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    You accuse us for being a zerg and still not doing well. Well look at you, you are a zerg, defending together, and timing ops together, and yet you caused way less damage than our single op. In the first op on Nordics we took more caps than Nordics took in 4 ops. Not talking about your friends in GUNNERS

    Either you're god awful at this game or you're awful at trolling. I will go with guessing the former.

    There is not really a zerg. Just a little ganging up on the strongest :)

    Travian has indeed changed a lot if recruiting 2/3 of the server under one banner to share artefacts and to do opses together is not a zerg. Would you like to make a forum post on why goats gave up a small trainer without getting any arte in return? Grey sus, ngl

    Hi all, I haven't been here for less than ten years, but for some reason my account was deleted, I had to register a new one, and this was a waste of time, pity and strange. Ok, as long as I remember Travian (since 2007) so much I hear howling and crying about metazerg. Tell me, is there really a zerg or are the next losers commemorating the lost caps and hammers? :)

    As if you aren't a forum warrior of the supermeta poking a bit of fun? Wtfqaz?

    Says a lot about Goats if they join a server with a secret confed. Idk at which point we agreed to a confed, it was only a NAP but whatever.

    No intention of going back on your word? Going to call doubt on this one. You can thank galaxy song for that. Having HM and Catas boosted denying capital oasis from one of our accounts while they settled late? After seeing what they were doing, it was time to train chiefs and hammers. If Goats leaders do thart, why would we trust them? Truly a galaxy brain move.

    But you are correct, we would have turned on you anyways. No need to lie and deny that. Why would anyone happily zerg with other metas in their own quad and not clear their immediate area? Since com2 has a history of joint opsing, I would never allow people to build catas in starters in my backyard for that reason.

    I sincerely wish you the best of luck in the endgame, you have done exactly what TEN has said IKEA has done. Made a lot of enemies.

    You don't believe Saravan? Because that's whom I quoted. The rest of your message is lost to me.

    Who pointed out that Goats leaders bought multis with real money for their own purposes. The same ones which Jay claims were deleted techs and their own choice.

    My original point was that buying ready accounts to play with TOR is not teching.

    I probably should have quoted that as well, but this thing on mobile is not the easiest formatting-wise.

    He said techs, not multi. Read up before quoting :S

    Yeah but based on the fact that we were raiding them more than they were, until we received an IGM from the owner of the main account from said multi without the sitter signature kind of makes me doubt that statement. A tech account that early in the game does not stay afk for 10 days unless it's played via TOR, in which case it's not a tech.

    I just don't believe him 🙃

    There is another way of buying tech? How do you guys do it then if you don't use real money?

    Buying multiaccounts is different to teching.

    Regarding the other conversation that Jay is quite engaged in, there is no guarantee that you wouldn't zerg it up again if you start losing. I don't know why we should assume Goats are a clean bunch. We have no interest in accommodating you by changing the way we're doing things simply to prove a point, especially if that change is non-reversible. As much as I admire the chest beating, it serves no purpose.

    The way I see it, we backstabbed you before you could backstab us. If you wish to contest that point, I'd like to remind you that one of your leader accounts aggrosettled us and got HM + catas boosted there. That's something I'd expect to see from a disgruntled regular member, but if a leader account is doing that, why should we assume that the situation would remain peaceful for any extended period of time. You're of course welcome to return with the good old "No, I don't believe you, you've planned this all from the start!".

    Even if we hadn't gone for your starters (truly a terrible loss, I know) and a peace would have lasted for a bit longer, it would have not mattered much in the long run. It's not exactly all that friendly between Gunners and DND right now either despite the fact that they were having a happy little simming session for most of the time until the artefacts. I don't think anyone here is disillusioned enough to believe that the SW situation would have ended up any differently after a while (without plants of course).

    Anyway, since you seem to be very annoyed, bringing up what I did ingame (on a server I didn't play), completely unrelated to the discussion.. Maybe a meme will appease you


    As if you would have let a bunch of farms 2.01/TEN recruited sit in the middle of GZ. Would hardly call that attacking TEN, especially since they branded themselves as "IKEA 2" when we asked them nicely to relocate early on. We do not get enjoyment out of beating random players or new players for no apparent reason, but what can you do. They joined 2.01 and we kept hammering them when they merged with TEN. We can return to this topic at a later point in time if it ever becomes relevant again (doubtful). This is not to say that 2.01 are a bunch of farms, I bet they really needed some extra buffer against TEN so eh. Citing this as a casus belli is a bit of weird one (as if you needed one, no CB is not -2 stability in this game). The underlying reasons are most probably something that won't get discussed publicly (yet). Again, a conversation maybe worth having once the server is concluded. For all intents and purposes, so long as nobody is able to speak openly all you get is autistic screeching and bad faith arguments.

    Also some people here have made some pretty bold statements saying that we in IKEA plan things. I would like to assure you that this is not the case. In this video, you can see a clear example of how IKEA management decides on any given course of action throughout the server, or prior to it starting. Creative solutions require creative methods, after all.

    Totally agree, 100%.

    However, I think nothing is to be achieved by posting about it here. The leaders you reference are happy and will not change. Their members who don't mind are happy anyway. Their members who do mind can't do much about it besides leave, which seems unlikely.

    The rest of us, all we can do is offer an alternative vision. I am pleased the leaders of my alliance, while talking both in public and in private, set a positive tone which is an example to all members.

    Smirking at this. I for one appreciate good banter though, proper keyboard warriors usually just aren't very good at it for some odd reason.

    Wall of text

    Some interesting thoughts, some quite far off the mark though. I appreciate how interested you (GOATS) are in IKEA and in what we're doing/not doing. But I guess it's a great strategy to divert attention from you to others. And it seems to be quite effective. Instead of focusing on your position on the server and the options available to you, most people focus entirely on your (ally's) constant whining and finger pointing.

    This is a conversation that is better suited after the server is over. There's an old .fi domain tradition of 'end speeches' where people, leaders and grunts alike (if willing) tell the story of what happened on the server and why from their perspective. We've managed to export that concept to nordics and considering the amount of drama and banter here in com, wouldn't be surprised if people are interested in having that camp fire discussion on the forums afterwards.

    I'd also like to point out that there are multiple metas out there that do not share all their reports publicly.

    becoming the number one and number two alliance didn’t happen over night, consider the unprecedented coordination of duat or the fierceness of Ikea, as well as the colossal hammers of dnd. It takes takes all the ingredients and the right combination of dedication and leadership on such a scale that can only be answered by expert specialists that have spent years under extraordinarily strenuous tutelage from the legendary masters of Travian.

    So often it’s the same old story of Players that think they are good enough but are often blinded by ego letting it get in the way of reaching their full potential, actually 99% of the time It’s never been a case of players not playing by the rules, rather a case of coming up against teams much better prepared with more skill ;)

    Don't forget the immaculate simming of Gunners, the silver loaded coffers of GoW (what are those animal farms, Orwell would be proud), the Viet Cong like style of 2.01 or Goats for their ability to bully Drömsäck! We're all equals here :peepolove:

    Yeh we expected you to hit them, its the players outside of the grey zone that you have been hitting that may mean you are getting into bed with TEN. I don't know for certain but seems weird that you would be hitting 2.01 players not in the grey as we are current no threat to IKEA, as you know we are very much preoccupied.