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    okay, I don't insist, if a person has to be struck by someone who plays the same thing if not worse I don't like it,I'm not talking about you Fonzy, of course, but others who are playing.

    In fact i wrote that in every country there are children like that.

    But, i'm italian, and if an italian who should represent me and my country makes trash, i dissociate myself.

    Gold from silver never been transferable.

    You can spend your money, but if you get gold with auctions are only valid in this server.

    this 500 gold what TG give now is just for fun on this final server, not to transfer on next qualification of next final.... this 500 gold is just for looking :D:D:D

    EDITED really??? hahahahahahahaha :osd: :osd: :osd:

    :thumbsup: NATARS!!!! :love: NATARS!!!! :nat01::nat02::nat03::nat04::nat05::nat06::nat07::nat08::nat09::nat10: NATARS!!!! THE WINNER OF TOURNAMENT 2019 IS= NAAAAATARSSSSSS!!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    The right epilogue for a company has never listened customers.

    A lot of hot air from staff, but never been interested in real problems.

    The important things were to put the snow and how to dress the hero. :osd:

    Whenever there are problems, and by divine grace can talk about it with someone from TG Staff, who answers is never the right person.

    "write to support" - "write to MH" - "write to customer service" the end never talk to anyone competent and TG put problems under the carpet.

    Yep i agree, let's get this server done already, no one want to wait the natar ww to grow to 100

    Waiting for the natar means spending much more time on the server :osd:

    All attack TG for the rollback!

    Everyone are outraged!!!

    Nobody attacks the two idiots who caused this situation?

    Ok there's a bug.

    But two idiots have ruined the server to thousands of players...

    I think the problem isn't rollback but (after the first problem: bug) how they did rollback.

    In your opinion, TG is really interested about these problems?

    Until players spend 100-150 euro/dollar for an helmet, and/or 2000 for an account, for them the problems are minimal.

    It was already happened several years ago a rollback (for their problems and bugs) in a italian Titan Match (server with the best italian alliances).

    They did rollback without worrying about the hammers, so the server ended because the hammers of different alliances came back from a "grove" and there was no more time to hit WW again.

    Essentially TG decided who was to win.

    After 6-7 years we are waiting yet an answer from TG.

    This is their custom.