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    They got smashed that's it, hope this comment doesn't age like milk :3

    So admitting you were worse on every scale finally.
    First time during this server you seems even almost reasonable with ur writings :D
    You always lose due to inactivity and bad leadership but what drives you into that is a different thing.
    For what comes to what you can do and can't do is stupid to argue on due to you guys not doing anything impactful during the whole server, everyone can see it so there's no arguing about it. "Our goal is to smash gunners whatever it takes" and here we are with gunners going strong with 3 plans and 2 wonder's for the win against no opponent at all. Good job I guess :)

    I wasn't even doubting Raymon on his words and look where we are: Screenshot - 5e836d982e448b592dc026ace12adb8b - Gyazo

    Guess you got so rebuilding to do for 85 days worth, good luck with ur efforts !

    Atleast our techs have players and we don't buy "professional" russians to make us techs that other alliances farm for free :)

    Pensionhome may have limited your screentime but to gather ur troops and get together you might want to ask the nurse to give 1h more internet credit in future :P

    So you're basicly saying you were wrong on everything you said before and it's just petty and stupid to point that out ?

    Factchecking some more;

    1) I won't and don't want to go into our strategical decisions since the server is still on-going and we are heavily outnumbered as 193 accounts vs. basicly the whole server.
    But wouldn't you hit when it's the most beneficial for you or rather wait until you get hit and struggle ?

    3) Cosmo wasn't 300 catas each wave so the amount there is not significantly but little less than 7200.
    Also to point out the catas were from multiple ops hammers so makes losing ~1000 catas per hammer pretty insignificant.
    + Gunner's losing catas ain't our problem nor has anything to do with us :)

    Feeling filthy after reading this forum, gotta catch a shower.

    It makes ur point irrelevant.

    Just like you are :)

    We started opsing d43 and you can scroll back for the "hammers" thrown around at that time..

    13+2 teut hammer takes around 15days to que and is around 23-25k/h to que. Wouldn't call it simming when ur throwing +20k/h to ques at d20 but whatever you like.

    Also duat aggrosettled alot of GOW capitals in the center area, don't know how you compare 300acc meta pushing hammers versus ~80acc's pushing for hammers but wouldn't call it simming either to play multiple accounts without capitals and pushing for hammers and catas before d40.

    I have no words for the idiotism of saying simming before d60 for example has no impact on arte release, would argue that queing is much easier with lvl18 fields than lvl14 fields. (STUVA d70 with 2 hammers)

    Not to say that ofc everyone is simming as much as possible but arguing that nothing has happened before D100 in SW or NW and that it has no impact for artesweep/arteday is stupidity, everything comes with a prize. Specially earlygame aggression...

    In other news the 🐍 s in Dnd/vices have traded their ua for tens sd and unique boots. This is a massive boost for tens endgame chances. And also indicates that dnd have no intention of a winning ww..

    But who will these bunch of disbanded sissy’s try to buddy up to for the win..Gow? or maybe those trolling nordics ?

    Even against all odds I’d rather take the path of the ultimate warrior over the cop out move of walking down easy street... any day ;)

    How can you see this as good deal for TEN in any way, just tunneling on the 2x more wall on wondervillage perhaps ? Shouldnt be problem with proper WWK's, heard people here can do those, time will tell :)

    How are nordics trolling and no we won't buddy up with DND.

    There's absolutely zero ultimate warrior behavior from gunners so far, having urself between 2 enemies certainly ain't tasty spot to be but no problem for the ultimate warrios ? =)

    Had to cut the quote from a little bit of the bs spread.. But anyway, do any of you have any sticking proof of any planting or have you even considered the idea from either Duat of IKEA perspective why would either of us want to be shitty plant for another 180+ acc meta :(

    I don't know what Duat is doing and how close they are with any other alliances but can promise you that IKEA has nothing to do with any planting, playing for anyone but for ourselves is the last thing we would do.
    And sticking on the argument about balance is also shaky imo just because we don't know and can't know other alliances plans, activity, gold spending, player histories etc. So we just go with what we see and hear.
    Also just to point out but have you thought that hitting GOATS/2.01/TEN might not be a part of an masterplan but just clearing out the neighbourhood for nicer gameplay for ourselves ? Would be nasty to have enemy hammers and catapoints 5r from our capitals. If you don't believe me ask GOW and DUAT I guess.

    As you said it's all about narrative and point of view, both are like assholes, we all have one :)

    Afk I think Ikea is without any morale same like (vice, villains , dsd ) backstabbing , low game play but big mouth use of techs and biggest Zerg on com2 but yah we won’t leave cap hit no problem we build again. But yah thanks to server balancer ikea swedistan 😂. with those attack nice try but we ignored swedistan attacks

    Biggest zerg ? With who ? :/

    Swedistan ikea = 1 swedish player in the whole alliance ? ok :P

    Without any morale ? Who thinks you need morale in this game, like there's alot of morale in warfare all in all...

    Big mouth from us ? Like GOATS bragging how beast they are fighting then fleeing like chickens when getting few spawns conquered, gotta shaittalk that a little don't you think ?
    Big mouth regarding what else ? We ain't shouting on the public discord of how superior we are and how good we gonna be, we make things happen. I do think that's pretty much opposite from talking big.. :S

    Low gameplay ? Sure :whistling:

    Well good luck for you guys on com6, we will not miss you <3

    It is supposed to be different, but it's kind of the same.

    So no, it is not different in reality.

    Another ignorant comment here...

    Josec Tech account is an account played for another accounts benefit, built to be raided by 1 single account or 1 single alliance.

    Different from multi how ? It has a player and not played via proxy. GL to ur gaming ! :)