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    I joined on kornsnö at some point like day 70 ish I would say. Had a pretty small role at beginning and not so small at the end.

    Straight to the point. Afk quitted and kalkkuna didnt answer to messages and basically stopped playing at same time. I asked Manlet to help me with account, he did send opses etc (with few fails aswell :D.) What changed that day? Basically everything, It was not possible to idle for over 1hour or pretty big starvations would come because res feeding was allowed (allowing res feeding was obviously mistake, since it would just get more harder after time, imagine 15 minutes silo or smaller.) So yeah I told everyone that it was not okey anymore and many of guys took it well and we had to npc every 6 hours only or so. At same time i calculated a bit and made decision that every kornsnö village should have T20 Town Hall (we made last feeding village like day 197 so it was almost too tight with cp.) AFK had this bendover nice guy strategy, I changed it to opposite at some point. I also tried to help management a bit and started to talk with ppl on Feeder village channels, since I knew that it would be weak point after afk left Afk was always the HR guy :)

    Kornsnö final stats:

    51 Total villages

    31 Feeding village

    3 Wonders

    5 Support villages to some wonders etc.

    3 off villages

    1,2m Standings fed with techs on UD

    Fun facts

    We were not going to take those, but somehow there was 3 on kornsnö at the end :D Had to take matters to own hand on first place to even get those on account.

    End game strategy talks were pressured by this “what are we playing for if not going for wonder and trying to win”.

    Feeding was pretty good, but our discord bot which we used for feeding made it worse than what it would have been with scouting.

    Regarding end game strategy: Would have been nice if suggestions from management were to be taken seriously at least sometimes but for most times had to skip those for good. On bright side there was few occasions when ideas were good. (Started to get on nerve at some point, but I talked about stuff with Jimb00 the black and kept it together mostly.)

    ElNegro meme was well known in alliance.

    Thanks list

    Jimb00 & Kadonnut: big thanks for both guys for playing, helping and talking and all :) Ops king Jimbå

    Tempest & petrn; Big thanks aswell, both were obvious choice for ww team. Tempest is one of the hardest working players. Thanks for informing those attacks too :)

    Manlet: For being there :D

    Phoe: Pitkät vehkeet löytyy täältä ja on niissä leveyttäkin. Millon viivotin skabaa?

    Aeklav: biggest npc dude ever you made like 5 npc villages for ww feeding or so? Crazy :D

    Basic & Och: Npc village guy aswell, big def. Och remember to start climbing finally…!!!

    Xerii & eric: Npc village guys and big def. Xerii go to sleep.

    Loffe: Big time ret… respects for you, had to push you to do thing sometimes with big amount of force, but in the end its good.

    Arget & Tempus: Thanks for taking care of those BP’s and deffing.

    MrCiguma: “.600k”, “pls stop doing this”, big laughs :D

    BP holders in general (who had it for over 1 day and is not named raymon.)

    Raymon: For being giant manchild and best meme in ikea.