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    "If there’s enough support from the local community we listen and try to make this happen."

    Ok, how many people have to support a proposal in order to be accepted by TG?

    I ask it beacause there are a lot of people in the world that ask to you from many years 1 server without proxy.....but in this case, you're ears dont hear.

    However now the policy of TG is clear:

    - ask a real help for fair play in the servers: no.

    - ask a server without rules: yes.

    HAHAHAHAHA Its so funny! :D

    There is a reason for why the game is dying. mainly because of techs and multiaccounting.

    A lot of players abandoned the game for these reasons...and years ago not just now.

    Last year TG legalized tech accounts probably because there were almost only these players in the servers. And this caused an other collapse of players.

    Maybe, after 15 years, their ears are ready to listen that a clean game is the only way to make it survive.

    Otherwise it will die very soon.

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    Why don't players like that play farmville? :osd:

    pathetic ? it's normal when they post reports. Half of them , only the ones they like and where they can pose as winners.
    The video it's normal , showing the half of the story , the other waves who destroyed like 8 or 9 lvl17 crop fields and 8 lvl 20 buildings inside are not important for the end of the movie :)))

    LOOOOOOOL :D first time in Travian?

    You crashed 7 army and really talking about crop fields and lvl 20 buildings? :D I remind you with gold you can finish fields instantly, and dont think Medellin have some resources problems.

    Guys, TG don't want to ban tech accounts and multis.....this is obvious to everyone.

    So there are only 3 solutions:

    1) Keep quiet and play these servers where the best cheaters wins, and continue to give money to the TG.

    2) Continue playing the servers and eject ALL the cheaters from the alliances.

    3) Stop playing the game and let the game fails in a few years.

    But if you choose the 1° solution pls shut up, because you are ridicolous to accuse each other.

    § 1.1 Each player may only own and play one account per game world.

    Honest player: 1 account

    Cheaters: many accounts.

    In recent years it seems TravianGames wants to help cheaters with many accounts instead ward honest players.

    Maybe because the serves seems to have a lot of players so a new player is more likely to try the game?

    Maybe yes, maybe fact, now, the honest players are not warded vs who use proxy to have 5-10-20 more accounts. Its a unequal war.