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    It doesn't make any sense what you are saying. It has nothing to do with the situation of Travian, where players play a game against each other and can bid silver against each other. The situation of ice cream doesn't map to Travian.

    It actually makes far more sense than you think. I'm just trying to make an example from real life grocery shopping if you get the logic better that way. Always when something is given free, someone loses money. In this case it actually is Travian itself, since that gold most likely would be bought by players, now they don't have to buy that much gold they would otherwise need to get all that they want to get.

    I'm just curious, why don't you want something good to happen to people? Just because that person wasn't you?

    With money, you get something that isn't money, which is completely different thing, and in this example is ice cream. In Travian case, you can buy gold with money, which is completely different thing. With gold you can exchange to silver, which again is completely different thing.

    If you can't argue against something, it doesn't make the argument invalid.

    If you focus with your webshop on the French market (eg. having and French translations), you indeed have to comply with French laws in principle. If you just have an English site you don't.
    Translated from government website: "For websites outside the EU, these rights do not apply, unless they focus on the European market."

    Even if a US website wants to fully focus on European market (local translations, local domains, etc.), they have to comply with EU rules. And most of them do :)

    Evil Doctor: about Russia: they can simply block certain websites, such as many countries block Piratebay. They don't need to shut down foreign servers.
    About the icecream, the large difference is, this is a game where we compete to eachother. It is not just giving someone free gold, it is the fact that you are giving me a disadvantage while giving others an advantage. With free ice cream, I don't get a disadvantage, only my friends get an advantage. Big difference.

    If they block the website, Russians can still enter the site with VPN for example. I'm not 100% sure how it goes with those things, so I really can't talk about that too much.

    And with the ice cream example, it does affect those ice cream shops. Your friend got an ice cream for free instead of buying it from that hut on a hot summer. Poor ice cream shop, losing money. Even the shops give products for free sometimes. If for example shop thinks a customer needs some good when they have made a mistake, they might give chocolate for free. Is the shop now making a crime there? Or they might make some competitions, free for everyone and give some product as a prize. Are they making a crime there also?

    Answer is no, they are not.

    Edit. For example, I have won backbag full of chocolate from free competition made by a shop.

    Edit2. And yes, you do get disadvantage by losing that ice cream to a friend.

    Yes they do. For example, any app or website that does not comply with the Russian law, will get banned all over Russia. Italy has a similar system.

    I agree. But it can be (not solely) bought by gold.

    Yes it is not the same, but they have an equivalent and may be converted to eachother.

    If the physical server is in Russia, then Russia can delete the site. If it isn't then Russia is illegally hacking if they shut it down. All that matters is where the physical servers are. I'm not 100% sure with that, but I have read somewhere it being this way some years back.

    You are saying like if you go to shop, buy an ice cream and decide to sell it to your friend and therefore convert it back to money, its the same thing. So no, ice cream and money is not the same thing. And if you do that, the value actually decreases significally there most likely. We can do the example even with you going to electronic shop, buy a laptop, use it for 3 years, sell it to someone else and convert back to money your product, and there for sure the value has decreased. The big difference here tho is, that your value hasn't even changed, even if you want to deny the fact that they aren't the same thing.

    Or with the free gold, you are saying that if you decide to buy that ice cream, give it to friend for free, the value of every ice cream decreases and you are therefore breaking the law. It just makes absolutely no sense. If you really believe that, I really hope you haven't given coffee, something to eat for friends when they have visited you. Or even more bad, fed your children, given them a house to live in for all those years for free. Such a criminal you would be with your own logic.

    Yes you can still NPC as much etc. The question is: is a derivative of the purchased product (silver) still a purchased product (when gold is transfered to silver)? You are all saying: 'no' while I'm pretty sure the answer is "yes".

    You are getting that 100 silver with 1 gold, right? How has that changed? There is nothing changed, people just like to use more silver, and it is the players choice.

    Should have I started crying when i used silver to buy bandages and players from enemy alliances put the prices higher even though they didn't want to buy the product? They just wanted me to lose more money. (The answer here is no, Travian has nothing to do what ppl decide or want to do)

    How players use the gold/silver is up to them.

    And still, you are buying the gold, you decide to use it to change to silver, a completely different product. Think it like this way: with gold you can't buy from auctions and with silver you cant buy npc, instant a building, etc. So no, silver and gold is not the same thing. And you should remember, that buying gold is also your decision. Even if you regret it, you have made the decision and are responsible for it, not the game.

    If you still don't get it, I prefer you check out what value actually means.

    That's where you're wrong.Lawfully, you still bought the silver and that silver decreased in value thus your purchased product decreased in value. Therefore, it should at least have been mentioned in the terms & conditons.
    Without the mention in terms & conditions, any refund claim at credit card companies or PayPal is lawfully valid, so Travian may lose a lot of money here.

    You bought the gold, not the silver. How has the gold changed after some ppl got free gold? Aren't you able to npc with 3gold? Aren't you able to instant a building with 2 gold? Aren't you able to buy 25% more production with 5 gold? Aren't you able to... well, I think you get the point.

    The value has not changed at all. Some people got more gold, but it changes absolutely nothing, your gold has not been changed. Quantity =/= value.

    Even still if you buy 600 gold, you can get the 300 instants with the amount like you have been able to before, if you wish so.