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    I get often asked if my nick 'Samisu' is Japanese. Not quite, but close. Samisu comes from my own name and initials with only one letter changed from the Japanese word スミス - Sumisu, which means Smith.

    Community Smith Samisu, at your service ^^^^^^

    Been using the nick for years, and that's the long story short.

    Well we did give honorary emblems to those players here on forum, who community voted for being the legend of 2017 etc. in Awards 2017. That's one idea for Awards 2018 - instructor / sage / seer of year 2018. And there will be prizes of course.

    Writing a game guide in a contest might take some of the fun out of it. Players need time to put their love and energy to their guides, and a time limit or a prize for the effort may water it down.

    Game guide sounds more like a team effort and a topic for lots of discussions on strategies, tribes, and what's actually useful info for players of different levels.

    ...unless the game guides are similar to the ones in Answers page? Those would be pretty awesome and worthy of a contest!