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    I wonder why you keep dragging me in your conversations.

    If you are saying I am the reason you left, that actually makes me happy

    You made my day. Say Hi to Toof from me

    I will miss you guys

    I Will Ultra-Like this post Because it was really fun and it was a great experience dealing with all of the seals.

    P.S the real reason is because you did all the work during our shift. (seal hug)

    I wanna mega-like your post <3

    Ultra-Like is bigger than mega-like.

    just wanted to put that out there for ppl to know

    P.S: Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!

    I'm not a he.

    Sorry about that :(

    and I actually didn't gold up but that yeti guy was killing it

    he did and managed to beat you by 1 person. (phew)

    Boys - i think we should do a server analysis so that we can see which teams are good candidates for us to join. Which BabySeals volunteer to help?

    and Girls ( you didnt learn anything from the above post) (facepalm)

    and no, i am not volunteering

    am I getting invited to a cult?

    the Seals Academy cult :love: and we got cookies

    Hope that helps ease some of that confusion as we do not want to do that to you.

    For once i try to be nice to you and you show your true colors.

    but once again that prove me right and what i think of Travian employees.........useless,totally useless

    Keep doing what you do best, which is nothing

    I have talked to you before Templar, what is TG contact info to put this request forward faster to get a solid answer. That is not too much to ask.

    they dont want to be reached by you. LOL

    Scheduling is done all the time and why it is one of the things I first check when I log in during my mornings.

    Right now we do have some F&S servers being prepped for April and will have that info in a couple days for posting.

    Once I see anything I will get it out to you I promise you that. :)

    I do appreciate your help even though i still dont get how they cant tell us when com1 will start but somehow they are saying that F&S will restart with one month advance???

    Do you see my confusion?

    thank you for the reply TK. Now if you could talk to whomever decides which server starts and when please tell them

    that there are a lot of players waiting for com1 to restart. And a lot i really mean a lot of players.

    So please help us get our word to their ears

    Thank you

    so all you posters got your gold link & happy about the way this server restarted, the second time.

    2 pages of discussion around the last comx (not the false start)
    talk about stuck in the past !!

    meanwhile, still waiting for the gold link, real fair aint it ,
    TG very poor form

    Sorry but the Travian employees are a little busy right now picking their noses.
    please try again later for more useless info from them.
    Have a nice day.