After a quick look, it looks like the COM RPG section wasn't included in the currently hosted archive.

    Templar, if you could check if that section was archived?

    From the looks of it, the archives definitely seem incomplete. US doesn't have any threads at all, even.

    I of course understand that this is a work in progress.

    Thank you for your time and notice.

    So it seems like there was a big forum overhaul including a forum metamerger.

    Good to see that my account made it, but...

    It looks like talk and play general threads survived, several from COM at least.

    Anyhow I clearly missed the memo (I logged in shortly after the forums went down apparently) so here's what I'm wondering:

    I read in the New Forum FAQ that there is an archive in the works, and I do see one currently. Is it incomplete or is that all that was saved?

    Shame about PMs not surviving, though I don't recall keeping anything too important in mine. Not that I'll know for sure anymore, lol.

    Guess that's what inactivity results in I suppose, karma and all that.

    No, you detect a flood of *AVATAAAAAR!!!* *dies of happiness*

    Okay, who here died a little inside when they saw The Last Airbender movie?!

    I actually left halfway through, went to the restroom, threw up, watched School Time Shipping on my Droid while sitting on the toilet, then came back in. I'm serious.

    I died a little watching the commercials for it. I avoided every showing like the plague.

    Sorry Zman, but you aren't up to par with the standards. Also, thank you for reminding me that there are not going to be any general-level positions available to PCs, and very few enlisted officer positions.

    I have come up with an RPG idea as of late. It takes place in the near-future, in an alternate universe. I'm not going to reveal much, but let's just say that the Cold War didn't remain cold for long. Technologies will either be finished versions of those in development today, or upgraded versions of those that are currently in use. So for the most part, the sci-fi aspects will be negligible, and most of the sci-fi parts are achievable with 1960's-70's and modern day technology.

    It will be the standard character RPG format. PM me if interested.

    Also, I need volunteers for high-level positions, basically co-GMs. I will elaborate with those who volunteer.

    And since I may even go as far as to use this to start a book sometime in the future, I would request that applicants please be up to the standards in English grammar, spelling, and just in-general literary writing.