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    No, it's been enjoyable. People laughing, making jokes, people coming back to chat who hadn't been there in a while....tom even wrote us a song.
    Zombie could come back if he ever learned how to conduct himself in public. I actually kind of like him, one on one. Its only when he has an audience that things go down hill.

    I'm happy for y'all. It's amazing what can happen when one or two personalities are not present.

    And I agree. Zombie is a great guy. I've never had a problem with him.

    I read her post and was thinking other names, like Tiko, Inferno, Zombie, myself, and you of course.. I had forgotten about that drama queen..

    Tiko? no.

    Inferno? yes but he's gone.

    Zombie? yes.

    You? no.

    Me? Definitely no.

    I haven't been in the main chat for a month or two. Clearly someone new must have popped up or more likely they less zombie back in.

    I am struggling to understand the banter of late.

    Could someone please write a ten-sentence explanation/summary of the previous 20 pages? Thank you in advance.

    Elisa nonsense and propaganda

    • Team Inferno wants to protect their reputation so they make false accusations against 1776/1812 so that the conversation doesn't focus on their defection.
    • 1776/1812 want to protect their reputation so they're trolling and trying to spin everything to hide their underperformance.
    • Tiko was at worst a spy and at best naive in his conversations with Que.

    The solution? Spin...


    Blah blah blah blah, this is how i feel about your spy dispute and the other stuff you are talking about



    My IQ level dropped from reading the past 3 pages.

    Oh well.

    I know right? I think I just caught up on 12 pages.

    This server...


    Aww! Thanks for remembering me. It's true I haven't been worshipped nearly enough this server but to be fair I haven't done enough to bring on new worshippers.

    I'd say that I haven't played since Christmas, master builder is a blessing, and given my vacation mode it's tragic that I'm still ranked in the top 40. I'm either truly one of the greatest simmers of all time or this is a horribly uncompetitive server.

    As for the rumors of my return... they are sadly greatly exaggerated.

    your lack of understanding how PWs can get passed along bullied them out and buried any hope of successful us ops...

    i honestly wish you unripe avocados on your toast for the rest of your life

    "PWs can get passed along"

    So your admitting they used PW access to log into an account that was not thiers to sabotage it? That sounds like multi accounting and cheating to me.

    "Bullied them"

    Please provide me citations of this "bullying" as I left chat after they demanded obedience from last servers victims. It seems to me that they're the bullies and they and any one who shelters them should be attacked on future servers.


    That's funny. Luckily I'm not a L.A. native and not a big fan of the avocados.

    Regarding Olympia.

    I offered to let 1776 use my hammers against Inferno or steal the speed arti he foolishly had next to my spawn but was denied.

    Solely because I was denied and because I speak Russian I reached out to Olympia and offered to lead those hammers in but was told this was not possible because I'm in a different quad.

    This is an odd server.

    Despite not getting cold enough for snow, LA seems to have a lot of snowflakes. But keep fighting the good fight!

    I'll take that lousy ad hominem as your concession.

    Moving on... as TG is censoring... Cereals vs 1776 seems to be an unwinnable war of Attrition. I'm told that Olympia is worse at running Ops than Que. Is this server really going to degrad to only AR vs Bifrost for the win?

    Im quite sorry about the [removed], i use that picture just for fun and mean no harm (its actually propaganda, and since im very interested in propaganda i like using it), nobody told me about it, so i tought it was okay, i got reminded in bifrost, hence my switch of picture. Now as for us complaining in chat, yes we get mad, no this was not a ruse, we were geniune in everything we have said, we left because of all the scapegoating turned our way we were quite frankly, tired of it. Just because we are a top account we cant ship out to places that are out of our reach, We offered standing people didnt accept.


    You seem to be less than honest.

    - I mentioned the [removed] in chat twice.

    - Que mentioned the [removed] in private.

    - I don't believe you got scapegoated for anything

    I'm no fan of Que's. You could point out her obvious failings and be just fine so I'm not sure why you have to blatantly lie on the forums unless you misled Bifrost to get in.

    You wouldn't do that would you?

    If you aim for fields versus a confusion you always hit fields so if it's a 15c chances are pretty high you will lose cropfields anyhow.

    Is this true? Can someone verify? I didn't know this.

    I suppose the counter is putting the arti in the cap, stacking the cap, and allowing the arti to defend non cap hammers from chiefing and feeders from crop locks.

    As for crannies I almost never use them. With the Unique I have used a few crannies to defend oasis from raids.

    I'm gonna post picture of large confusion holders because i find this artie to be useless, so take the numbers above with grain of salt.

    They are my personal favorite Artie's.

    During a slug fest and war of attrition the confusions can be very useful. Hammers can't be chiefed, villages can't be crop locked and the oasis of walking hammers can't be raided as efficiently. They are under appreciated, under utilized and rarely used to their full potential.

    Take that with a grain of salt because I also like using Legos.

    Any American with any self respect should be quitting after the stuff you guys have pulled this round.

    It truly is a shame that you think my last post was a threat to do so.

    I think the big question is when did Inferno decide he has no loyalty.

    To answer masterscott9 's question... Inferno never had loyalty. One dual complains daily in the main chat, creating drama and unrest. The other dual flies a [removed] in chat. The tech complaints were never genuine. It was all an elaborate ruse they used to create a toxic hostile environment.

    Scarecrow he doesn't think it's a threat. You're being trolled and out maneuvered. Check the post I quoted. He's encouraging people to quit while baselessly bashing your reputations.

    I called it! I did think Inferno might squeeze an arti out of 1776 before jumping ship but otherwise it all unfolded basically as I expected.