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    We did empathize with td,I was probably one of the first believe it or not

    Yeah right thats some grade one empathy u have shown in all the posts leading up to this.

    only vices in the end really benefited from this bug,

    The bug robbed TD what was rightfully theirs, We didnt benefit from the bug we had issues cause of it.

    this actually took many of us by surprise and greatly affected our ops..I thought at most tg would provide some gold..

    This right here where u think money can compensate ingame skills is yoru empathy :D. Affecting your ops are you even playing in game ? UT was taken

    But then this happened -
    Attack on UT - At 03:00:02
    Attack on LS - At 03:00:03

    Super Meta Op land times 25 hours after the UT steal attempt

    Travel time 27 hours marching enroute.

    So which part of your ops were affected greatly ? This is just one example. If you are SGR common folks please check and ask for facts. The whole narrative is in game mechanics vs Maybe we would change xyz if we knew this was gonna happen. While everything was happening so was the op and any OC worth its salt knows tweaking ops mid way is a bigger headache. So please stop trying to mooch of a horrifying bugged experience for personal gains just cause you got beaten and battered one weekend.

    As for denying our relations with ten etc.. the server has developed greatly since those comments were made.

    Barring SGR + Ten loosing uniques how much so ?

    Our relations at a few points were quite volatile, attacks were traded and a lot of work was made in diplomacy to bridge the gaps, before we could move forward on a United front.

    What attacks ? Like common show us one report :D

    Once I knew relations could be confirmed I was able to update the situation ofc in an honest way here.

    Honesty from a biased poster ?

    Sanket your overall forum trolling is as bad as Loffes and eaties reaching new lows , btw what ever happened to that noob eatie?

    I am never good at trolling.... I am all about spamming :D and Loffe is by far one of the better trolls out there. Too bad u donot get his jokes :D

    While we are talking off topic what happened to your fav raider ? Why is the raid score not going up?

    To be fair I didn't expect vices to be gifted back ut nor did I evaluate the impact that would have on our operation which would have been adjusted very differently had we known ut would end up back in vices hands, there was no communication with us or even hint from tg this would be the case.

    So the actual scenario that was eventually played out ended up affecting us in the worst way, we got the short end of the stick and received a far greater setback then we believe a roll back would have had.

    If there is not a decision that fairly adresses the situation for all parties involved. Then vices might just find on this round they are left playing with themselves.

    So you basically expect that despite in game bugs Vices should suffer for no cause of their own? You want to be communicated on the account that a game bug is fixed when you have something which isnt right fully yours. From someone who started to claim that we arent allied with Ten. To being napped. To sharing arties which was for mutual benefit to right here that the UT belongs to you too, you have come really far in the amount of bull crap you have left in your wake.

    While i do sympathize with a lot of SGR if you potentially leave for good i am absolutely sure it would benefit the whole community more. Niels misinterpreting facts , spreading false agenda and general mis direction from your own mistakes is something can get you the short term benefits but makes you loose the long term thing.

    Aside from Mazzini and The Grim , to an extent Obi-seal i am yet to see any other playing member actually sympathize with the TD crew for those of you who claim to be on the high horse you seem to have fallen to low. Specifically La Mala Ice I have the deepest respects for the alphas and have always seen them as a beacon of exceptional decision making, unfortunately your words tarnished your very own legacy (hug). I know it wont matter much i guess, but this is a disappointed fan boy.

    To summarize it all , its always tough when TG has to intervene lets hope the issue is fixed. There are another 90 days to fight for lets fight the good fight !!!

    That's fantastic! Great of you to acknowledge there efforts whilst remaining in context. And congratulations on your first forum post TooGoodFou! hopefully you don't pick up on too many vices bad habits.

    Respect from the likes of you has no meaning (Cwl). To seek validation from others is not something secure people need in life ;).

    As far as the rest of the bull shit goes if too many people shout on top of their voices or keep repeating the same thing the truth doesnt change. Ofc you can misguide the new folks but truth be told everyone knows SGR and vices are just the same. Just we are better gamers than SGR on average :P

    One V one we would wipe the floors with you lot but our Achilles heel is our diplomacy which u take advantage of :D. I know it , my team knows it. Your team knows it and so does the world across all domains who have the slightest clue of com1 :D.

    Neils i really cannot close my eyes and assume that no one is watching me drink the milk :D. I refuse to lie no matter what the cost :D.

    Also your leaders are even worse then this, Sanket has openly admitted to resorting to similar tactics as ct this round only with coordinated plants in an endeavour to punish us all because of the actions of one player, something that sgr has never been known to do before nor will do in future, yet how does it make sense we get the blame when one of your own members goes rogue, curious how you explain this logic brainiac ?

    (Cwl) everything said on the forums is absolutely true !!! Fear the mighty noob (cwl)

    God forbid none of your players go rogue else like we hacked the finland power grid we may be blamed for so much else (cwl)

    One of our own members hahaha!!!!!

    Just for once have balls to own up to action of your mates u call frnds :D

    Thanks neils for tracking him down and getting him to make a statement :D

    I kept my tabs, villains is home it has will always have my name on the wall ;) For all that who know me I am always honest about things we pull. Fact of the matter is we pull those things cause we are completely okay with it, we wont be doing it if we didnt own up to things which is why i am saying take credit for things your side did ;).

    Another alliance in the same brush (cwl). SGR is outright worse than vices in all respects , everyone has its own fair share of good and bad but vices any given day over SGR, win or loose atleast there is an attempt to improve ;)

    We all know where the plants have been coming in from. Wingless from the first com1 your very own Nieols :P. To Nobody this round . Not to mention your initial ops on rangers while having players in rangers ;) Fact of the matter is those who wanna play vices will continue to play vices.

    There are two kinds of players the casual ones who quit and move on and then start a new game and the serious ones who try to push limits and punch above the line we all know which side has what kind of players. Unfortunately I have to draw a line over things said in pvt vs things on the forums plenty said there which is clear as daylight where and how these things came into the picture . (Talking about the CT incident. Who were the sitters, who helped with gold).

    Its easy to be a turn coat and pin it on current set of leaders unfortunately for them they picked the wrong leader to blame cause the one they blame puts out her heart and soul into this and clearly is our back bone.

    As far as winning this round or loosing meh its all about having fun and we all know where the fun is. Vices can never change the sheer core of the fact is everyone has a home here and everyone is welcome as each server is new we donot have favorites.

    Our Ocs donot choose to send armies on supports just cause they are not trusted enough can screw your perfect ops.

    We donot call pushes for a select few in the name of the ally goals (cwl)

    and we are not desperate for attention and a win that we will change our fundamentals just for it.

    We know who we are !!! We are true to our nature and we donot hide behinds masks (Cwl).

    Between me and SGR i can always have a ego. I did 0 your WW in one attack cause your leaders assumed it to be a fake ;) and that stems your true anger my scores on com1 is

    Com1 :: Lost cause i Played in SGR but atleast that time we tried to do it on our own :D

    Com1 :: 0ed SGR WW (bloody Travian reports :P)

    Com1 :: Won vs 3 sides.

    Com1 :: Did Not play :P

    Com1 :: Still awaiting results :D

    so 2 wins 1 No result and 1 loss.

    donot get me wrong i do love SGR and their folks they are great people . But when they win its cause they did the right things and when they loose its cause others were wrong is an attitude i refused to be part of ages ago :D. Plus the overall environment of internal communications can be confirmed by any player moving across the board we donot name and shame people in our chats when they arent around and we often invite everyone into our chats just so we can hang out quiet inclusive :D.

    And lastly i came to the forums way later into the picture :D So i would not like to steal credit from you and your propaganda . Most times all i do is quote you and obi and try my attempt to flame it up :P and i am flattered by the importance you give me but only vices know i am truly useless (cwl)

    Of course you did, vices approached lowlands first. Ironically diplomacy can only be good in vices eyes, especially if they are successful at it and it's not persued by their enemy.

    We approached them first out of SGR and Ten , but they had already spoken to you by then (cwl)

    So sorry to have misled you but we spoke to not make em join but to tell em to leave us alone :P

    Sure why not invent something not relevant to the server so you can orchestrate the next great play for vices, tell us more, vices tactics keep getting better and better don't they ?

    Compared to SGR i think we are all saints and have a halo over our heads :D.

    Sadly by the sounds of Sanket that's the way he is trying to get more players to play that sort of style, even to the point of peddling propaganda from past rounds in an attempt to try to justify this type of play style here.

    I am sure many SGR players have picked up from my style of play :D But then again grateful for the glory but technically i picked it up from others myself.

    the force is strong with us and we've united in a great rebellion against vices for a just and fair conclusion to this round.

    You do know right to be a rebellion you have to be the smaller party (Cwl). Or are you watching the wrong movies (cwl)

    Based on how rebellions are made its Vice who are the rebels :D

    Why would he include unrelated splats in an MM specifically about the OP? He did acknowledge and mention that they happened.

    The Same reason why he would include success of ops which have nothing to do with his ;)

    So I'm a friend of Villains? Or was it just a fluke?

    Ofc we are :P

    None of my posts include any personal insults, it is your weak nerves that cannot handle sarcasm.

    Ha haha :D

    I do not plan to play in com1 anymore either. I could not care less about recruiting or making SGR or anti-Vices propaganda. I did criticize SGR players for teching many times before too.

    Maybe shut REDACTED up then :D. Cause you sound just like the paid media to me :D

    I did criticize SGR players for teching many times before too.

    And yet annoyander fake is one of your best buds :P

    I suspect vices own track record for high level plants and searching for low blows will likely come in to play again as things heat up

    Oh man so funny niels so damn funny (Cwl). Remember CT hahahaha :D

    Another very difficult server for the reigning champs, I predict its going to come down to more then just ua or a numbers game.. Well done to both super metas so far for keeping pressure on the battlefield!

    Singing Kumbaya and allying everything that moves sure is very difficult :D

    Surely Agrona your not going to believe vices have nothing to do with forces uniting against them ?

    Vices villains brought this about on themselves, just ask vices tech accnt!

    Our Diplomacy is and will always be as long as we share the tag and play together :D

    Alliance X :: Lets ally and win together.

    US :: Hell No

    Alliance X :: If you donot ally us we will ally SGR.

    Us :: So what.

    Alliance X :: We will win against you with sheer numbers

    US :: Good Luck

    This round however we did approach LLs to steer clear and hope for some balance after loosing last round hoping they would play independently.

    Now SGR Diplomacy

    SGR :: We need to win against Villains Com1 is our home we cannot loose every round lets do Something !!!

    Rest :: I am SGR player i will start NW. i will report everyone in villains and hope it sticks. I will also recruit everything in quad.

    SGR :: You are our ally.

    Ten :: We will play to win on our Own.

    SGR :: We will have a nap with you , you can walk over us but we will ask for res to be paid back for our inactives but we have a Nap with U.

    LL :: We will not ally SGR.

    SGR :: U will ally ten who we will ally Us problem solved.

    Rangers :: We are here for fun.

    SGR :: We are here to ally you.

    Fox :: We have no clue what we are doing

    SGR :: We will still ally you.

    Random Players non allied :: Meh. What huh?

    SGR :: You are invited to SGR to fight Villains please join :D

    SGR :: Mission complete now to give Tonz our WW cause we have no good WW holder in our team .

    but also a good WW holder to win the game, which was from TEN.

    So Solace Is not a good WW holder (Wonder)

    Do you think that you can use our personal Skype conversations as leverage to win an argument over the public forum?

    By the way, I am not planning to share any of the stuff you said on Skype on private - I do not think it is very ethical. But let me ask you only this - does that mean that you no longer want to play in my team in the future? It is a sad way to find that out on the forum.

    Did you not do the same ? Taking comments from skype and bringing it out of context on the forums.

    Yes, based on your change in attitude over the last couple of months both in game, on skype and on forums, I wouldn't feel comfortable playing in your team. I'm not sure what's going on with you, but I feel like you're no longer the Obi you were last server.

    Just not me then hehe. I thought i was alone in feeling that way :D

    Sanket heaven forbid any player becomes upset with you or turns out to like sgr a bit more, I mean to even suggest a vices player dissatisfied is equivalent to blasphemy in vices, yet believe it or not it still occurs to this day.. Ofc if you have anything of value to substantiate these claims would be good to hear it.

    Everyone in Vices loves me i am annoyingly cute :P . But unfortunately i was not playing around last round. Suggestions are fine but we all know how the dice rolled when it came with CT. How many core leaders will have to accept before you realize your folly Niels common i know you can do better.

    Ofc some people get upset but u cannot generalize CT with the rest. We will even the score for the same this round just wait and watch !!! :D

    lol thanks for highlighting one of vices problem, vices like to blame sgr for literally everything, it's sgr's fault this and sgr fault that, forgetting players like cursed titans were quite capable of making up there own mind about vices. Cursed titans was not forced and willingly rebelled against vices off there own accord.

    It was a plant !!! A very good one atleast own up to your accomplishments.

    Sgr don't need to run the same circus a player can play there own account here to there own expectations and doesn't need to be used as a garage or exploited for another accounts gain, still it happens more then we like tho and its no good for the game.

    annoyander fake is not exploiting anyone (cwl)

    Niels its okay u can come out and say its u its been known for a while :D

    To the lowlands the question is clear they are here for one round and i believe one round only. How they choose to play or spend their time is upto them but good work by the super diplomat Tonzo to convince LLs to join, take over and then do the exact things he said wont be happening :D

    You my sir deserve a medal !!!

    The game is long and drawn another 100 days to go lets start visiting new topics and be relevant, the history lesson in the last 64 pages is getting repetative :D

    on the farming topics

    1. C2I seems legit i have not seen a single proof of evidence pointing otherwise.

    2. The Grim there are rumours of him having pvt farms which are defended usually but open up for near full bounties. It could also be a team player helping in times of need. But i leave that to you guys.

    3. Annoyander fake well that is raiding a bunch of pvt farms 100% some may be players some may be not, along with regular raiding . Too much emphasis is given to one account alone in a super meta . The expectations the weight on their shoulders should be tremendous :D

    I am quiet envious of the favor ism wish i got something as part of nepotism :D

    ou need to fire the guys who were handling the diplomacy part this server on behalf of your alliance, they did a really bad job at it so direct your frustration to them.

    There has only one diplomacy from the dawn of time . We donot do it :D We take what we like who we like and that is the end of it.

    Fixed it for ya.

    Low Blow!!!! Totally not appreciated !!! Never bring family into business!!

    Note that LL and TEN merged first. So, if you want to be just, direct these to LL and TEN first before you come to me.

    I donot see and Ten or LL here spreading propaganda :P Just you and your fellow batman :D

    Read above again. Cannnot put it in a simpler English.

    Point proven again in forums and not in game :D. Considering you arent even playing why are u so butt hurt about what happens in game?

    If I knew that they would do a single op just to splat all hammers, got UT stolen, gor WWk chiefed, got all WWrs ghosted, treat own players shitty so that they would turn against their own WW, I would definitely feel more confident. From the outset though, it looked like a solid 2 quad alliance with bunch of people simming massive WWks in the boonies.

    You mean to say CT turned on cause of being treated like shit. ? This here is hypocrisy and forthright propaganda at its miserable best. We all know how the story ends and who or what was pulling the strings :D . How naive can one be :D. Confidence is something you being in SGR cannot have, confidence is belief in oneself i have not seen SGR or its leadership showcasing it. or may be i am wrong you are confident on singing KUM - BA - YA - Eh -Oh !!!

    At least, I am not calling up the whole alliance to troll the forum. Do you think the sheer number advantage wins you the forum wars?

    Again do you think the sheer Number advantage can win you Com1 ?

    You do not appreciate the fact that SGR gives respect to Vices by forming a stronger opposition,

    Let me rephrase what i think. If bots could make confeds SGR would Confed them too. Basically you would confed everything that moves !!!! Despacito!!!!

    It was the perfect litmus test.

    I just hope you make better decisions in real life than reading and believing everything the internet has to say !!!! I hope the force is strong for you and can take you to the very best places !!!

    Funny how you write this wall of text

    Thanks was aiming just for that being funny :P

    First things first: Do you actually know the meaning of hypocrisy or did you not read my posts at all before commenting them? Or do you just use it as a buzz word since you have seen others were using them in this thread? Where in your quotes, there is action of mine contradicts with what I said to believe?

    Yes I did but it stems from the fact you are justifying the unification of the rest of the server along with fringe alliances like rest mayhem vs Vice being supportive of arguments that we tech have more player base and so one amidst all the other things while SGR does the same thing. FYI my buzz word is NOob!!! The hypocrisy is you stating that NE wants to play as an independent meta at any given point of time in the last 120 days of time.

    Right from local border skirmishes with TEN which were douzed of mutually , to having rest clear local quad artefacts and mayhem too.

    Second: This is becoming too repetitive for my taste, but once again, I didn’t say LC is useless - my claim was UD is more valuable (thus, you cannot count both as same one large artefact) and Vices have better artefacts. Unless you say something against this argument, let’s not waste more time and energy on this.

    UD is more valuable ofcourse but its not our fault No One did not clear the arty should have trained more EIs instead of being a semi Tech :P

    Vice Stole the better artefacts which is what you should also be attempting to do steal em. Not come here and add to the propaganda :P There is still another 120 days make a solid ingame contribution vs the forum one :D

    Third: If our merging makes no difference for you, why on earth you all would come here crying about it for the last several pages? If you want to improve your understanding of Hypocrisy (which seems like you do), there goes one example for you.

    Again as said previously we are not crying against merging . We are stating that you would merge no matter what for a easy way out. Last com1 SGR had the UA Ten had the UD . SGR had solid 1 Million plus WWKs yet allied with Ten and gave up their own WW to be subset of TENs. So merging is not a result of player base or arties or anything it is a mindset which SGR have gotten used to. Among the 3 previous com1 SGR had the highest chance of winning last com1 as a solo meta but imo took the easy way out.

    Forth: Who on earth told you that it is your fault that SGR didn’t come back as strong as last year or SGR lost artefacts? Even I am not playing this server seriously - it is known that those that are the most active on the forum are the ones slack in game. I am very happy with this state, I needed a break and I still enjoy reading and commenting on the forum. What is the problem here? I really don’t know what point you are trying to make.

    No problem at all was just stating here you are trying to win on forums than ingame :P

    Fifth: One should be naive or plain stupid to be convinced that “we decided to play together” is different than merging. Who are you kidding really? It is a basic common sense that both means that you expand your playerbase. Very simple.

    You still donot get it right :D Ofc we expanded our player base but the merging here refers to the fact that you give up sole leadership for a joint one based on circumstance in game . If Ten and SGR came as a co meta here LLs would not be part of the kumbaya is a matter of fact.

    7 + Villians came together cause we had bit of common player base and a lot of our community had dwindled . I thought u would appreciate the fact that we gave SGR serious thought and brought a team which is strong enough to compete. Not go wing to wing to every alliance out there once the game begins :D.

    Sixth: If you do not understand the difference of toxicity between making propaganda for your alliance vs trying to insult others by racial slurs, this is beyond hope. I thought you understood it by the way you reacted yesterday, but I guess either you didn’t or you approve this. Good for you in either case.

    As you already know I have made it clear abundantly in pvt . You felt offended and i told you were apologetic towards it. But taking whats said in pvt and brining it up to forums is not gonna help any cause. Going head to head with a troll is a leap u took . We do not share his opinions but its not our fault u landed in a ditch with this. Once again the mods have taken a stand and lets move on and get back to game related trolling...

    Kumbaya !!!!

    Yeah, a large confusion worths as much as a unique diet

    Why did you go acquiring them if they have no use (cwl) Too many armies to waste on natars for off points ?

    You guys really managed to bring together all the trolls/toxic people to this server it seems. Cannot even communicate without constant flaming and trolling.

    Say the people who have half the posts advocating and feeding the same toxicity of the 55 pages (cwl)

    About point 1 - I dont think SGR were stronger from TEN from the get go, but whatever. If TEN and SGR will play in com1 in the future, I think they should just play together from the beginning like Villains and 7 did, so that they wont be blamed for merging when it becomes necessary. It looks like some people, like yourself, think that merging to get a win is not really a win. So, pre-merging would be a smart thing to do if you wanna be stay competitive against Vices.

    You seem to loose the basic concept of alliance dynamics :D After 2 rounds of servers we lost a bit of leadership and core accounts. during the 3rd seven joined as 7Illians but the overall number was 3 wings + change . It was not merge or pre merge it was one team it still is the same one team :D

    This is the first round we have tried to go with 4 wings cause the SGR + Ten combined was too much for a 3 wing group spread across 2 quads. We adapted made changes to be competitive started one quad and added members. Considering we decided to go 5 days before the server no way were we sure where our numbers would be.

    It is not our fault your players did not come and play with you for another round for whichever reasons.

    It is not our fault you could not recruit to fill in the plugs left by other players leaving.

    It is not our fault you are more on forums than in game.

    It is not our fault u lost 3 critical arties to us.

    Merge about and sing kumbaya makes no difference to us. How you play the game is of no concern to us. Just stop being a hypocrite. This is the 4th round vs the same opposition our strength has been near about the same all servers. All our members have always been in the flagship we raised.

    Just stop being so hypocritical else we may come next server with the meta name which came a close second (CwL) AH (Anti - Hypocrites). Trust me it had quiet a few votes :P

    Also reading your posts i can think of only one thing :P

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.