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    I'll post my two cents here and it's going to be long as well because I've constantly harassed like 50 different people to move def.

    All good things come to an end. I think it’s only fair to thank everyone who played on the server, even though it played out very differently than what I (or we in Nordics) had hoped or expected.

    A few things to note here; we thought the quality of the server would be through the roof and our purpose as IKEA was to kill off a few prospective winners, piss everyone off and die an honorable death which was reflected in our eagerness to pick a fight with all our immediate neighbors except Duat. We did not intend to play endgame at all and did not build any EGHs which gave us greater flexibility in defending and allowed us to take more risks. In the end, as well over 50% of the server ended up allying with each other, our playstyle was doomed and this caused quite a lot of frustration. After AFKs departure I was one of the vocal proponents to throw this approach out of the window and (quite unapologetically) manipulated to have the zerg not win by any means necessary as our new goal to keep up motivation as we were already bleeding players badly. The means in this case ended up being building our own WW even though we were late on it, largely because Hemoz was very much willing to do it on KORNSNÖ, so a big thank you for that.

    We pulled some data for the funsies, and on our cfd channel I found approximately 600 def calls between D90-D235 which do not include standing defs, those agreed in private or on some channel ex-tempore. So yeah, we did have to work for it on the def side as well, even though we for some inexplicable reason never really got opsed too much. A large part of the credit here goes to Goats, it was annoying but thankfully our excel and tech support team had provided us the means to deal with this nuisance pretty effectively. Overall I think we registered 4000 different entries of incomings, which could range from anywhere between 1 attack to 8 (and from different players). Then of course there were plenty that were never registered. If Goats’ fake ops were better executed by their launchers, I think it would have mounted to pretty good pressure. Maybe people just got a bit lazy?

    Perhaps the reason why some of you claim that we have a god-complex is because we had high hopes and expectations for this server and yet we saw a lot of stupid shit like hoarding SB on an account with 120k consumption hammer for 100+ days without ever using them (Rain42206x), parking ST for two weeks on an account that solo walled and had 6k catas ghosted (Shahi), constantly solo walling (NoMercy and almost half of Goats offs), constantly getting ghosted and not having any designated scout accounts. I think the zerging is the single biggest reason though as it’s the lazy way out. Also shoutout to SnakePlissken and his trash talk, his claims that they were going to win and watch everyone’s armies splat on his walls through empathy (confeding everyone) and his disappearing act with the comments ``why can’t you be humble in victory´´. I think we were just led to believe we were in for a different experience and also based off of last server’s forum threads and discussions.

    Anyways, that’s enough toxicity from my part. Despite me bashing Goats above, I don’t think they were the worst meta on this server or even bottom two. Considering the circumstances, they did what they could and they never quit playing, it’s just that they became a bit of a meme through some individual actions and major mistakes (and feeder opsing).

    A few words about the account. STUVA was an account that had potential to be one of the better off accounts on this server, but ended up being pretty average because of our lack of time and interest. In the end we only queued two hammers and focused on just opsing with both hammers and good windows due to our unusual working cycles. Originally Arget and n3x3 had an idea of playing a teuton with 4 ops hammers and STUVA was born. After a good start, n3x3 ended up slowly disappearing from the account from Halloween to mid November, but returned to help with artefact coordinating, after that he was pretty much gone. We never really queued even a third hammer because Arget and I didn’t feel like we had the time or energy to play our account enough on top of all the leading and our techs were starting to fall behind. We also had to sit and play some accounts whose owners had quit without really saying a word. In the end, our archive in game shows 98 ops or BG ops hits which I’m pretty satisfied with.

    I think Kadonnut’s summary of our relationship with Duat is pretty accurate and quite cordial considering the circumstances. In a way I felt like we were all held hostage this server and I’m just happy it’s over.

    I’d like to thank all of Duat’s players for a job well done and special thanks to Loffe for being the most valuable player in Nordics, B0B for all the good talks, xerii, Urk and Viadol for the help with WW & def and of course to natiri for the amount of hours poured into scouting with a nod to Amar and Vilgot for similar reasons. The average level of play in Duat was very high and congratulations to the EoR crew for #1 off on the server.

    Rest of the thank you’s;

    Shout-out to the WW team (Hemoz & Manlet from KORNSNÖ, Tempest & petrn from ALGOT, Kado and Jimb00 (FABLER & BLÅHAJ respectively).

    Arget: I think this was a very fruitful round at least for me. I learned a lot, we had a good time and we were able to share opsing duties pretty effectively. Never really any problems and I don’t think things could have worked out any better, so much love to you.

    n3x3: Thanks for the early game and the effort on arte day even though you probably didn’t have a whole lot of motivation by then. I’m still a bit upset about how you quit without really saying anything, but everyone’s got their reasons and it’s still just a game.

    Fearz: Thanks for building our best tech and artesweep

    Gonu (HILJA) & Metsämies (HJORTSVANG): Our tech wizards that made it possible for our def team to complete 900 def calls between D90-D235. Def coordinating has never been easier and a big thank you to Gonu for the final push that was crucial in securing us the win.

    Jimb00 (BLÅHAJ): Excellent performance again at off coordinating and being the spiritual successor of AFK, although I do think you’re a bit too quiet sometimes especially given how much stupid shit was thrown at you for no reason in particular. It was really funny seeing you get mad that one time all server though. Excellent BP planning with Kado.

    Kado (FABLER): Beep boop, sometimes I do not compute how you manage to accomplish so much every server. I think your contributions in def coordinating went undervalued and your ability to kind of do whatever was needed is quite something. Excellent work on BPs, truly a shame what happened later.

    Tempest (ALGOT): You need to trust yourself more, you are capable of more than what you give yourself credit for. Nice account once again even with that capital bounce and the WW support was invaluable. A big thank you to petrn as well, you guys are like paita and peppu at this point.

    Hemoz (KORNSNÖ): Beast account and easily the most important account on the server, hands down. You could definitely benefit from AFK calming people down when you get into the mood of being a dick but you were surprisingly civil on this server. Are you getting old? It was great to play with you again after such a long time, I think even our fights and arguments were for the better in the long run. As much as some might not want to admit, a large part of this victory was thanks to you saving KORNSNÖ and filling some pretty big boots.

    AFK (KORNSNÖ): Insane guy. Have you ever considered playing a relaxed account? I think your absence towards the end really showcased everyone what kind of an impact you can have on an alliance. Quitting to focus on IRL was definitely the right call, no hard feelings there. All the best!

    Kämmis (HJORTSVANG) & Superriku (KLUBBSPORRE): You might have both been pretty inactive at times, but when you were there helping with def it was a huge relief. Thank you and a special mention to kämmis for huutikset and naurikset in TFT voice.

    Moxxi (TACKAN): You da best, beast WWK 733210565874548767.png?v=1

    Lategame def movers: OneAndOnly (ÖDMJUK), Teris (LOPPSTARR), Katatonia (FEMMEN VÅG), Lyks (TROFAST), Basic & Och (PAX). Thank you for allowing me to keep my sanity. I think you all deserve a medal for that last push.

    Nikuzz & Drunk Moose/Stone (SENSUELL): Really, really good off account. Better ops hammers than most roman EGHs on the server. Sorry about the big one. Not much we could do and this is why we really wanted to wall all hammers before WW got too high, but the zerg let us reactivate UD for some inexplicable reason so we took a risk of saving a few in case we had to train Gunners BP. You paid the price.

    Jola (DAIDAI) & Potkustart (STOPP): You guys suffer from the fact that you have set your bar so high by accomplishing the impossible time and time again :) Your contributions did not go unnoticed even though you might have gotten pretty fed up with the entire game towards the end, thank you for hanging in there and building easily over a million prets and half a million spears again. Thanks for the help with all the sheets when I burned out at times, it was truly a huge relief.

    Aeklav (JÄTTELIK) & Tigereye (EKORRE): Huge team effort by you guys, never a complaint, a no or anything. Good accounts and you guys volunteered to do so much extra work, huge +++++++

    Teris (LOPPSTARR): The man who can always be trusted. Thanks for the help with off bank as well.

    Lyks (TROFAST): This man is machine. Best moving def all server hands down and any def coordinator’s best friend.

    Och & Basic (PAX): Great account, great attitude, great meme and justice4pax. Congrats on winning the best def vote and thanks for WW help.

    Jontski (POKAL): For a solo account without techs, you can be proud of what you accomplished. Well done!

    Phoe, the McDonalds Finn, Tech General, destroyer of MrGnogi, devourer of KORNSNÖ’s crop: Huutista 6/5 most underrated, every alliance needs a guy with your attitude

    Karpaasi & Ptt (LACK): Ootte ihania :3

    Vilho (KOPPLA): You idle a lot :harold:

    KURA gang (Weeder, Keisari, Miks): You guys and your complaints about trainer rotations and early game were tilting af. On the other hand, fun lads, good game sense and opsing activity, hyvä tsemppi loppuu kohden :thumbsup:

    Havocc (KLUBB): Even though you tried your best to stir up drama and caused me to have a meltdown by hitting KURA capital, it was a good meme. It would have been a better meme if I didn’t have to deal with some of the fallout.

    Karppi (KLUBB) Ime keilaa 726169820130705460.png?v=1

    GreatA, Ricin (HEJAREN): A very strong start and then a complete disappearance. What happened? Also interesting antics in the night.

    Zimpero: Great player, fun to banter with in voice, still an absolute pain in the ass. I would not be able to play with you in the same alliance again.

    And thank you to everyone else who made this long journey with us, especially some of the off peeps that I did not mention by name here :)

    As for non Nordics, shout-out to the Gunners leadership for being a bunch of reasonable human beings and good banter. We never wanted to cooperate too much because like I said at some point, most of our players would rather ops you or quit than borrow def.

    Next time there are 7 metas on a server, could we please resist the urge of ganging up 5v1 at least until BPs are out?

    Unofficial Nordics victory song: BORKNAGAR - Up North (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube

    Nordics end of server meetup 2021 (colored)


    GGs and looking forward to hear how things went in the other metas.

    Tempus (STUVA)

    P.S. I'm sure I forgot someone. Don't be too offended pls.

    WW situation today (D228)

    In other news, GoW, TEN and Goats landed on Gunners feeders and NPC villages two days ago. Kekw and salt levels on the unofficial discord of com2 remain high to this day.

    Needless to say, the end is nigh. Will the ultimate warriors prevail against all odds, or shall nordics flex with a roman WW? Or perhaps the twisted disbanded gods of 201 goats will pull off the impossible. For good or bad, we will soon all be able to take a break from the game.

    You actually dont understand what I said... It was a compliment to the strategists of IKEA. Is better to be in a room where u learn than one in which you have nothing to learn. ;).

    And TBH, there is not only skill, activity level and budget are much more important than skill. ;)

    You believing that you have to re-iterate your obvious point to me makes the irony all the sweeter. I will return the favor and re-iterate my point since based on you a) not thinking I understood what you meant b) seriously thinking that money and time > skill, I can't tell if you are serious or trolling.

    Since this is a video game we are talking about, I for one believe it is better to win than to lose and say shit like "but haha, we will learn more from this and catch-up to you in the long run". If you want to look smart, I'd tone down on the clichés and declaring everyone else to be either dumb or children (nice comment history btw) and actually deliver in-game. Oh wait, but you don't have enough activity and gold?

    An account that is developed like trash and doesn't know how to ops properly will max out early and just end up costing a lot more splats by betraying reals without knowing how.

    Is always a bad idea to be the smartest person in a room. It means you are in the wrong room.

    Only if you have managed to make others all too aware of it and you are surrounded by presumptive peers. Besides, this is a (children's) video game, not Caesar walking into the Senate for the last time or corporate life with potential rivals everywhere. Why would we wish to dumb our play down to fit into the same frames of "skill" or "intellect"? In this instance, I say it's better to be feared than to be loved.

    For all I care you can keep your head up your fluffy unicorn for the rest of the server and keep feeding mushroom fertilizer to those poor people who have to take orders from you. Besides, Gunners getting banned is not our problem. At least when Goats were getting banned at the same time as Chocolate, it was a problem for us because we couldn't raid banned accounts.

    I think the lack of answers paints the picture nicely. The 'we are not a zerg' union of alliances is getting blown out of the water by nordics who are (allegedly) 1) botting 2) do not have lives 3) have a god complex 4) are only winning because they waited everyone to idle since who plays after d150 anyways?

    Iirc it's d194 now. Gunners are still clinging onto dear life after getting 5v1'd for 3 months straight.

    I was being ironic regarding the bots there. You didn't seem to understand it. And I was being ironic when said your bots also post and troll here at the forum. I hope you do get that one or shall I need to explain ?
    And the compliment about your game play was a real compliment. Read it better if you want.

    About you and your opinion I can only say I prefer to be with shitty players than with shitty persons.

    Have it your way. Also based on what the rest of your herd has been going on about for the past 60+ days, do forgive me if I do not believe random goats to be capable of irony.

    Your mate below at least has a more believable response.

    Then you have my respect. No pun intended this time. Regarding the rest... I will stick to my people, good or bad.

    Best regards,


    Whoever wins will be a fair winner. Now no one can complain the game is unbalanced. It's about half of the map against the other half.

    Stop deleting so much, now we're only outnumbered 3:2 last I checked if you count Gunners and Nordics together. Regarding timing attacks: the speed of the connection doesn't matter as long as it's stable. You are always able to compensate for delay, but not if it's different every 30 minutes. You won't get a feel for it. It is incredibly easy and any meta struggling with it is just being lazy. 50g from rally point and don't potato it up. Run tests on friendly villages with reinf to understand the mechanics and write a guide on your discord. It really is that simple, but again for some it's easier to just scream bots.

    P.S. Your text is legit "I'm not accusing you of botting, but I think you are botting". How would bots choose what to settle, how to attack and how to use artefacts? Is it because your leaders give trainers for weeks to guys who solo wall their hammers and get ghosted and are only capable of planning opses with tech feeder hits? So when someone else demonstrates actual competence in planning and leadership it surely can't be legit?

    I don't know why you keep coming back here thinking you have absolutely anything to say of substance. Everyone can see what a joke team Goats are. I have never seen such an overrated group of players. I honestly think even 2.01 are better. This text would be too long to explain just how bad you guys are and it's especially hilarious that you are CO of Brezzok genuinely thinking that carries some weight, when it perfectly explains why you are so delusional over your own "achievements".

    By the way crying "double crossing" about some random finns attacking your spawns day 40 is just sad. Literally couldn't think of anything else have a less of an impact on where we are today in the server.

    The guy is literally power tripping while being knee deep in the shitter. If that's not a Goats move, I don't know what is.

    To clarify, this is the guy who sends IGMs to us with things like ~ 'Hey Batman, your timing is 1 second off'

    Childish, don't you think? As is making a grand entrance here by stating that you've won everything there is to win in this game? Also, I do not think anyone owes respect to someone who accuses people who have outplayed him all server long of botting while simultaneously buying russian multiaccounts. Oh but I forgot, you guys aren't even trying or playing seriously, just casually confeding with four other metas because you are here to not "win"?

    zerged meta thought gunners will be destroyed far ago, so u will be able to deal with nordics

    the result is, u lost ton of assets along this war and got weakened to the upcoming fight with them

    I mean if you cant kill a single meta with five metas in over a month thats not a good look.

    on the defensive side we didn't really took damage, but we did lost a lot on the offensive. major of Gow biggest hammers went down in the op when Nordics defended you.

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    You accuse us for being a zerg and still not doing well. Well look at you, you are a zerg, defending together, and timing ops together, and yet you caused way less damage than our single op. In the first op on Nordics we took more caps than Nordics took in 4 ops. Not talking about your friends in GUNNERS

    Either you're god awful at this game or you're awful at trolling. I will go with guessing the former.

    There is not really a zerg. Just a little ganging up on the strongest :)

    Travian has indeed changed a lot if recruiting 2/3 of the server under one banner to share artefacts and to do opses together is not a zerg. Would you like to make a forum post on why goats gave up a small trainer without getting any arte in return? Grey sus, ngl

    Hi all, I haven't been here for less than ten years, but for some reason my account was deleted, I had to register a new one, and this was a waste of time, pity and strange. Ok, as long as I remember Travian (since 2007) so much I hear howling and crying about metazerg. Tell me, is there really a zerg or are the next losers commemorating the lost caps and hammers? :)

    As if you aren't a forum warrior of the supermeta poking a bit of fun? Wtfqaz?

    Says a lot about Goats if they join a server with a secret confed. Idk at which point we agreed to a confed, it was only a NAP but whatever.

    No intention of going back on your word? Going to call doubt on this one. You can thank galaxy song for that. Having HM and Catas boosted denying capital oasis from one of our accounts while they settled late? After seeing what they were doing, it was time to train chiefs and hammers. If Goats leaders do thart, why would we trust them? Truly a galaxy brain move.

    But you are correct, we would have turned on you anyways. No need to lie and deny that. Why would anyone happily zerg with other metas in their own quad and not clear their immediate area? Since com2 has a history of joint opsing, I would never allow people to build catas in starters in my backyard for that reason.

    I sincerely wish you the best of luck in the endgame, you have done exactly what TEN has said IKEA has done. Made a lot of enemies.