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    I used an online signature generator to create the image and I then screenshotted the image.

    The image was uploaded to a web page and the weblink inserted into my signature.

    With a "Beginner" status see if you have access to creating a signature. It may not yet let you use an image but if it does you can easily do what I did.

    If you just started you're probably not going to be very competitive as you're trying to learn and will probably be attacked for resources. This is what veterans call "farming" and you're the "farm."

    The small alliances are often times run very poorly. Your best bet is probably to reach out to a veteran alliance on your server for mentoring or get help now to make sure you're competitive. If I can help let me know.

    It also only works in the village that the hero is in so if you're running horses out of multiple villages the hero needs to move.

    You could build a long que in the barracks using an infantry helmet, switch to the stables using a Calvary helmet and then leave a CP helmet on to help with growth.

    Rotate the three.