreen:
    He actually DOES look similar to me. :D

    Lol, you'd love it too, if you had seen it live, and then months later find out there has been a gif made from a TV repetition later.

    edit: That's my national team in Continental Hockey League, so that's even more awesome.