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    *cough* Jealous *cough*



    @Hersa: I let my friend borrow my workout sheet and he forgot to give it back. I should see him tomorrow and get it back. So once I get that back, I'll give you my exact workout.

    Sex .

    Sure, bathroom, 5 minutes.

    Oh you meant the other definition of sex? Psh, I knew that. And yea, I am pure sex.

    Btw, I was just kidding about the gay sex in the bathroom thing. You know how I like to kid, about... things. hahaha

    Basically my dad dropped the ball and got me into some deep crap. And I'm not talking normal deep crap. I mean DEEEEEP crap.

    I needed something mailed out by monday. Any later and Im screwed. So I gave the package to my dad on saturday to mail. He lied to me and told me he mailed it. I found out he lied and got pissed at him. He started yelling at me for being a whiny b-word because he thought he could mail the package on monday...

    Than I pointed out to him that all the post offices are closed on monday because it's the fourth of july. His response: "OH ****"

    I was so damn pissed last night. I had all to do to keep myself from going effing insane.


    Eww that looks like some kind of 3 pack o.O

    Either that or one in the bottom & the other 5 clustered at the top

    It's just bad picture quality. In real life it's more defined.

    The top does look a little weird though lol.

    @Hersa: I'll PM you with my work out regimen when i get a chance.

    Wait, how old are you again? And you do suicides? How many lives do you have????????

    Never revealed my age on this forum lol. Maybe sometime in the future, but right now I want to keep it to myself.

    Suicides are when you run to a certain point, touch the ground, run back to your starting point. The point that you run to gets farther every time though.

    EDIT: And btw hersa I used google translate lol.

    :lol::lol::lol: I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU JUST DID THAT!!! If you knew what that sentence means you would probably kill me by the next sunrise

    Haha, I figured you'd do that.

    At least everyone knows that, that was me now.

    @Spy-der: Seriously nice job there dude. What do you do? For the abs I mean. And how many reps?

    Well I work out 5 days a week. My workout starts with ab training (4 sets of 20 weighted v-ups, 4 sets of 20 lateral v-ups on each side, 4 sets of 40 straight legged sit ups, incline bench sit ups, 40 weighted ball twists on each side or 10 windshield wipers on each side). For example, yesterday I did 4 sets of weighted v ups, 4 sets of windshield wipers and 4 sets of straight legged sit ups. When I finished that I did some running drills and jumping drills. Since today was an upper body day, my focus was incline bench press. I also did weighted pull ups, one legged squats, and some other stuff. Once I'm done with my weight training I do some conditioning. For conditioning I either push a sled, do resistance incline running, suicides, downhill sprints (on a ramp), football drills etc.

    EDIT: Hersa is right. With any training you need perfect technique. Dont use sloppy technique and compensate by doing a ton of reps.

    Once you get technique down, go for more reps to challenge yourself, or add wieght.

    Sure dude.

    See, I'm not one of those losers on the internet who post fake pictures of themselves to look cool.

    I wrote the note and than I realized that the letter came out backwards haha. So i had to take a picture of a mirror. I just ate breakfast so my six pack isnt as cut as it was in the other picture, but oh well:

    Shopped I can tell from the pixels and.... :p

    Good for you though spy. I certainly can't say that I'm that fit.

    Haha. The picture looks a little weird cuz it was taken on my phone

    Thanks man. Been working out hard lately.

    OMG!!1 Spy-dy!!!!

    *dreams* *_*

    Haha, thanks. ;-)

    @Hersa: You could ask me to do something in a picture if you really want me to prove it. Like hold up a note, or something.

    ^How are we sure that THAT is you? And where did you hear of a BB code that can hide?

    You cant be. You just have to take my word and I can honestly say that, that is me.

    It's on another forum that I'm on. THought that you could do it here also

    But let's face it Spy-der, you're no kind of man for any woman. :P

    I'm not hopeless. I dont have the best looking face but I have a great beach body. ;)

    This is probably vein posting a shirtless pic with a cutoff of my face so dont look if you'll lose respect for me (I had just eaten so they dont looks as good as they normally do):


    EDIT: How do you hide it? xD