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    Haven't been on this site in a very long time, glad to see such a nostalgic post and to hear that you're doing so well, Arcca. It's crazy to think of how much I've matured and how much life has changed since 2008-2011 when I was really active on here. At one point these forums were really important in my life. Anyway, I don't think I've ever posted a pic of my face on here, and arcca's got me in my feelings right now so I might as well. Excuse the redness, I was slightly inebriated here haha:


    225 Beginning to think these spam bots are not a bad thing. They're at least better than dual requests.

    You told us to presume you dead if you ever became inactive Spy-der. You're doing a bad job of killing yourself

    Haha I was getting nostalgic last night and started visiting some of my old sites to see how they were going. Glad to see there's still some people keeping things going.

    Cowboy Santa: Long time no see my dude!

    So I've been lurking the forum for a bit this past week. Thought I'd go ahead and post something since no one else is. Arcca, you look like a badass by the way.

    But yea, this is an updated picture of me.

    Are you dating? :3

    Shaded over the girl's eyes to protect the identity of the innocent. And no, we're not dating or anything.

    Lol, nah. We're just friends atm.
    Probably not gonna get into dating until I get situated with high school and everything. Im just really trying to focus on other things right now. Gotta bring my GPA up to 4.0 by the end of the semester or my parents will flip sh*t and Im getting pretty intense with my training for track and wrestling. I just try to prioritize things as best as I can, ya know.

    No one's posted a picture for a while...

    I look like a retard here, but whatever:

    Shaded over the girl's eyes to protect the identity of the innocent. And no, we're not dating or anything.

    @Bandgeek: Thanks. He's gorgeous. He could seriously be a model for Iam's or something haha.

    @Tingz: Yea, he's great. I do feel kind of bad though because I want to play with him more and I cant with my allergies. I walk him whenever I can, but I still. We're actually thinking of getting another dog to keep him occupied all day. Probably a mastiff.

    Cowboy Santa: I'm back, but not really. I'm getting into a ton of AP classes and I really need to be dedicated to studying. I'll lurk, but I wont be posting that much.

    And the dog's name is Bandit. Funnily enough, we were in between naming him Bogey or Bandit. I let my sisterchoose between the two and she named him Bogey, but we ended up finding the previous owner (who didnt give a crap about the dog and just gave him to us) who told us that the dogs name is Bandit. After that we just decided to call him Bandit.

    Hey. So, I dont know if anyone's noticed, but I've been gone since mid-November.

    Long story short, I didnt have any internet or television from mid-November to February, and I just havent remembered to log back in since then. And, I wasnt grounded or anything. I just moved into a new complex that wasnt wired for internet or TV.

    I actually got a dog, while I was gone. He's half pointer, half pit and was found as a stray. Me and my dad didnt plan on getting a dog, especially with our allergies, but after I saw him and found out that he was going to be sent to the pound later in the day... how the hell was I supposed to say no? I mean, look at his face. We got him at the end of November and he's completely outdoors but I still get asthma almost everyday. I love him though. Little by little I feel myself building up a resistance, or immunity to his dander, so hopefully in a couple years we'll be able to keep him in the house.

    Anyway, pictures.

    So yea. This is me (Pictures below). This post has been way overdue. I've known you guys for 3 years and I think its a little ridiculous that I havent posted a picture of myself yet. The reason for this was because I didnt really want people to know my age because I was so young. I joined when i was 10-11 (hopefully that excuses my past behavior), and I was under the assumption that everyone thought I was a teenager when it was pretty apparent that I was an obnoxious little kid.

    I'm 14 now, but I've been told that I look a little young for my age. These screenshots were taken while I was videochatting with some friends:

    None of us are going to be posting
    pictures of ourselves that aren't fake :I

    Whether out of shyness, laziness or

    I might post a picture of myself (and yes, my face will be in it) tomorrow, if I can get on my mom's computer. It has my pictures saved on it